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question to ponder
  • EyBoiEyBoi
    Posts: 18
    Is it possible to fuck the journey up so bad that you just can't recover? I'm speaking aside from direct prostate damage, I'm talking about doing several super T's and not really relaxing fully... Having the constant urge to pinch and drive the pressure deep and in stimulating ways to kick things along... Is that all part of the process? Is this my journey to learn how to relax and feel next to nothing looking out for the occasional - as Rumel once put it, meteorite or shooting star in the night sky? Its so hard to torture myself in that way, to tease on the lookout for shooting stars... So my question... Is it ever too late to learn relaxation even after several attempts that resulted in super Ts?
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Would love to know this, would explain the strangeness of my 'journey '
  • JaxsunJaxsun
    Posts: 106
    I believe that simplicity can be very illuminating and helpful. There are a few "Fundamental" thoughts that I cultivate when in session that facilitate relaxation:
    1. Don't chase a goal no matter what you've read, heard or seen about others Os
    2. Consider each session as simply a TIME TO RELAX pleasurably, aka "Me Time" away from all the demands of life.
    3. Let my body CHART THE COURSE while my brain SAVORS THE SENSATIONS of the journey.
    4. When presented with new pleasures let the body determine how to navigate in order to stay on course.
    5. When restlessness(vs. relaxation) sets in, it's time to stop because my openness to pleasure is no longer productive. Many times I will stop my session when things are still feeling VERY NICE. This helps stoke my desire for the NEXT session!

    These thoughts are the foundation of thinking that I find helpful for me to get the most SATISFACTION possible from each session
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    You know i want to say something else, another question to ask which may help others if the answers are forthcoming.

    if i start a session after a gap of not having them my prostate is hard to get going. It usually means i have to wait until a second session that same day before its working. its like a 'cold' start. This has always been true of me during this process.

    Why nobody else reported this. Why?

    Jaxsun, thats great for some people but the advice you have given, whilst appreciated, does not work for me (but probably will work for everyone else). 

    I stopped my last session when things were feeling very nice. But that is what happens in every session! because i cannot orgasm at all, not even mini-o's. Or if i have been then... i've been mislead as to the intensity of what a dry-o is and i start to wonder what the point of all this is....

    Point 5 though, very good actually in terms of when to stop, if you are indeed feeling restless, its something i find very true, but for me this is usually when things stop feeling nice which is very, very abrupt, it doesn't 'tail off'

    I had a session last week that was the culmination of 5-6 sessions over the same period of days, it was by far the best session i ever had. I then have a break of a day where i am working and i return to a session. And its like my prostate is totally asleep, 100%. Before it would give me instant results when a device went in there.

    Thats a 'cold start' IMO. There is no guides for that is there? nobody ever saying how to get around that or what even that is! that really grinds my gears more than any poor session ever will. The lack of knowledge, or understanding is far, far worse.