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My first Aneros/Helix Syn experience
  • Received my helix syn yesterday, and tried it out, following the steps on the wiki.

    I took a nice hot shower and gave myself a fresh clean shave everywhere.
    home I took 10 minutes of breathing exercises before inserting the
    aneros.  I turned to my side, one leg long, the other held up. 
    Inserting was a piece of cake!  I immediately started to have a nice
    feeling. Nothing orgasmic, but just the feeling when something's

    I got used to the aneros pretty quickly.  I felt really
    relaxed, continued my breathing, and slowly started to contract my
    sphincter together with my breathing.  It felt good, but not really "oh
    yeah that's the spot"-good.
    I turned on my other side, but with my
    legs a bit further apart, so I'd lie more on my stomach.  I felt the
    aneros poking my prostate.  When I really contracted, I got the feeling I
    get when ejaculating.  WIggling around a bit with my hips increased the

    It started getting dark outside, when I looked on the
    clock I'd been busy for 2h.  So I seduced my girlfriend.  She wanted me
    to come while on top of her, sitting near her pelvis.  She jerked me off while I still had the helix inside me.  She was
    very surprised when my ejaculate covered the headboard and everything
    in between. (no exaggeration!)
    It was probably the best orgasm I had since being a teenager. :D

  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 804
    Congratulations! You've begun an unforgettable journey into a whole new world of male sexuality! Those sensations are awesome and will likely grow with patience and practice! Have fun!

  • You, your girlfriend and your relationship will start to grow in many unexpected ways from here on out! It is an incredible experience and journey! Oh, and be sure to get her to set of Peridise or a tempo, she will love it!
  • Due to bad experiences in her past, she's very much against anal on her person...
    I don't know if I have what it takes (patience and patience) to help her like anal either.  She gets tense as soon as the subject comes up.
  • If watching you orgasm for an hour with one does get her curious, then nothing will. Trust and communication can usually break just about any barrier. A nice long massage with oil and candles will also help to relax her and put her at ease when the time does come. Good luck and enjoy!
  • Thanks!

    Sitting on the sofa atm eating dinner.  I sneakily inserted the Aneros earlier.
    I have this big smile across my face... gf things it's because of the food, but that's only part of the reason. :D