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  • TomgoodTomgood
    Posts: 4
    I can't seem to get past the itch inside. I concentrate and hold the contraction when I feel this itch but it never goes farther. I get a lot of prostate fluid and some subtle feelings but that it. Hope I'm getting close
  • Maybe don't concentrate but try to relax more when you feel the itch. The prostrate fluid suggests that your prostate is awakening so that's good. It's okay to do some slight anal contractions occasionally. but it's more important to relax and just feel and notice and appreciate what you feel. It's better to not have any expectations of any particular experience including being close to anything.
  • I felt what seemed to be a bump in there, and when very gentle motions bumped it, I felt the urge to pee. I'd try to hit it, but it was elusive. When I'd relax and make very gentle rotations or thrusts - Bump!

    Lesson: relax, gentle motions, enjoy the ride, and Don't Get Discouraged. It will be well worth it.