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  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • Good post, very easy to envision, at least for me, and a helpful exposition.  I too like to refer to the energy flow as a flow of love,  because it does not engender ill will toward anyone, but rather, as you said, puts a smile on my face, letting my light shine.  Ultimately, in my opinion, it is the love that is key, more important than super o, or t or p-wave, whatever.  If we do this only for the pleasure, then we are like a person who admires a picture or photo  of the ocean, but has never seen or experienced the ocean in person.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 748
    I love this discussion.

    Thank you @AneRico. Your writestyle always summons some great imagery and sensations. Inspiring.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    @AneRico - we NEED to chat soon. This is amazing!

  • AneRico, I'm glad you said

    "You don't have to SuperO to feel the erotic energy (or however you would like to describe the sensations of pleasure) developing in and around your prostate.  In fact, you can conceptualize your own erotic energy any time during the day; including during a session.  You can do it now.  Think about how sexy you feel when you are aroused.  Pretend you feel that way your prostate area.  It might be something like a warm glow or sparks or something...that's up to you."

    That's been my experience. Amazing what happens when we stay quiet with or without a aneros without preconceptions, and sink into our body.I haven't had a super orgasm as such but know what you mean about the sexual energy filling my body and beyond. It seems to follow where I put my attention. I discovered it with chuckjo2000 and expanded it with chigung and my breathing meditation (see my blog). My ride buddy and a friend recently felt it when I put my hand near them. So It's palpable to other people.

    When I started on this path I was fumbling with withdrawing my attention into my body and especially my prostate and erogenous places when I rode. Eventually my prostate awakened and something else awakened with it. I didn't know what but could feel it more and more palpably. Then I started putting attention on my breathing when I rode and found that the sexual energy followed my mind when I breathed. .Then I started concentrating on my heart area because I noticed warmth when my mind scanned through it. I experimented with amplifying that warmth and sharing it remotely. I knew I could share sexual energy remotely but always thought it was just horny men feeding off each other's arousal. It's that and more than that. Chinese traditional medicine and other cultures have know about this for a long time. They consider it a natural capability of the body to be cultivated.

    So it's a natural part of everyone's capability as humans, not a weird spooky kooky trick. It's available to anyone but the aneros experience can help us perceive it. That is, if we want and are open to it. Or we can choose not to but is good to have the information to make that choice!

    I don't see why this kind of thing can't be experienced by anyone who rides and wants to and knows more about it. I didn't know anything about this stuff when I started. It's really part of the aneros journey if someone wants it to be and has some information. Thank you AneRico for advancing that!

    "The really cool thing, is when it begins to fill the room. To me it feels like the room is filled with love. This increases my deepening sense of eroticism, and makes my session even more pleasurable. It is very fulfilling and leaves me with a sense of love, happiness, peace, and supercharged eroticism that carries through the day."

    I don't know if I can or have done that yet but knowing it's possible, I'll look forward to it.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Nice suggestions AneRico.. Borderline hypnotical suggestions. Add a few key words in there, build and some rambling and you're there. When I think about it, you're already there.. And so do you, once you think about it.