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Audio programs, advice, etc
  • Hi all,
    I've been playing with aneros toys for a couple years now, but so far nothing I would characterize as a super-o. I've definitely made progress along the nipples are now wired to my prostate. Solo nipple play can elicit pre-cum and creates a unique pleasurable feeling. I often listen to Rumela's audio to help me relax and guide me through the process, but I find that not too long after she begins to guide you to begin contractions that she gets so talkative, I get distracted.

    In general, I think I've probably not helped myself along the way because often when I find I've "lost it" and am no longer feeling anything from the aneros, I usually finish myself he old fashion way--so perhaps I've only strengthened my dependence on an ejaculatory orgasm?

    I find that my most pleasurable times have included a lot of nipple play, but as a result, I find that I have a hard time relaxing because I'm needing my hands and arms. Anyway, I'm feeling a bit stuck, and hoping someone might offer some ideas on how to break the cycle I'm in, and perhaps suggest some alternate audio programs?

  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 958
    aneros_user65104, do you mean rumel's hypnoanerosession CD? try listening to the live audio sessions too that users have contributed here
    Try giving you nipples a rest for a while and just listen to your body. Try not listening to anything. You aren't doing yourself a favor by ejaculating, especially during your anerosession. If you need to ejaculate, stop the session, take the device out and wait a couple of hours. Read the wikis if you haven't already.