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A Key to the "Backdoor" to Ecstasy
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    Dear Users,

    From here on, I will no longer be adding new topics to this thread. The manufacturer has opened up a new area in this website called BEE LINE that I believe is better suited for that purpose. I strongly urge all of you who are interested in my comments to check it out. The concept of it, as I understand it, is that it's a space that is more informational and a little less chat like in format. In the forum when a thread author generates a topic, there are very often a mix of responses, some of which are on topic and others that are off topic. Not that it's a bad thing per se, but it can be very frustrating to some users, newbies in particular who are trying to find needed information. They are left to try to separate the wheat from the chaff as were, from pages and pages of threads that number in the hundreds at this point.

    BEE Line is meant to offer a user quicker access to advice and techniques. To establish BEE Line, they have started by culling from several of my postings in the Keys threads in addition to responses that I've made to other threads in the forum. I've been told that there will be several contributors to start with, and that the number will grow as time goes on.

    I encourage anybody with any questions or comments to continue to post to this thread if they so desire. I will continue to respond to comments both here and elsewhere in the forum.


    B Mayfield

    P.S. Check out my newest posting on the Super T in BEE LINE !
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Sorry guys for taking so long on this, but I had originally wanted to post here and to my own web site at the same time. As it’s been taking a little bit longer than anticipated for development and implementation of the site, I figured I’d start with a condensed version here and offer the more in depth version once I’m on line.

    The Next Generation Aneros’ signal a real departure in marketing, form and function. Up until now HIH (the manufacturer of Aneros) has introduced new models (for the western market) one at a time, normally with several years or more in-between. The reason for this is presumably that they were aiming at a one size fits all approach . For those who follow the forum regularly, one thing has become clear; there are certain anatomical variations in all of us that may govern one’s success with one unit or the other. That is, some have found success with the SGX or with the MGX Classic while others have found it with the New MGX.

    Rather than making continued improvements on one design path, HIH has broken some new ground by introducing 3 new units all at the same time, 2 of which are geared to meeting more specific needs.


    The Maximus is, as its name implies, the largest unit that has been brought to the western market. Originally dubbed the hammer by Aneros staffers, (for its ball peen hammer appearance), this product clearly out-sizes all the other models with respect to its girth (width/thickness). To give you a rough estimate, it’s probably on the order of about 15% larger at the head, than the MGX. The abutment tab and arm is of the same design as seen in the SGX and NEW MGX models (shorter and closer to the anus than in the MGX Classic). Looking at the base you’ll notice the absence of ribbing (to promote mobility). The overall concept behind this unit is clear; a model for those who were looking for a more filled up sensation.

    So does it deliver? Yes indeed it does! No doubt about it, upon insertion one immediately has the sensation of something larger back there. As with all things individual perception on this will be different too. Aneros newbies and those new to anal play will most likely find the Maximus far too large for their purposes. While many anal vets might be saying, is that all there is? . In any event, one must remember that MOBILITY is an absolutely essential component of Aneros function. If the unit is unable to move freely in and out of the anus it will not work properly.

    So if you’ve had your troubles accommodating the smaller MGX don’t bother with the Maximus (at least until you’ve opened up a bit). And if you’re an anal vet who’s really into expansion and such, again don’t waste your time…you’ll do better with a large dil or a plug.

    So who’s going to benefit from Maximus? The Maximus is best suited for experienced / advanced Aneros users who are looking for a fuller sensation with their Aneros sessions. Such a user should have had previous experience with larger items or a certainly a fair amount of flexibility and the ability to relax easily.


    Delivers a fuller sensation that makes for a really different Aneros experience. (When you come with this one and you begin to clamp down and spasm upon it, you’ll really notice the difference in size…it feels great!)


    One sacrifices a certain amount of agility and focus with this unit. Owing to the disproportionate size of the body and dull rounded shape of the head, the balance seems just a little bit off (again the abutment tab and arm are of the same size as the smaller MGX). As a consequence, there is greater inertia with this unit than the others. So what’s the work-around? In a chance conversation with the Aneros’ inventor, I indicated my concerns and he alluded to the notion that this unit requires more intensive lubrication than the other models. After some experimentation I have found this definitely to be the case. To this task I went back to one of our oldest tricks, mixing oil and water for a really slippery (albeit messy) solution. It’s been terrific ever since.

