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Thinking of developing a practice regimen. Any advice?
  • I've tried using my Progasm, Helix, and Peridise set off and on for several years, with not much success. Vague pleasant feelings, but that's about it. However, my routine has been to try it several times for a couple of weeks, then drop it for a few months and try again maybe for a weekend, then not again for another two months. My problem is that I seldom have time during the day to devote to it, and at night, it's a real sacrifice to give up an hour or two of sleep for a session. So, today, I'm driving off for a one-week vacation. I brought my aneros buds along with me as I often do on a vacation. Then, I thought about the whole re-wiring concept and decided I really can't get "re-wired" if I don't commit to some regular practice. Maybe I should commit to two sessions a week, or maybe six sessions a month, and just make sure I create the time for them to happen. THEN, maybe in time, I'll actually reach the elusive super-o, or else at lease increase and enhance what I'm already experiencing. Does anybody have a suggestion of what kind of frequency I should commit to? Realizing that two times a week would be about the max I think I could make happen. But perhaps once a week over a couple of years would make a difference. I'm not frustrated or anything. I just seem to be slower than some at making this breakthrough. I'm determined to enjoy the journey, and the world won't come to an end if I don't achieve a super-o. But I'd sure like to give it my best shot!
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    twice a week is pretty good, I only average three sessions a week.  
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 805
    @lakefrontprof --- To awaken the prostate, and for you to develop the synapse connections and rewiring, you should make as much time available as possible. Speaking only for myself, once I felt as if I had reached the bottom of the Milestones list in the Getting Started section of the Wiki, I was able to back off and only have sessions when I felt like it! The rewiring process took me two months of nearly daily Aneros time before my first Super O, and it took a total of a year and four months to make it all the way through the milestones list! Because we're all different, your journey could take more or less time! You won't be disappointed with the results...I'm amazed at where I am today, and what I get in my sessions can only be described as incredible!

  • Wow! Daily for maybe a couple of months! That's incredible! And of course, like you said, everyone is different. That's a lot of aneros use up-front. But I suppose the pay-off is worth it. Thanks so much for weighing in, ThemeGasm. And a question to never knew -- I'm assuming you get super O's? Did you always average three sessions a week? Or did you start off with greater frequency 'til reaching super-O's?

    Also, thanks for the milestones reference. I hadn't 't seen it before. Very interesting.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 805
    I do get Super O's, almost as many as I want! Like everyone though, the mind must be receptive, and the body well rested! If you can't seperate your mind from the troubles of the day during your sessions, DON'T worry about it! Just be receptive and enjoy every little feeling you get!

    The first night I used my Aneros, I thought I knew what I wanted, but I got something much different! I really had no idea what I was doing, so I followed the pleasure! My body reacted quite surprisingly! I started at about 11pm and for the next six hours, I was having full-body contractions about every 8-10 minutes! I was exhausted when I stopped! I was over stimulated!

    My life changed from that day forward!

    Since then, I learned to relax and enjoy the blissful state of an awakened prostate that can deliver many hours of head to toe pleasure waves, and a much deeper state of relaxation that has resulted in a much better quality of daily life, less stress...etc!

    Yes, to get to my first Super O, I was like a man on a mission...a mission to change my state of being!

    Now, with the ability to reach a nice state of relaxation, I can deal with the daily stresses much better, and have prostate orgasms as a bonus!

    Your own experience is likely to take you to a state of pleasure you never imagined!

    But, to get there you have to trust your body, and learn to relax your mind! Not a simple task for most men, but worth every bit of effort! Focus on the pleasure and just let it happen!

    The wiki and forums will help! Read, and re-read them, and expand your ability to interpret the meaning as it applies to you and your state of mind!