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Question about "anal twitching"
  • JerryJerry
    Posts: 5
    I've read many references to was is described as "autonomic anal twitching" and how it is related to the target orgasm. My question is this. When I'm do my breathing and mild contractions I'm aware of something that feels more like anal pulsing which may corresponds to my pulse. This becomes evident during the relaxation phase. It's definitely not a muscular twitch. Is this the same thing as what is being described as "twitching"? If not I may seem to be having trouble reaching the actual twitching phase and would welcome any advice. I've experimented with different length contractions and have not found one that produces actual twitching.

  • I have not personally experienced (that I'm aware of) the type of twitching others have described as being localized the the anus. What I've experienced is much more generalized to the entire pelvic region. I'm not entirely convinced that this (the twitching or spasms in my case) in fact is even a definite step in reaching the enhanced orgasm as opposed to being just something that some of us have experienced on our way. It is possible though that what you are feeling is indeed what others have noted. This could just be another example of people being "differently wired". The key I think is to try and focus on them and experiment with trying to find a way to interact with the feelings. You may "accidentally" come across something that closes the gap.

    This is probably not helpful, but is worth at least thinking about. I think (in retrospect) that many of us who have posted our results have focused too much on the steps we took. This leads to somewhat of a paradox since some of what we've described are useful things to at least try, but by trying too hard to replicate them, your concentration is too devoted to that effort rather than trying to explore what's happening internally.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    I just, finally, started experiencing the twitching, and it is neither the pulse nor the generalized quaking. It feels very good.

    I finally got it by:
    - inserting lube with a baby medicine dropper. (This keeps the perineum dry, and gets the lube far into the canal)
    - on back, with firm pillow under butt, but not touching the aneros.
    - or on stomach with firm pillow under groin
    - hold a very slight contraction and do deep breathing. Feel the pleasure wave at the full depth of the inhale, and notice even the slightest quiver. Associate the quiver with the pleasure, relax your mind and let it grow.
    - you can sometimes help the quiver by doing a few very slight voluntary pulses, to just feel the pleasure surge.
    - I think the main thing to do is explore the pleasure of slight contractions, as opposed to the major ones done during the warm up.


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    The "twitching" or "anal quivering" or more precisely the small involuntary anal spasms do exist and I am now more convinced than ever that they are actually small "anal orgasms". Why? They are generated by a build-up of pleasurable sensations, they are involuntary and they feel good....sometimes very good! In addition, even though the majority of pleasurable feelings that accompany these spasms are derived from this region, they also seem to impart global effects as well. That is, if they are the good ones, they can even kind of give you a high! Is this the "Tidal Wave Orgasm" that you've heard tell about,! But as I have posted previously, I believe them to be the building blocks of the LARGER orgasm. In my opinion, it is the summation or coalescence of these "anal orgasms" with precise positioning of the Aneros that make this "Super Orgasm" possible.

    As Darwin has touched on, this "anal quivering" is derived from enouraging and becoming familiar with the sensation of a "pleasure wave", building the wave through more encouragement, then riding it in. Why do I speak with terms like "encouragement" and "becoming familiar"? Because (as TestPattern has indicated), the approach of forcing or cognitively trying to "make" this happen simply does not work. I would agree that there aren't any concrete set of steps or rules to follow. So what it comes down to is developing a SERIES of techniques of your own for creating these "pleasure waves" and experimenting with them. Again, all of this takes time and experimentation. One thing that took ME a long time to get over is that what works for one session, does not necessarily work for another! Unlike the techniques for generating a penile orgasm which are normally straightforward and consistent from one day to the next! What may show more consistentcy (over time) are the types of techniques that you'll use to get you there. The order of it, much of this, how long with that,, are parameters that may change.

    So I'm sure you're thinking, "just tell me how to make it happen!" Unfortunately, no can do. However, there are numerous ways of experimenting. I agree with Darwin that the majority of the techniques that work for me involve using very subtle anal contractions, different breathing techniques (inhaling and exhaling into my lower abdomen in a rhythmic way, holding my breath and "bearing down" at other times), mental focus (focusing on the sensation of fullness in my prostate). These are just a few of the techniques that I use. Combining these techniques in just the right way results in these "anal orgasms" For other techniques check out some of the other postings in the forum.