    Final impressions

    Between the necessary lube job, the size, weight, and absence of ribs, your rear will get quite a work out trying to move and hold on to this unit. When all is said and done however, the Maximus is good for those who are into something different and into a bit larger fare. I don’t see this as your primary weapon of choice but it’s great to fill out your ARSE-ANAL ! :)


    The Eupho is really at the other end of the spectrum from the Maximus, but more than that, it’s in a class by itself. First, it’s thinner than any of the other models (with the exception of the SGX) and it is far more contoured than anything else that they’ve ever produced. This thing is really impressive to look at, and seems to almost beckon you to insert it! Like the other Next Gen models it’s ribless, but also comes with a newly revamped abutment arm and tab (see The arm itself is much thinner and lighter in construction, while still being nicely balanced in relationship to the body. It’s my belief that this new arm design will make it much simpler to adjust, if it becomes necessary. Considering the problems that many users experienced with the older style abutment arm (and tab) this emerges as a major innovation in my book.

    When road testing this model I was immediately taken with just how agile it is….it really moves… and it feels terrific! The numerous contours make for some excellent anal stimulation while the tip dances across your prostate. The thinner design allows for considerable play inside your rectum and I found myself doing a great deal of moving. I came up with two positions just for this model, (I’ll be covering this when I post to my site). I came so many times with this unit…’s a winner!


    The Eupho is capable of producing some unique and absolutely delightful sensations as well as some very intense Super O’s. It’s thinner size (girth) combined with the ribless design makes for a very mobile device. Furthermore, it should be fairly easy for everyone to accommodate.


    It possible that some might find that it delivers a little less intensity in the way that it engages the prostate. Consequently one has to work at it a little more to coax a Super O out of it. However, I found that the extra effort came naturally and in a way I felt myself driven to do it, almost as if the Eupho itself was egging me on. For these reasons I would have to say that one might consider this more of an advanced / experienced users model as well.

    Final Impressions

    Again, I’m intrigued with the way this thing looks (it has a form vaguely reminiscent of a female figure the same way the old coca cola bottles were). If you’re really into anal play to the point where you are collecting different massagers I’d say that the Eupho is an absolute must (I certainly wouldn’t be without it). One might consider it the Aneros connoisseur’s model. If you are a newbie I would advise getting started with one of the other models first (see my review on the Helix).


    At the risk of overstating it a bit, I would have to say that the Helix just might be the Aneros users very own Holy Grail! In general terms its unit similar in size to MGX. But the Helix is not a mere reworking of an old MGX (the way the New MGX was to the Classic), with a redesigned head, body and abutment tab it’s really a whole new unit from the ground up. Specifically, the Helix is slightly shorter, with a head that is wider and thicker than MGX. Overall the device has a more aggressive design with a prominent contour on its anterior surface (toward the prostate) that translates effectively into more intense and more focused prostate contact. Furthermore, they’ve contoured the unit in no less than 4 other areas so that from the moment that you insert the Helix, you know it something different. This one gets right down to business! Miraculously it does all of this without sacrificing any mobility either (owing in part to the ribless design).

    The abutment arm and tab are identical to that of the Eupho with its slimmer more minimal design. The tab itself is smaller than that of the MGX so that it yields a more focused pressure (albeit over a smaller area). Surprisingly, even with the smaller surface area of the tab it appeared to anchor the unit as well or better than its predecessor.

    From my very first trial with the Helix we were fast friends! For me, there was no learning curve or having to become accustomed to it. I inserted it and started having involuntaries within several minutes, shortly after…I was immersed in Super O’s.


    The Helix is the best unit that HIH has designed since their introduction of the MGX Classic years ago. It’s my opinion that it’s an excellent choice for the advanced user and newbie alike. I anticipate that this unit may give those users who have been having difficulties crossing over that extra push they need.

    Furthermore I won’t be surprised if the Helix supplants the MGX as the flagship model in the Aneros line.


