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So, this is what you're aiming to do
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    It's been quite some time since I posted anything here. I've been very distracted so I really haven't dedicated time to things related to aneros, but I got to be pretty good with it at some point. Anyways, I wanted to explain a couple of things and see if they can help you.

    First of all, proportions. I'm convinced that women have the perfect design to be able to enjoy lots of sexual stimulation, but it's not only that, because their approach to sexuality is very different to ours from the base. So, if you think of it, their "main" sexual organ, the one that uses up more space is their vagina, while the clitoris uses up a very small percentage of the volume. We are kind of the opposite, what could be thought of a vagina, which is the rectum with its very own g-spot, is very small in comparison to the penis. The penis is the "main" organ in us.
    What you have to do is revert that, you don't want to make the penis your main focus, you want to make your rectum including your g-spot and anus your main focus, as though it was your main sexual organ, while the penis, still participating, should be only used as an accessory, not as a tool. In other words you should pay attention to the penis, only for sensing purposes, but not used for forcing purposes (much like a clitoris).
    There are a couple of things that may give you a hint to know if you are doing it right. Whenever you make the penis your main sexual organ, you are almost constantly "spending" sexual energy in pleasure. You get pleasurable sensations right away, but if you keep doing it, you are guaranteed to ejaculate after a while, getting a "dull" orgasm. When you make your rectum and g-spot your main sexual organ, it feels as though you are refraining from pleasure. If you let things go "naturally" you'll feel that sensation will tend to fall and accumulate on the penis, which will feel pleasurable, but you are letting it leave you instead of building it up. What you are doing here is holding that sensation back to your rectum and g-spot. Get the idea? You are holding something, letting it build up, not spending it right away and letting it go as soon as possible. Sensation must start with your rectum and g-spot, and instead of letting it go towards your penis, you keep it there, holding it. Remember, it feels like refraining from pleasure, but it's not like being in a non sexual context. You are actually holding in place something that wants to go away as fast as it can, more and more as it accumulates and grows.

    Your penis will tend to get more sensitive, most likely triggering an erection. This is kind of hard at first (no pun intended) but with practice it gets easier. When that erection starts happening, if you keep "holding" it, your penis will get erect only half way. You must be able to stop that erection before it happens at 100% and lowering it until ideally it's less than 10% erect. You are overcoming the temptation to squeeze and make that erection happen by holding it back and not forgetting that your main sexual organ is your rectum and g-spot, not your penis. Your penis is just there to feel things, not to force things.
    Basically, as long as you keep that approach in mind, which is to make your rectum, anus and g-spot your main sexual organ, by not letting your sensations fall to your penis, you are going to be right on track for the super-o. Just keep in mind, your main sexual organ is your rectum, anus and g-spot, your penis is just there as an observer, though still participating.

    So, whenever you are planning on starting a session, as soon as you are decided to do it, you make your rectum and g-spot your main sexual organ*. If your penis starts getting cold, you are doing it right. In fact, try to keep it cold for as long as you can when doing this by focusing on your rectum and g-spot. Whatever you normally do with your penis, in terms of how much attention and forcing you put into it, feel free to do it with your rectum and g-spot. Never letting the sensation go to your penis. I say this because you'll want to let things go to your penis, you are used to it.
    When you hold the sensation, as it builds up, you want to get in touch with the rest of your body. Feel your spine, your head, etc. Instead of releasing all that energy that's been building up on your main sexual organ (rectum, g-spot and anus) to your penis, you are focusing on the rest of your body so that it will follow.
    I could explain lots of things from here, but really all that you need is to keep in mind that: Your main sexual organ is your rectum, g-spot and anus.
    As long as you stick to that approach, and explore every other possibility without focusing on your penis, you'll deffinitely start making lots of progress at some point, once you really "get it". You are receiving, keeping and holding (in your rectum), not generating, letting it go away and spending (through your penis).

    How do you make those your main sexual organ? By feeling them. Learn to pay attention to those parts, feel all the subtle sensations they give, try every possibility always keeping in mind that you have to able to get a feedback in terms of sensation.

