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Finally! (another working method)
  • The other evening, I finally managed to achieve the extended orgasm promoted by the manufacturer and have since been able to repeat the result several times. I thought I'd share my thoughts on the method I used to help others who might still be attempting to get results.

    The first key to the process that cannot be stressed enough is relaxation coupled with concentration. In my (albeit limited) experience, I have found that rushing things only makes it more difficult to achieve results.

    The second key is that manually manipulating the device (by hand or with a vibrator of some type) does not seem to contribute in the building of the "super orgasm". While the sensations of this kind of play can certainly be interesting and pleasurable in their own respect, they don't compare to what can be achieved, in my opinion.

    Third, don't be afraid to experiment. While the tips I'm about to outline are based on others who have posted in the forums as well as the provided instructions, they came only through experimentation with different combinations. I do have to credit B. Mayfield's postings though, as adaptations of several of his methods were what ultimately led me to something that worked.


    Find a time when you can be relaxed and undisturbed by other commitments and prepare everything that you will need. I'd suggest 3 towels - one to spread out on the bed, another for cleanup, and a third (perhaps a beach towel) that can be rolled into approximately a six inch diameter. Also have your favorite lube nearby. I prefer a water based lube with a consistency similar to maple syrup. Astroglide, while nice, is too liquid in my opinion.

    I find that erotic background noise (sounds of women moaning, music, whatever you prefer) help considerably in helping me reach a state of mind that makes the process easier. Now that things are ready, lie down and spend some time relaxing and make sure that all concerns are out of your mind.

    The next steps are essentially those described in the instructions with only minor modification. First I lube the sphincter muscles with a finger, then I use a small infant medicine dropper (with about a 2tsp. capacity) to place a small (perhaps a half teaspoon) amount of lube in the rectum. The lubed Aneros is then inserted, being careful to make sure the tab is centered. Something I've found only recently that seems to be important is that the device should not be forced beyond the point that it positions itself when it begins to slide in on its own.

    I next follow the instructions for the most part in regard to slow contractions and breathing. Don't think too hard about it, just make sure you are gentle and slow in transitioning from full to no contraction taking several seconds each way. Thinking too hard about how long or exactly how many times you're contracted isn't really important. The process seems to be more important in getting blood flowing and so forth. Try to concentrate and take note of the feelings that it produces to help you focus on the sensations.

    Recently, at this stage I began to turn onto my back with my knees comfortably bent and continued with the contractions. This would often lead me to a state where the muscles around my pelvis and upper thighs would begin to spasm in what I can only call a "semi-involuntary" manner. I could stop if I wanted to, but the feelings were so good that I wouldn't want to stop. These spasms would continue until I achieved a "normal" (though more pleasurable) penile orgasm.

    About a week ago, I re-read some of the comments and decided to try elevating my buttocks using the rolled towel mentioned above. I also began to hold my butt cheeks separated (find a way where this is comfortable and doesn't require you to actively think about doing it). This combination seems to have allowed the Aneros more ability to move about unimpeded. I tried this approach several times and started to notice traces of more intense sensations, but would only achieve a traditional climax as described above.

    The other day I finally found my missing piece. After several minutes of the semi-involuntary spasms, I forced myself to stop and VERY slowly began to experiment with holding very small contractions. At some point I began to notice the sensations I had felt earlier, only they continued to build this time. I also found, as others have noted, that the feelings could be controlled by modifying contraction strength. The feelings essentially defy description, other than that they are similar to a traditional orgasm, but rather than ending in seconds, they can last for minutes!

    I have yet to reach this level multiple times in the same session, but I don't intend to stop trying. Despite the interesting new sensations that the Aneros had produced with traditional orgasms, I was beginning to become skeptical of the claims of the "super orgasm". I had probably expected more instant gratification, which I have found is not what the device is about.

    In any case I hope my comments can help give someone else ideas of methods to try.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    I am really happy that I was able to help in some way! Since I happened upon the Aneros I have been frustrated by my inability to share it with others, (friends of mine). This forum has been terrific for me in that regard.

    I'm glad you mentioned your technique of spreading your butt cheeks. I too use this on occasion and it can be very exciting! It appears to do several things, the first being to make the Aneros more unstable in your anus. This can drive the anal musculature wild with twitching as it tries to "reclaim" the device (it feels great!). Secondly, on a mental level it allows you to connect with the notion of being penetrated which can be very erotic in its own right.

    There is one drawback however, in that this instablity allows the Aneros much greater excursion, (movement away from the body.) So the perineal tab is not applying any pressure to the perineum. I tend to enjoy this technique most when; 1) I'm building arousal...creating and enjoying the small involuntary contractions that are part of the first phase, and 2) once I have crossed over into the second "Super Orgasmic" phase. I have found that once I have one of these Super Orgasms the process for making more occur is much simpler than the process for crossing over. I have used spreading my butt cheeks to actually bring on more Super Orgasms on several occasions.

    The time when this technique is NOT helpful is when you're trying to cross-over. Again, the key then is to find your "SWEET SPOT" with the perineal tab AND MAINTAIN CONTACT and encourage the involuntary anal contractions.

    B Mayfield

    P.S. Congratulations!!

  • Have not "got there" yet (ie, dry full-body orgasm), but still confident. Your comments re: refraining from penile stimulation in order to explore a different neurological track, were helpful. What I experience frequently is emission of pre-cum and then some semen, but (through restraint) stop just short of full ejaculatory muscular spasms and full "squirt" release. And yet, I gather from your descriptions that a "dry orgasm" is just THAT; namely, dry...NO semen. I'm wondering if what I am experiencing is the result of an accumulation of semen in my penis due to the build-up of arousal, rather than the full convulsive emptying of the prostate that occurs in a typical ejaculation.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    My guess is that if you having a partial emission preceded and accompanied by spasms, then you're probably talking about a traditional ejaculation (albeit on a smaller scale). A distinguishing factor between the traditional orgasm and the "dry orgasm" are the sensations themselves that occur as it's happening. If they are consistent with the orgasmic experience that you're already familiar with, then again you're probably talking about a traditional ejaculation of sorts. In my experience the "non-ejaculatory orgasm" (Super O) features a variety of altogether different sensations. There may be anally, rectally, or abdominally centered, or even some combination of all of these. Whereas traditional orgasm is much more penile centered.

    That having been said, there is often some oozing of precum (some people have reported copious amounts ) during the "non-ejaculatory" experience, so to answer your question; it is not necessarily totally dry.

    It sounds as if you may still be centering around your penis. First make certain to keep your encounters "hands free". Use rhythmic breathing and anal and rectal contractions to create sensations. Then use mental focus to center and build the sensations in your anus, rectum and abdomen. Keep at's worth it, and in the meantime remember, it's all fun!


    B Mayfield