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Finally getting results but still have questions
  • speedoguyspeedoguy
    Posts: 1

    Ok…I’ve been at this for a few months and I think I’m finally getting results.  A few days ago, I had my best session ever using the MGX.  I paid a lot of attention to what people have had to say on this forum and it has really helped. 

    By just enjoying the experience and letting things happen, I was able have a very pleasant session.  I inserted my MGX, relaxed, and slowly started the contraction exercises.  It has usually been pleasurable for me when the MGX presses on my prostate but I decided I would gently hold it in place for longer periods of time.  As I did this (and for the first time), the anal quaking began to occur and that’s when things really took off.  My penis began to twitch and change states from flaccid to erect and back to flaccid.  As my penis twitched both it and my prostate began to feel much more pleasurable.  This happened on and off for most of my session.  Sometimes I would “lose my grip” and take a break but as I would begin to keep the MGX pressed against my prostate again, the same experience would take place seeming at least as pleasurable as the last time (P-waves possibly?). 

    Without noticing, I was holding the MGX in place for much longer periods causing prolonged twitching.  A couple of times I may have had a Mini-o or possibly even the beginning of a Dry-o as I unexpectedly pulled the MGX in as far as I could, thrusted by pelvis forward, and experienced my penis stiffen and stretch until I had to rest before trying again.   When I decided to stop, I took out the MGX and finished myself off.   For the rest of the day my prostate had a pleasing “ache” to it and my penis was pleasantly flaccid. 

    The session was great and I can’t wait to try again now that I think I’ve got a better idea of what to do and the feelings that can occur.  But, this is where my questions come in…

    1.      1. Do you guys think I’m on the right track?  The reason I ask is although the experience was great, it’s nothing like the mind-blowing sensations that are described by a lot of the guys on here. 

    2.     2.  If I am on the right track, will the pleasurable sensations grow in length and intensity as I keep practicing?

    3.    3. Would it be a good idea to try using the Maximus to get a “fuller” experience?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and to anyone who is trying this for the first time, pay close attention to this forum.  It’s filled with excellent advice and problem solving tips!


  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    Speedoguy, yes and yes to your first 2 questions. By holding the aneros in place I assume you mean by contracting your anal muscles. Those are probably pleasure waves that you feel. You could try not doing anything also and just be aware of the sensations. Forget expecting mind blowing orgasms and anything else specifically. Be glad for what your body gives you. It will probably be better and better but neither you or I can say what form it will take. I don't know what you mean in your 3rd question about getting a fuller experience. My experience has been all over the place and I've given up trying to describe or name it. You seem satisfied with your experience and that's best. The one thing I would suggest is to try to ejaculate less often to increase your arousal. Let your body and intuition guide you and keep up with the forum and what you're doing. Best wishes.
  • Thanks so much for the advice.  I've kept practicing and the sensations are definitely growing in length and intensity.  I agree with you and I think I'm at the point where I'm still experiencing pleasure waves.  They feel somewhat like they could be mini-orgasms but for some reason I don't think I'm quite to that point which is actually very exciting.    The more I do this the more I look forward to my next session.  It's kind of a "slow burn" but I'm starting to have some really pleasurable sensations using my Aneros and the thought that they can get even better is a huge turn-on.  Again, I really appreciate the advice and if there's anything else you think I should do or try, I'm all ears!
  • Good for you, Speedo. All I can say is trust your instincts. I'm a "slow burn" kind of guy too. It has has gotten better and better but not in ways I had foreseen. Keep it up!
  • @speedoguy --- You are on the right the Milestones checklist in the wiki to see where you have made progress and what is ahead!

    This is one of the most amazing personal journeys I've ever experienced. With time, and patience, you will see where this journey fits in you life overall.

    For me, I rejoice in the feeling that I have acquired a superpower that can take me to a place so unique and orgasmic that emotionally I'm a very different person than I was 2 years ago!

    My ability to deal with stress has improved and my sense of who I am as a person has improved!

    I'm a professional in higher education, but my emotional intelligence suffered greatly due to my upbringing. Gaining more personal confidence has been a big thing for me and I credit my success with this journey as a strong contributor. It's not the only thing that helped, but it is helping!

  • ISpeedoguy: I would avoid trying a larger device till your body has " learned" the Maximus. Many of us who do have several models will tell you that each has its own "way with you" and actually the smaller mood else may move much better inside in newcomers. Enjoy every experience and don't make yourself sore (physically) or "nuts" emotionally about getting to th "big one". When it happens and then happens consistently you'll be able to see the value in patience and relaxation. Wishing you a very pleasant journey and success