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About freedom, patience and exploring your body...
  • I want to share something that has happened a while ago,
    and if you can learn from my experience and have a positive aneros play that'd be a wonderful news.
    Also, any feedback or further advice to enhance my future experience would definitely be appreciated.

    Some time ago, I was on a trip and was staying in a motel all by myself
    and it was a perfect opportunity to enjoy aneros play without any interruption whatsoever.
    It was a big deal to me since I rarely get a chance to be alone and I constantly worry about someone catching me on the act or ending the play prematurely.

    So I took a long, cool, refreshing shower (since it was hot and I was sweating bad) and emptied/cleaned my bowel,
    prepped the bed to comfortably lie on my back, with a lube, tissues and rumel's hypnaerosession CD ready.
    The last part, something to listen to, was especially important because I get easily distracted and constantly think about many things. I imagine any quite music that makes you relax would do, but listening to beautiful female voices does me wonders.

    It was actually a very slow start than usual. The first 30 minutes or so after I inserted aneros, I did nothing except breathing and relaxing. Since I didn't have to worry about getting interrupted, I had all the time I wanted and dedicated myself to fully relax. Nothing much happened at the prostate region.
    Then I started caressing and arousing my body, slowly exploring what my body can do and this was perhaps the most surprising part of all now that I think about it.
    I know my quite-so-sensitive-nipples play a pivotal role in my sessions, but never realized how other places do just as much and I found out that my abdomen (below a belly button) and lower buttcheeks are just as pleasurable. I spend few minutes just enjoying the sensation I get from lightly scratching my belly and squeezing my butt. That was fun.

    Now on to the main phase...
    I always experiment with my nipples to see what kind of sensation I get from various touches and toys and such...probably why I get more reaction from nipple play alone.
    I love nipple pump play and to see how it gets engorged just as big as female ones; also nipple clamps bring me great combination of pleasure and pain, although too much makes me wanting to jack-off right away so I try not to over-do it.
    So as soon as I started playing with my nipples, the sensation goes straight toward my prostate and with my prostate being slowly massaged by aneros, I'm over the edge and start twitching and convulsing.
    After few seconds of intense pleasure, I feel like one of two things could happen. One, the pleasure just subsides and you have a hard time getting it back up, similar to typical penile masturbation. Or two, the initial pleasure subsides but never fully and some of it lingers, and you'll be able to pick up easily.
    If you take some time to build your arousal up and put great deal of effort into building more than what your body is used to, if you're being patient and want more than your typical quick jacking off and cumming, you'd be very surprised at what happens next.
    Certainly the latter happened to me and my prostate itches just thinking about it.

    Gently squeezing my anal and sphincter muscle and more nipple play definitely grabbed ahold of the lingering pleasure and even greater sensation was coursing through my entire body. My next orgasm was more intense and lasted longer. I kept going. Next one was even greater. I kept going for another 30 minutes and I found myself screaming from the bottom of my lung and violently thrashing and squirming left and right.

    Imagine your typical penile masturbation as quick 10. Easily peaks at 9 or 10 and drops very fast to 0. What I felt was solid 8, but it never dropped below 7. I don't think my body was expecting that much pleasure lingering for more than a minute. It lingered and plateaued and to be honest, I don't think male body can handle that much pleasure since we're so used to having a short, quick orgasm.
    On one hand, I wanted to take the aneros out and relax. My anal muscles kept squeezing the aneros and never let go, continually stimulating the prostate which drove me mad. I was screaming so much, for a short period of time I was afraid that people staying next to my room and those outside might hear all that. At some point, I was weeping and sobbing because it never ended and I couldn't let it stop.
    On the other hand, I was in HEAVEN. Never have I felt that much pleasure in my whole life.

    That continued for about 10 minutes and I decided to stop. I think I could've kept going but I was a little afraid of what might have happened after that. Besides I was tired.
    When I woke up, I had a killer headache for some reason but deeply satisfied. Rejuvenated. 

    I don't remember how many time I've failed to have a decent aneros session and now I'm happy to share my stories with you.
    This forum has helped me keep going and trying new things and I feel very thankful, appreciated.
    Actually, recounting what has happened makes me really excited and aroused.
    I can't wait to have more exciting experience!

    Thank you for staying and listening to me, rambling. :D
  • HeizenHeizen
    Posts: 50
    Awesome story. Thanks :)>-
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • @AneRico
    Not too long ago. Just recently.
    After I got back from the trip, I haven't had a chance to play with aneros though.
    But my plan is definitely to replicate what happened and to have it regularly.

    Then I want to know what lies beyond. Who knows what'll happen to me then?
    Just thinking about it makes me really really aroused.