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Close to Super-O? Advice Needed
  • Hi everyone,
    I've used my MGX for about 9 months and have a few questions. First, I find that the "do nothing" method seems to be better for me and gets some contractions going. However, sometimes these movements and contractions get quite large and strong, which I think seems to "kill" the feelings. Any way to control this? Second, I think I may have come close to a super-O a couple times. Hard to describe, but my penis feels tingly and it starts to feel quite pleasurable in my groin and lower abdomen area. However, I tend to really tense up and can't keep the nice deep breaths going as this goes on, which seems to keep my from getting any farther. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • superoh3superoh3
    Posts: 16
    The same feelings you describe preceded my first super-o. I was able to intensify it by simply relaxing. I hit that same point quite a few times before my relaxation attempts took hold and allowed it to come. For me, those sensations are the cusp of its beginning.

    When I successfully relaxed at that point it felt like my pelvis just faded away and the feeling remained and grew stronger. I can also make it develop further by gently pressing the back of my head downwards onto the pillow (as I lay on my back) which intensifies the sensation for some reason.
  • Thanks for response. I also have a hard time feeling Aneros hit my prostate and don't consistently get good feelings. Do any of you think a model with bigger head like Helix be a good option?
  • superoh3superoh3
    Posts: 16
    I felt the same and ended up with four different models. I stuck the progasm in and still couldn't feel it "hit" my prostate. Eventually I can now feel when it is making contact but I think that came with rewiring and more experience in listening to my body - understanding the various sensations and increasing my brains ability to detect them through experience. You may find it worth a try and if you have the money then why not, but I wouldn't expect a substantial change in "hitting" the prostate - and if it does then you can be pleasantly surprised.