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Hard and shocking
  • Hi all i have been using the mgx for about 31/2 months now not had much to report, no o's or hardly any movement if any at all i have had pleasure waves but yesterday for the first time i became fully erect during a session this has never happened before i know this is normal so i must be getting some where. But today after about 1 hour into the session  i got 3 sharp shocks on my prostate within about 10 seconds just like some one had whapped a live cable in there but just lasted a second in1 spot it did not travel any where and went as quick as they come. I know i am being re wired but i must have a bad connection or some thing any body else had these shocks or is it normal. Hope i have not blown a fuse,
  • I've had mild electrical sensations down there at times, with and without aneros. Did your shocks hurt or just surprise you? Sounds like rewiring is going on! Men experience rewiring differently just like everything else with this thing called a journey. I wouldn't worry about "blowing a fuse". Let us know if it continues though. The erections are normal and a good sign. Your prostate is probably getting used to massage and is awakening. You're in for much more pleasure!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    I don't think you need worry about those little shocks. I've been using Aneros massagers for more than 7 years and still will get an occasional shock like you describe. However, if you are experiencing an real pain or if this is a regularly occurring phenomenon, then you should stop usage and consult a physician to see if something else is going on with your prostate.
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  • ReWireReWire
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    Yeah, I had the shocks also. They seemed more like lightning strikes to me. For me they came out of nowhere even without an Aneros. Mostly happened in my first 4 months. It's been about 10 months now and they have subsided and have been replace with a lot more re-wiring. In the beginning it was hard to get any  p-waves, now... lots of them, lots of dry o's. Almost everything except the super O. Take a look at the Wiki list from time to time and you will notice more and more of the list that you have experienced. So, when you get a little frustrated, you can remind yourself of how far you have come. It gives you hope. This forum has been extremely educational. Over time, you will value those contributors that share possible keys to help find your way on this incredible journey.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
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    My first shock was about a month into my felt like it hit my prostate and my body shook quite violently for only about 1-2 was so cool. The next one happened in my right foot...and it buzzed off and on for many minutes! Crazy! Not much since, but my prostate orgasms kept getting better since those buzz events! Just another part of the adventure in my view! Enjoy!

  • I once felt like I had a spark plug in my was the sweetest thing. I also had what felt like an electric current that radiated from my prostrate that swept through my whole body...that scared the shit out me but next time I will be ready.

    The Aneros is a crafty devil that lets us experience these beautiful feelings and sometimes will not let us repeat them and that what keeps me coming back for more.
  • Love_isLove_is
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    I think this is just part of the process and is still something I get occasionally. Completely normal. Enjoy it. :)