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Levels of Super Orgasm (new experience)
  • Hi Everyone,

    So i don't write here much, and lately i've not been using my MGX too often. I was interested in trying for the hands free ejaculatory orgasm, nipple orgasms, some hypnoses. But in the last three days i've put my Aneros back in. And all three days were very different, and all three times i felt like i reached Super Orgasms. But they were... distinct

    The first day it started as usual with involuntaries, dry O's and then this pressure, this extremely pleasurable pressure that went beyond and put me in an orgasmic state where i couldn't see, hear, or think but enjoy this extreme sensation. It almost seemed to pull me deeper and deeper with every breath and i was certain i reached the definition if not of a true super o, at least of a calm super o

    The second day, it started the same, but then went in a different direction and gave me a pulsing, mind blowing sensation. With every pulse i thought i was orgasmic more and more and was certain now this is the super o

    Today (just 20mins ago actually) i was astounded at what happened. I had a very deep orgasm, i was enjoying it to the point where i could not feel my body, my bed, could not understand the environment. I was in this drug-like state and the world was spinning around me. I could not believe how deep and pleasurable this was. And then something happened. On top of this super orgasm, i began experiencing another orgasm... This was beyond anything i've had before. It's like i began cumming without ejaculation, even though i was in the best every hyper orgasm state. The cumming started sharply and went through my body, above all other senses. I'm usually not vocal but i began to scream, and shout and cry out of pleasure. It stopped but the previous orgasm kept going for a few minutes, then it happened again and stopped for a second time. After my normal (what i used to think was a super o) orgasm also stopped

    I always had sessions thinking that deep orgasm was the whole point. I never awaited it, always enjoyed my journey, and when i got it i was in heaven. But what happened today made me rethink the whole thing. Is it possible to cum while you're in a super orgasmic state? Was that a dry orgasm on top of the super o? Or was that the super o?

    If so, i'm scared i won't get it again. It was beyond my wildest dreams, any descriptions, any stories on this site. My whole body is tingling still

    And the main question is, do you have different levels/sensations/types of super o?
  • ReWireReWire
    Posts: 27
    @Doncejankius Congrats to you and thanks for sharing this. A story like this is inspiring. Hope you have many many more.
  • qawsqaws
    Posts: 47
    First question: I experienced my first Super O more then a week ago and a few days after that my second. At that time I was asking myself the same question: Will I be able to get another Super O? After I got my Super O I also know that I got impatient, because I wanted to experience more of those sweet and fantastic Super O's! This impatience and me asking the question (Will I be able to get another Super O?) resulted in a session where I didn't get a Super O and you could say one of my least successful sessions since my first Super O (there are no unsuccessful sessions, but only more and less successful ones). I did not get a Super O in that session, but I learned that I had to let go of feelings and thoughts of impatience, but also not ask myself the question if I could get another Super O ever again. The session after I let go of the question and my impatience I was able to get the Super O again, even several.

    1. Don't ask yourself the question if you can get another Super O. 2 Don't get feelings or thoughts of impatience. Impatience and asking yourself the question if you can get the Super O again will not help you in your future sessions. It will only impede your progression and learning experience!

    Second question: Yes, there are different Super O's with difference in intensity level.You can have Super O's where your whole body contracts, but also Super O's where you body isn't contracting, but where you get other fantastic and intense pleasurable sensations. Even two Super O's of the same type can differ in intensity level.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 800
    Totally agree with @qaws!

    After my first Super O, I was worried a little!

    But, patience and more of what got me to my first Super O was all I needed!

    Now, I've finally released myself of ANY of that worry because I've had so many wonderful sessions, which far outweigh my less successful sessions!

    Getting enough rest and living as healthful as possible are important to my success!

    You should consider yourself very fortunate and just keep on the path! And...just have fun!

