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Alejandro Trumps The Evening's Session
  • Today in the mail, I received my new Aneros Helix SYN.  Previous to this, I've been successfully using a P-gasm, but the difference, right off the bat, is clearly phenomenal.  If I were to compare the two to automobiles, I'd say the P-gasm is like driving a Mac Truck, while the Helix SYN is more along the lines of a Bentley.  Each will get you to your destination, it's just that with the Helix, you arrive in style.  It's so smooth and gentle, I don't even know it's in me.  In fact, it's inserted right now as I sit here typing, it's that comfortable.

    The P-gasm is hard plastic, but the Helix is soft and subtle.  It's more like someone's loving finger gently caressing my prostate while the P-tab almost unnoticeably licks at my perinium.  I love them each, but for different reasons.

    Since this a brand new tool, I decided to create a brand new adventure.  Instead of following the usual instructions given here on the 4m, I decided to strike out on my own and invent a new method.  I merely inserted the Helix, then plugged my i-Pod Shuffle into my ears and laid down for a rest.  All was pretty serene until Lady Gaga came on with the song, Alijandro.  It was then that I decided I'd use my PC muscle to keep up with the percussion.  Yikes, I've heard that song a million times, but never before accompanied with background ripples of P-waves and out-and-out orgasms.

    The reason I chose to listen to music is, because I was driving and listening to my local classical radio station, when I realized I was almost unconsciously keeping up with the base by thumping my thumb on the steering wheel.  Hey, if it works for Rimsky Korsikof, maybe it'll work for Rimsky Aneros, so I gave it a try.  It's a very relaxing way to sneak up on an orgasm; it happens without your recognizing the usual build-up signs you may be used to.  It was that way for me at least.

    The orgasms were different as well.  Instead of my usual flop-like-a-fish all over my bed, it was more like "edging".  My body would take that pressurized feeling inside my prostate and build it to the point where the next thing would normally be past the point of no return, then as if by magic, it would let it go and start from ground zero again.  All very gentle and smooth; no harsh body spasms, BUT another over-the-top dry orgasm after dry orgasm after dry orgasm.  I only stopped because I wanted to document what was happening before I slipped off into an orgazmic coma or something.

    Against many persons' advice, I've decided to sleep with the Helix inserted tonight.  If I wake up in a screaming wet dream, I'll let you know about it in the morning, but for now, nighty night.
  • Slept a full eight hours, which for me is phenomenal; I normally sleep no more than four hours at a stretch. Helix stayed in place all through the night; it's soft and pliable, so that likely accounts for its staying put as I moved in my sleep.

    I listened to music for about two hours before drifting off to sleep with several mini-orgasms and little ripple events, but nothing earth shattering. I remember dreaming I was having sex and could feel precum edging its way up through the center of my penis, but when I awoke, the tip of my penis was dry and milking it did not produce any moisture, so I guess it was a "dry" wet dream, eh?

    All in all, a very pleasant experience; I'll do it again some day, but truthfully, I'm a bit selfish; I yearn for Superorgasms several times a week instead, so the majority of my sessions will likely be had using my P-gasm!
  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 255
    The Helix Syn is my first and most reliable device.  I often fall asleep with it, but never awakened into a Super-O like some have reported. I have awakened at 3:30 or so and have been rested enough to have a 1-2 hour session and that is often very successful.  I agree with you about the comfort of using the Helix Syn--my "other car" is the Progasm, Jr, and I haven't even thought about sitting on it.  Cheers and happy riding