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Interesting experience
  • liquidflowliquidflow
    Posts: 43

    I believe that I had a breakthrough the other night. I began my session by inserting my eupho and relaxing on the couch while watching some porn. After about 40 minutes I began to feel a nice tingling sensation in my ass that felt like it was tingling from my perineum down to my anus and in towards the prostate. I stopped watching porn and concentrated on the pleasure that I was experiencing. I was doing deep belly breathing and shortly after the tingling sensation started my lower abdomen began contracting involuntarily. I relaxed into the feelings allowing my body to take over and did not fight the abdominal contractions. The tingling in my ass began to feel extremely pleasurable causing me to moan which only increased the pleasure. I was breathing very heavily through my moans which only increased the pleasure. With each breath in my ass felt like it was puckering around the eupho while pushing it out and when I would exhale my ass would draw it back in. This puckering sensation was new and blissful. As I was caught up in these wonderful involuntary contractions my stomach began tingling and it felt as if someone were pouring ice water all over it. This lasted for maybe 2-5 minutes and then it subsided. When it subsided I just lay there in disbelief over what had just happened. I was unable to attain this level of pleasure again and ended my session.

    Has anyone else ever experienced these or similar sensations, and if so, how do I get them to last longer or attain this level of pleasure multiple times in a single session?

    I know it can be a hindrance to do so but what do you expert users out there consider this experience to be? A super-o, dry o, mini o, or something completely different?

  • IhidoIhido
    Posts: 12
    First off, let me say congratulations ona wonderful session! Sounds like progress to me.

    However, I think you're approaching this from the wrong mindset, in my opinion... I'm no aneros expert, not have I experience a super o, but that thinking seems wrong to me. Don't go into a session with the goal of getting back to that place and or making it last longer. Let any and all sensations come to you. Learn to be satisfied even if you never get those sensations again, and if you do get those sensations be satisfied with however long they last. Don't think about trying to make anything happen; just appreciate what is already happening.

    Same goes for the question on what that was. The orgasm classification system is, in my eyes, to be able to communicate ideas to other aneroid users. It is not there for the purpose of providing a name for all that happens. It comes down to what you think. If you think you had a mini o, then it was a mini o. If you think you had a super o, you had a super o. It doesn't matter what we think.

    tl;dr: Don't worry about making any particular sensations happen or naming the sensations. Just enjoy the sensations that occur.
  • I've had 20 minutes of continuous orgasmic waves, without having any internal or external prostate stimulation. And then I squirted profusely.
  • drstrangedrstrange
    Posts: 31

    I've had 20 minutes of continuous orgasmic waves, without having any internal or external prostate stimulation. And then I squirted profusely.

    Can anyone smell something?
  • @drstrange
    Perhaps you smell the smoke of sub-standard cannibus, eminating from your anus. ;;)
  • liquidflowliquidflow
    Posts: 43
    I am bumping this thread in an attempt to get more useful responses. Thank you Ihodo for providing me with an actual response and not simply beginning a new discussion on my thread.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 303

    I agree with Ihido about going into a session wanting something. I go into sessions willing and open to receive what ever comes my way. Then, I enjoy what comes and I'm not disappointed that I didn't get what I expected.

    While labels and benchmarks are helpful, try not to get stuck in them. Trying to classify what you have experienced does not enhance the event. I see what happened to you as 1) your individual experience 2) furthering your journey 3) very exciting 4) evidence that your body is awakened and desires more. 

    Relax, take what comes, and enjoy the journey!