  • Hi ReWire, qaws and Theme_Gasm

    Thanks for your kind responses, it has been an incredible journey so far. Next leg starts tonight as i have some time for myself. And the fuck my bf gave me last night (im usually the top) held a new different type of pleasure after those super o's

    You see, im not afraid that i wont have super o's again. But what happened during my session yesterday afternoon was an orgasm of top of an orgasm. Its like i was fully cumming during what already was a super o

    Anyway what i wanted to learn and i know its hard to describe is whether other people have distinct sessions with distict types and feelings of orgasmic nature?

    Or are your sessions more settled now with an identifiable super o which you experience?

    Hard to put it into words

  • qawsqaws
    Posts: 47
    I think the answer to this question differs from person to person. Looking at my own journey, the things that have gotten 'easier' and more 'automatic' is, for example, my ability to relax (which is very important for aneros sessions). You could say that I have learned how to relax better and use it effectively during my sessions. Also, fairly recently, I've been having p-waves throughout the day without the aneros inside. I also got my my first Aless Super O two days ago. Sometimes after experiencing some a certain orgasm or event your body and mind changes and learns how to replicate those orgasms and sensations. Throughout your journey your mindset may also change. This change of the mind and body is being called rewiring. Someone told me that a person during an aneros journey is rewiring constantly, but the more your body and mind rewires, the 'easier' (if you can say it like that) it becomes to produce Super O's.

    So that answers the question about being more settled bodywise, now sensation wise. Till now I've had quite some mini O's, dry O's and Super O's. Some felt the same, for example the Super FBO's (Super Full Body Orgasms) I have experienced were quite identical in sensations and experience. Yesterday for example I had an Aless orgasm that felt different from the first one. This time I felt more wave like sensations and pleasure surging though my body, instead of a more constant wave or sensation. Also orgasms with the aneros inside can vary in sensations. Untill now I have gotten a wide range of different mini O's, dry O's and Super O's with different sensations. I have no idea though if the sensations you feel during an orgasm are always random or that they can be reproduced over time when you become a veteran user. That's a question I think for the more veteran users of the aneros.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @doncejankius  -  Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for your pleasurable success!  :)

    I can't answer your questions from personal experience since I haven't achieved the super-O yet. But I understand there to be a many various ways that guys experience it. Such that there is different terms for it.

    The wiki description for the super-O describes just what you did of an orgasm on top of an orgasm.

    Also look through the Aneros wiki glossary for different non-ejaculatory orgasm terms:
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 800
    After more than a year and a half of countless Super O's, for me, as @qaws mentioned, the body and mind falls into an orgasm generating state much quicker and easily! However, they have been absolutely 100% as wonderful, and often take on different dimensions! There has been some randomness, however, to attain this level has got me to where if I don't have the time, I don't do much exploring, and I go with what works consistently! It's all good though, and I still have full body orgasms, calm seas orgasms, mind blowing head to toe p-wave flows, that go on and on for hours! Gotta love it!

  • Welcome to the world of my best Super O ever. Will you be able to repeat the same Super O, maybe never, will you have one that is better, most definitely.

    Super O's are like snowflakes...they are all Super but no two are identical. There are all types and levels of Super O's and that is what makes the journey fascinating. Here is how I look at my Super O's....

    All Super O's are Equal to or Greater then traditional orgasms. This is due to two factors, duration and that there is no refractory period. Pleasure is so subjective and impossible to compare between individuals but on a personal level it is much easier. As far as intensity , my Super O's range from wonderfully sublime to off the rails, what the fuck was that, epic or plain and simply the best ever. Sometimes these 'best ever sessions' will never be repeated but most times they be become what I call 'as good as it gets' and those are what keeps me coming back.

  • Just had another session and this was a cosmic out of body experience. I cant remember the reason i stopped using Aneros. But not cumming for a while has helped me reach those new highs
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    I agree wholehartedly with TS post. I have the same experience.
    And I would like to add that the superOs I have had with contracting waves both anally and my abdomen has been the best ones. This is why I urge for that feeling rather than the type of SuperO without contractions. Naturally, I believe this is why the one with contractions has become the most illusive one.