    With regard to the sensation you are experiencing of feeling your pulse in your anus, I think you need to experiment further. I don't believe this is what you're looking for. The phenomenon that I and others have experienced involves more irregular contractions (not timed with ones heartbeat). Furthermore, as I've described above, they are accompanied by some very pleasant feelings as well. Keep at it, remember this does take time and don't forget to just enjoy everything that comes your way. To borrow an overworked expression, sometimes things happen "when you least expect them". This really applies here, in that the EXPECTATION of what you WANT to happen can actually prevent you from getting what you want! YES IT'S A ZEN THING!!!!!!

    Good Luck

    B Mayfield
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    I have used my Aneros about 6 - 8 times now and am at the stage where I can recognize when the twitch will begin. It usually starts up and then fades out quickly as I try to focus and enjoy the sensations. Does anyone have any tips on how to sustain the twitches in order to progress on to bigger and better things?
  • Edit
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    Originally Posted By: Nobody Special
    I have used my Aneros about 6 - 8 times now and am at the stage where I can recognize when the twitch will begin. It usually starts up and then fades out quickly as I try to focus and enjoy the sensations. Does anyone have any tips on how to sustain the twitches in order to progress on to bigger and better things?

    Although I haven't purchased an aneros yet, perhaps some of my experience with meditation and attempting Out of Body experiences could be helpful. From my reading about OOBE's one of the keys is to be able to focus on sensations passively. Experiencing them but not allowing them to generate either fear or interest.

    In attempting OOBE as well as I think this process of attaining the super O, conscious effort can be your undoing.

    So one idea might be to practice this passivity occasionally through the day, maybe just by listening to a sound but trying to make your response to it neutral and at the same time experiencing it in its totality. Then try to incorporate it into your aneros sessions.

    All these words are an awkward way of explaining something that makes sense if you just try it :) Good luck.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Originally Posted By: Nobody Special
    I have used my Aneros about 6 - 8 times now and am at the stage where I can recognize when the twitch will begin. It usually starts up and then fades out quickly as I try to focus and enjoy the sensations. Does anyone have any tips on how to sustain the twitches in order to progress on to bigger and better things?

    Dear Nobody,

    Since my last post to this thread in October, I would have to say that my ideas on this topic have evolved. Whereas I once advocated adopting a "Zen mindset" (a passivity as IAMCHAVEZ has described) to the entire process, I now believe that such an approach may be more effectively utilized in discovering the new sensations that are the precursors of "involuntaries". Once these new sensations have been discovered they indeed may be encouraged cognitively. There was a thread that appeared some months ago that alluded to the notion of "awakening the prostate". I am now truly convinced that this is the case. The more times that one has this type of orgasm, the easier it is to recreate.

    The passive approach is necessary because of the fact that we (as men) are "programmed" for the penile orgasm. Ironically, this programming makes us ignore the subtler sensations that may be built into the larger (non-ejaculatory) experience. It is for this reason (and others that I've discussed in my thread "Kyptonite and the Super O") that it is essential that there be NO PENILE contact while one is engaged in the pursuit of a "non-ejaculatory" orgasm (Super O).

    To answer your question specifically, experimentation is really what it's all about. Your tools will be: anal, rectal, and abdominal contractions, paced breathing and yes.. MENTAL FOCUS! Remember too, when you start twitching make sure the abutment tab is on your "sweet spot" , doing so will help propagate more twitching in and of itself. In the past, I've referred to the Aneros as a "hot wire" for your body. By stimulating the anus, the prostate and the perineal neural plexus simultaneously, the device creates a positive feedback loop whereby sensations are magnified. For this reason it is crucial to have proper placement of the abutment tab. For more information on finding your "sweet spot", look for my thread entitled "In Search of the Sweet Spot" in this forum. Look elsewhere in the forum as well, there are other techniques that have been discussed that can "coax" twitching such as teasing your anus by either spreading your butt cheeks (with the Aneros inserted) or by adding a spacer of some sort. Both of these techniques have the same result of making the Aneros more unstable inside the rectum so that the anus must fight to hold on to it. Consequently, your anus goes into some involuntary twitching along the way.

    B Mayfield

    P.S. Again, there are numerous postings in this forum that deal with this topic, (see my 3/15 post in my original "Keys to the Backdoor to Ecstacy" thread) this forum is a terrific resource.