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Product Packaging - No Plastic Seal?
  • Hi,

    I purchased a Helix Classic.

    Is it normal for the product to not be sealed?  For example, neither the external packaging or the internal packaging is sealed in plastic.

    I purchased from a reputable merchant ( who assure me that the product is new from warehouse and they received is direct from manufacturer.

    Otherwise, everything looks normal/new.  I understand a physical retail store might add a sticker to keep the flap closed to prevent shoppers from opening products on shelves, but this may not be done by online merchants (since there is no need).

    Just exercising a healthy amount of paranoia :).  Thanks for the feedback.
  • awired50awired50
    Posts: 169
    Both of mine were sealed. one directly from Aneros. One from
  • awired50 said:

    Both of mine were sealed. one directly from Aneros. One from

    Like, a plastic sticker on the external case?  Or plastic wrapped on the inside and/or outside?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    A dose of prophylaxis might be good to counter the "paranoia." 

    My first purchase was a Helix, over the counter, from a local adult store.  Their practice was to re-package all personal toys in a zip-lock bag.that was stapled closed.  They kept 'samples' of those items.

    I seem to remember cutting into the bubble wrap with a knife so it must have been sealed as opposed to the snap-closures on current Aneros packages (which permit re-closure.)

    I got the feeling that this was, "mine."   It carried some air of "virginity." 

    Nevertheless, I gave the Helix a good scrub before my first session.
  • I contacted Aneros and Fleshlight about this, and it seems what I describe is the standard packaging. Fleshlight says they typically put a safety seal on the package before delivery so they can tell if a returned item has been opened, but for some reason this was missed.  They offered to send me a new one gratis.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    The old plastic clamshell packaging was never sealed or wrapped, just closed. The new style packaging in the red card board box with magnetic lid, I don't think that was sealed either. But I can't remember clearly.

    If you are feeling paranoid and concerned, sterilize your Helix Classic by completely immersing it in a 10% plain bleach to water solution for twenty minutes. Afterwards rinse it off and wash with soap and water.
  • I received my anerox nexus a few days ago, it wasn't sealed either.
    It came in a carton outer box, inside was the nice box with magnetic lids. Inside of that was the aneros in a non sealed plastic baggy, with the manual on top.

    I was a bit surprised as well that the plastic baggy wasn't sealed.  But didn't think much of it.

    I'd even like to congratulate Aneros with their choice of packaging.  It's sturdy and tasteful. And it included a manual, something I haven't seen with any toy before.
  • Yeah, all those pretty red boxes look great on a bookshelf!