    *In fact, it really doesn't hurt to do it throughout the day whenever you remember it, even if you are not planning on having a session later.
  • Instead of thinking of the penis as the main character, or even your anus, rectum or prostate, think of them as supporting actors in an ensemble cast, whose membership is made of all your body parts
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 172
    I think the point, though, is to focus arousal in the anus instead of letting the penis be the center of attention. I gotta keep that in mind... I think that worked for me in the past. I remember being able to make arousal go to my butt instead of my penis.
  • The brain is the main sexual organ. Only females have a Gräfenberg spot. Men have prostrates. The G-spot and the prostate are very similar. The male and female orgasm are also similar. How is a traditional orgasm a "dull orgasm"? IMO: once a man gets rewired, he would be well served not to neglect his penis.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    I know all to well what a dull orgasm feels like, especially with the aneros inserted (I've even had orgasms totally stopped/stifled because of an aneros in there.) 

    Your info doesn't cover some people that experience things differently, like myself. Here is what happens to me.

    I focus on my anus/prostate and g spot. I contract at 10% max and i get the warmth in the prostate area and feelings of pleasure, all while visualising what is happening inside that part of my body. The erotic nature and pulsing feelings generated in the prostate then cause an automatic response which no amount of mental prowess overcomes, (it is a total uncontrollable physical reaction) the penis becomes super hard.

    The focus is STILL on the prostate but because the penis is hard the swelling/pressure in the anus becomes too much and it becomes 'tight' disabling the ability to produce any kind of contractions. The erection then falls and as a result it has overloaded the prostate. Sessions usually end shortly after this. Hence my '10 minute pleasure sessions' i can't seem to overcome this UNLESS i use a very small device, i.e. peridise.

    The focus, is not on the penis but it still TAKES command. I now have sessions where i at times forget i even have one! no joke! but it always takes the command no matter what, wether i know its there or i don't. The only thing that works to stop an erection like this is to push out, reverse kegel, with the device. But then the whole session is just about 'stopping an erection'.

    What is your advice here then? i doubt there is answer that will solve this 'issue'
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117

    With a "dull orgasm" I was refering to a quick one. A short, genital centered orgasm*, compared to the mind blowing ones that expand to the rest of your body.
    You don't neglect your penis, it's just not the center anymore, simply because that will make the fun end quickly.
    After some practice, you are able to use your penis with a full erection and no risk of ejaculation, but first you must warm up the rest of your body.
    Now, I'm talking about aneros here, if you want to have a good session with several super-o's, you have to take that approach or else you'll only end with a super T. Which isn't bad either, but it's another path.

    *I'd say that in some cases, you can even feel 90% ejaculation 10% orgasmic feelings. What I'm trying to say here is that if you warm up your body enough, you can have 100% orgasmic feelings with no ejaculation whatsoever. That's when you're in the super-o path.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    As I've said a few times here, there is a two step process to the aneros experience:

    1. Mind - focus, like you have said
    2. Physical - not sure how this one works but it needs attuning or training in some way, but both must be done for it to work at all.

    IMO of course
  • @JMay
    Thank you for the clarification, regarding the "dull orgasm". I've been able to orgasm while erect (without ejaculating) for 15 years. I feel that particular process is a matter of relaxation and controlled breathing.
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117

    When that happens, try relaxing completely and just feeling every sensation you can perceive. If an automatic twitching doesn't start by then, wait a little and continue. What happened there is that you already have "eroticized" some parts of your body, now they're turned on and ready to work, so when you come back they'll respond quicker, giving time for you to explore and turn on other parts of your body. It's a build up, with the difference that stoping doesn't mean everything is lost. It merely means a pause to return to a more warmed up body. It's all about spending time with your body.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Yes jmay howver, I get prostate response too, even more than penis response. But the penis, or rather the swelling with larger devices, ie anything larger than a peredise, causes failure. I had a very long session with the peredise the other day because of this. Odd
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,180
    @JMay, great thread.  Over the years my erections tend to steal the show over my prostate, hard concentration lately has seemed to help.  Now I tend to get an erection but after some good ole concentration it doesnt come back as much.  Relaxing and focusing on the prostate helps immensly.  
  • If one truly has balance, the penis and the prostate will never be in conflict.