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Relax and enjoy!
  • TimTim
    Posts: 1
    I was reading some older posts in the Guest Archives and came across one by Trojan that made me think. He talks about why all men should be comfortable with anal play without that ridiculous fear of someone thinking you're gay. I am 55 years old and know now that I was a victim of that fear for a long time. Aging, reading and the internet have freed me from that fear and allowed me to explore many great new feelings that I think I always knew were there. The Aneros has become a big part of my sexual life because of accepting that good feelings are just that, good feelings. Relax and enjoy them!

    We sometimes lose sight of the fact that our most exciting sexual organ is our mind. Our mind can heighten sexual pleasure more than any person or device if we let it. It can also stifle increased sexual pleasure by having preconceived notions about how something should work or that it will work the same every time.

    I realized quite a while ago that like golf, sex won't improve every time we play. It's always fun and always feels good to cum, but we all know that some orgasms are stronger than others. I find that it's that way with the Aneros too. The first time using it felt like I was on some sense heightening drug and that this was how I wanted to spend every free moment from here on out. Other times the Aneros felt extremely pleasurable, but not that mind altering feeling I had at first. Analyzing what was different about my physical and mental state before and during each usage made me see that differences in being rested, relaxed, time available and how long since my last orgasm all entered into the intensity and duration of the various Aneros experiences. They are not all mind blowing, but masturbating with the Aneros is always better than without it. Relax and enjoy whatever good feelings you have instead of fretting over not having a dry orgasm every time. And be glad you're a man and climax easily. From what I read there are a lot of women that don't orgasm from intercourse or every time if they do, but I bet the still enjoy having sex.

    I have tried different activities while using the Aneros too. Try reading some good erotica or adult video or have your wife of lover insert it for you and enjoy the feelings of doing those contractions while you pleasure them orally. A massage that includes some movement of the Aneros might be wonderful.

    Use your imagination and relax and enjoy it! It's not a competition!

  • convulsionsconvulsions
    Posts: 19