    Probably not for SGX users or for those who are having trouble accommodating the MGX already.

    Final Impressions

    If you’re only buying one Aneros massager….this is the one to get!


    In reading this review one might get the impression that I’ve reduced all of this to the level of an old fairytale with …one too big, one too small and another just right. This would be a mistake however. There is a great deal to admire in all 3 of Next Generation models. You’ve just gotta know what you’re getting into! Hopefully this review will have helped you somewhat in that regard.

    It’s clear that HIH took a great deal of time and made a creative leap here… and in my opinion it’s paid off big time. To be sure several of these models are more esoteric, but it just goes to show that the manufacturer is open to change and innovation. Well done HIH...keep it (and us) coming!


    BF Mayfield
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    I've had my MGX for about a week now and am in search of my "sweet spot" (I didn't think it would be this difficult). Is it possible not to have a sweet spot? I can feel my prostate and I've read and tried all the methods listed in the forum but the most sensative place for me is about 1 1/2" from my anus--3/4" out of reach for the perineum abutment on my MGX model. The spot really doesn't tingle or send feeling to the inside of my penis and prostate--it's just the most sensative by default. If indeed this is the spot, I can try to do some modifications the MGX as suggested but don't want to risk breaking the abutment if I haven't found my sweet spot. Any ideas? Thanks
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234

    Originally Posted By: B Mayfield
    My experience has shown me that the \"Backdoor\" is not opened with a key, but with a combination! I have posted previously that I was lucky enough to stumble into the Super O the very first time I used the Aneros, only to be frustrated by my subsequent attempts. For months I sought in vain for the one factor or \"key\" that distinguished my first efforts with the device. But to no avail. In my own case I was luckier than many, since I knew what was waiting for me out there, yet that knowledge only seemed to set me into trying to force it to happen. I was finally successful once more when I started to conceptualize it all as a sensual journey, the final destination being this Super Orgasm. In the end I found that there are numerous factors that are necessary to encourage this kind of experience. And in this way it all seems more like trying to find a \"combination\" to the lock rather than any single key.

    First I decided to adopt a \"beginner's mind\" for the task. This involved not only putting out of my mind all of my previous efforts with the Aneros, but more importantly, the process by which I achieved a traditional penile orgasm. I really tried to clean the slate, and in effect open myself to different forms of sensation. Sensations that WOULD NOT INVOLVE ANY DIRECT PENILE STIMULATION WHATSOEVER. I also removed the burden of expectation which plagued me for many months of frustration. Remember, you don't force this to happen, but rather encourage it. So I just decided to enjoy each of my sessions with the Aneros for what it was as opposed to what it wasn't. Afterall, even absent this Super Orgasm, I was having a lot of fun just trying to find my way, and the \"consolation prize\" of the penile orgasm while keeping the Aneros inside was(is), well,... not a consolation prize at all, but a terrific experience in its own right.

    The first key in this combination lock, is to start your Aneros sessions aroused! To facilitate the experience I always start my sessions by relaxing in a good hot shower, which is also a good place to get squeeky clean too! If an enema is necessary I do this prior to going in the shower. (ALL THAT I WRITE ABOUT HEREAFTER INVOLVES NO TOUCHING OF MY PENIS WHATSOEVER.) Next, I find that viewing some good erotica is a great way to get aroused while practicing some rhythmic breathing. This kind of exercize for me takes the form of breathing into and expanding my lower abdomen, with a gentle \"quivering-wave\" like motion. Almost as if one was sobbing. I do it slowly, and not necessarily continuously, I'm not trying to hyperventilate, just getting myself excited and in tune with sensations that abdominal-rectal in origin. At some point I start to introduce gentle anal contractions as well, contracting and holding as I breathe in in this way. Soon after, I start to become aware of a \"fullness\" or swelling of my prostate which I try to center my mind on. As I become more aroused I start to pull on my nipples. When I am really in the mood, I am fully capable of having a very intense orgasm with the technique alone! Go to Jack Johnson's for more info. (I developed my own technique after using his which involves sound, mine does not)

