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Help on replacement for lost classic based on my experience
  • Good afternoon!

    I just got my account authorized and may I start by applauding the forum at first glance. What a treasurechest of information! With that being said let's move on swiftly to my question. I've had a classic Aneros some time ago and I had a number of sessions with it. Unfortunately as life changed I got rid of it in a move and I'm now looking for a replacement. I had a few nice sessions with the classic although I never quite reached the super-o. I did have some very nice p-waves however and was well on my way. I also had some aversion toward the classic however and this is where the actual question begins. I felt it's plastic design was very harsh and unpleasant to use. The tab pushing from outside was horrible and usually required a towel or similar inbetween. The pressure from inside wasn't all joy either. The massage felt quite ungentle and a little tough. After sessions it felt like someone had given me a pretty ungentle treatment in there. Perhaps, I speculate, this was due to the hard plastic.

    Today there are numerous alternative models and I've read up abit on them all. I'm definitely leaning toward a syn-model as I feel the softer touch very well may be the improvement in comfort I'm looking for. We have the Helix syn and the Eupho syn models. What worries me about the Helix is that it's said to be even more angled for a more vigorous massage and that may not be what I'm looking for considering my past experiences. The Eupho seems to be the gentle one of the siblings which may seem appropriate but it's also said to be more advanced and I'm not at that level yet. I'm not looking too close at the new Device or Peridise although the Peridise sounds very interesting being a totally different toy.

    What would you recommend in this scenario? Money IS an issue regarding the idea of getting several models as they are very expensive here in Sweden. Whatever I get needs to get a fair chance before I'd start looking for another. Apart from Aneros-like toys I've also enjoyed traditional dildos and more. Something "a little bigger" is not an issue if someone would suggest one of the bigger models for some reason. Thanks beforehand for any assistance!

  • euphemisticeuphemistic
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    Welcome hiddentiger fron Sweden. I don't see where you say which classic model you were using. if a classic helix, I would recommend getting a helix syn. many new users like it and don't notice any discomfort. I have the classic helix and actually like the aggressive p-tab and massage. I started with the eupho syn and though it was harder to learn how to use, it is VERY comfortable. I think it's reputation for being advanced is due to it's smallness and comfortable tab, you need good muscle control to hit the spot. but now it's my favorite. I found the classic model's p-tab to be painful at first and had to put a rubber bulb from an eye dropper over it. I actually cut the p-tab off the MGX! if you're having p-waves after only a few uses you're advancing quickly. It took me at least a month. you say you have anal experience, that may have helped with finding and awakening your prostate and developing your anal muscles and nerves. you could try larger models like the DeVice which is a syn. that's supposed to be comfortable. I have many models and prefer the eupho syn and the progasm junior most of the time. I'm currently liking the vixen syn dildo too. I'm gay and have had anal intercourse so I know it's possible to massage my prostate with a penis-shaped object. the anal devices, the peridises and tempo are nice and a different kind of experience. I'm rewired enough at this point that my prostate gets some pleasure from the them. good luch with choosing and with your journey!
  • Hello and thanks for the comment! I am not sure which model of the classic it was. It's quite old and when I got it there wasn't many models to choose from. I'm pretty sure I'm going for a syn, the only thing to decide about is the helix vs eupho dilemma. I guess no one can really tell what is going to work the best and that i just have to get one and try. I like the idea of something smooth and less rough so maybe the eupho is the way to go here. It's also for some reason quite cheaper in Sweden.
  • Helix Syn should be easier to learn on because it is bigger and more aggressive than the Eupho.
  • I have heard that too, but I'm afraid that the aggressive part is something that may go along the lines too aggressive since I found my old plastic classic too rough.

  • the helix syn is very comfortable! the p-tab is much bigger and softer
  • My biggest concern is the more acute angle of the device putting even more pressure inside.