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Tights and stockings for women and men
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 724
    Okay, if nobody's going to do it, it will have to be me.

    All is in the title actually.

    What do you think of tights and stockings, how do they look, how do they feel, what are you favorite... on women and on men?

    Subject is for those who like tights on others, those who like them on themselves, women wearing tights, women hating to wear tights, straight who like women in tights, straight men who don't , men who wear tights as a manly male, males cross-dressing into females... Any other.

    Share your likes, discoveries, thoughts, knowledge. Here we go.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 724
    And I start with a discovery.

    Wolford Individual 12 Stay Hip :$Main375x440$&wid=375&hei=440

    Yes they look extremely hot, very conveniant... And they feel very hot too.
    Yes you guessed right, I bought a pair for myself. LOL

    I am not a cross-dresser by the way, just like to wear what feels good.
  • PandabearPandabear
    Posts: 38
    I would love to wear those with some lingerie and a butt plug, hidden beneath a layer of clothing. Then I would go about my day, letting the arousal over my secret build up.

    I could also wear them while my girlfriend is using her strap-on on me. Hmm, I may have to ask her if she's cool with that

    How do you intend to use yours?
  • UnfugUnfug
    Posts: 34
    Hey @Canacan,

    I wonder, every interesting thread has you involved... :D

    Interesting topic, I wonder why the thread never came to a full bloom. As for myself, I'm totally into that sort of stuff - overknees, stockings and high heels on my lady are a massive turn on for me (unfortunately she doesn't wear them often :( ).

    I had a phase, like 1 year ago, where I got shit-tons of arousal from getting in touch with my "female side". The idea of playing the submisse, receiving female role dramatically enhanced my ability to "let go" and surrender. I eventually ended up dressing myself up im stockings and heels for full immersion during a session. It was great but unfortunately, it did no wonders for the session... and i bet i looked quite silly :)

    What I found most amazing was the feeling of the nylons on my skin: they did not warm but rather cooled down my legs and that was not so comfortable as I imagined beforehand.

    This phase ended after like 4 weeks and I haven't been back to it ever since, but maybe in the future - who knows. I still like the idea of having a female side and sometimes even small things can set the stage for this mindset e.g. my lady once painted my nails, when she was painting hers - a bit odd, but I felt very sexy for a week :D