    After getting suitably aroused, I generally retire to my bed where I have prepared everything for my session with the Aneros ahead of time. Those items being: one or two towels (one covering the bed) a tube of KY and the Aneros, cleaned and ready to go. I believe its critical to get all of these things done beforehand, because you don't want to \"cool down\" your arousal with doing prep stuff. Sometimes I pre-lube my anus with a small syringe full of KY (sometimes not) and then lube the Aneros liberally before inserting it. Depending on my state of arousal the insertion of the Aneros itself can in some cases start the autonomic anal twitching that are the precursors of the Super Orgasm. Generally I start experimenting with gentle low to medium size contractions and hold while doing some of the rhythmic breathing as outlined above.

    The second key is then to encourage autonomic anal twitching by paced gentle anal contractions. How many and how long you hold will be part of your own self discovery. Take your time and remember if it doesn't happen for you in this session it will in another. It is my belief that the instructions that the manufacturer gives are just an outline, you don't HAVE to follow them to the letter. But they should get you going in the right direction. You're having the anal twitching, so now what. Key number three, sit back and enjoy them! I've found that the twitching alone can give you kind of a high of its own. But importantly, now is not the time for heavy/strong contractions, again you can't go back into the penile ejaculatory model for cues here, that is, more is not necessarily not better.

    Key number four; after experiencing and enjoying several of these waves of twitches MAKE SURE THAT THE PERINEAL ABUTMENT TAB IS CENTERED ON YOUR \"SWEET SPOT\". Where is the \"sweet spot\"? Well the good news is that the Aneros takes care of the vertical location for you. All you have to be concerned about is the horizontal orientation of the tab. Generally it is located in the center of you perineum. More specifically, once you start to have the twitches you will hopefully have the makings of a good erection. The erection makes finding the 'sweet spot\" easier. Move the tab and find the middle of your perineum. Move the position a little, sometimes its not exactly in the center. When you do find this spot you will experience a tingling sensation that you feel SIMULTANEOUSLY inside your penis, through your perineum, your anus and prostate. Try to keep the tab in this position by gently using one or two finger to the side of it as a guide. However, DO NOT PUT ANY PRESSURE ON IT WITH YOUR FINGERS! The reason why is that any pressure that is exerted on the tab must come from your the anal twitching and/or your anal contractions ONLY!

    Key five, is the autonomic anal twitching coupled with proper tab placement with an aroused user that starts the neural feedback loop that generates the wave that becomes the Total Body Orgasm. Knowing how to contract in order to keep the twitches coming, once more is where your own self discovery is involved. Remember, this is an individual experience, we are all \"wired\" differently. However, in previous postings I've likened this stage to the harmonic motion that is seen in a playground swing. With a swing, when force is properly applied, only a small amount of force is necessary AT SPECIFIC TIMES to make the swing go higher and higher. The same can be said for the Aneros experience too, as this is final key in the combination that will unlock the cascading effect to the Super Orgasm that we all desire.

    Some things to avoid: 1) DONT TOUCH YOUR PENIS AT ANYTIME DURING THESE SESSIONS. IT WILL ONLY REDIRECT NEURAL IMPULSES AWAY FROM THE AREA THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO STIMULATE. (If you're finishing off afterwards or if you're discontinuing your session and want finish with a penile orgasm...go for it! 2) Don't use anything (alcohol, drugs) that will dull your senses, you will need to be focused and alert to what comes your way. 3) AVOID VIBRATORS. Vibrators will simply bury the sensations that you're looking for. Again, you're dealing with specific focused neural impulses. Using a vibrator in search of this Super Orgasm is like using a chain saw to cut butter! It won't work. However, as an addition to a traditional penile orgasm with the Aneros in place....go for it. 4) Allow yourself the time you need free of disturbance. 5) SCHEDULE SESSIONS WHEN YOU'RE RESTED AND READY FOR THE EXPERIENCE. It can really make a difference in your success!


    B Mayfield

    I jsut got my Aneros MGX yesterday, and I want to thank the previous poster who made it possible to get to the pleasure zone so quickly. I am not sure, but I think I have had pretty close to an orgasm on the first day.
    when I got it I was so excited it was hard to relax, so I was a little tense. That made it hard to insert, and when I did insert it it felt so huge inside, and also a little painful. I took it out after about ten minutes. Later, I tried again for a twenty minute session or so. I found the best position for me was lying on my back with my legs and but in the air. I started getting some involuntary anal contractions, and I knew I was making progress. Later, I tried squatting, and it was while doing that that I felt a peak experience where my whole body was pounding. Maybe not an orgasm, but a prety high peak.

    Then later that night, I had great sex with my wife. when I came, the orgasm I had seemed to last over a minute with at least twenty five contractions. The whole next day at work I felt great, and I had a little bit of a chub all day. Not bad for a guy in his fifties!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Originally Posted By: Sweet Spotless?
    I've had my MGX for about a week now and am in search of my \\\\\\\"sweet spot\\\\\\\" (I didn't think it would be this difficult). Is it possible not to have a sweet spot? I can feel my prostate and I've read and tried all the methods listed in the forum but the most sensative place for me is about 1 1/2\\\\\\\" from my anus--3/4\\\\\\\" out of reach for the perineum abutment on my MGX model. The spot really doesn't tingle or send feeling to the inside of my penis and prostate--it's just the most sensative by default. If indeed this is the spot, I can try to do some modifications the MGX as suggested but don't want to risk breaking the abutment if I haven't found my sweet spot. Any ideas? Thanks

    Sweet Spotless (great user name!)

    In fact, my sweet spot is located pretty close to where you've described. Often times the sensations that I have written about are not obvious until there is a certain amount of engorgement in the area. Try getting your penis erect and then do some hunting around and or squat while you do so. This has a tendency to make the neural plexus move closer to the surface of the skin while under the pressure of the surrounding engorged tissue.

    You've stated that you have an MGX, is it a Classic model (the old style with the longer abutment tab) or the New MGX ? If it is the the Classic model it will have two raised bumps (nodules) on the inside surface of the body of the unit near the tip. If you do have this model, it will indeed require modification before it will function properly for you (given what you've said regarding your sensitivity so near your anus.

    Fleshjoe (a contributing member in the forum), has recently discovered his Sweet spot after presuming (for many months), that he too was spotless . See his comments below.

    Another tip that works best for me with the SGX (the smallest model). With the aneros fully inserted, push the perinium tab gently downwards towards your anus as far as it can go. It should come to rest on the upper side of the ring of muscles lining your sphincter. Now do the hip rocking motion I described earlier. You will be surprised that when your involuntary contractions start, they will be accompanied by extremely pleasurable sensations from your perinium. Added bonus: the Aneros feels positively huge when used this way, it feels like a 4-by-4 in your backside, but in a very very exciting and pleasurable way.

    I re-emphasize: GENTLY push the perinium tab down towards your anus. If you encounter any resistance whatsoever, stop. You only need to do this once, before you start rocking your hips, and shouldn't have to do this repeatedly. It helps if the perinium tab is wrapped in a piece of tissue paper to absorb excess lubricant that may leak out, that vastly reduces the tendency of the perinium tab slipping forward towards your balls due to the perinium area becoming slippery with lube.

    Final word: GENTLY. Do not use any force.

    Hope this helps,

    BF Mayfield
  • This may have already been covered, but...I have a question anyway. I'm fairly new to this whole thing, but I have been seraching for the super-o for months now with no luck. I have a question that may help me. Is there suposed to be large movments (in/out)? Or, am I supposed to flex it way up iside and have small movments? It seems I'm having a hard time finging "the spot."
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Large scale movements of the Aneros are not required. I have generally found smaller and more modest contractions to be more productive. Who was it...Mies Van der Rohe that said less is more ? Indeed it is so. Larger contractions can have their place as well...but for me the process has always started on more subtle levels.

    In terms of the actual movement of the unit inside the rectum, it turns out that the excursion (the distance that is traveled in and out) is actually fairly small, even with larger contractions. For more detail, read through some of the B's Best of Beeline thread in the "sticky" section above.

    BF Mayfield