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The question of the Super O
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 225
    I was really pleased with the post "Just what is the Super O? "
    Some of the answers were very helpful and enlightening. I was particularly pleased with the idea of "No over the top" or "Waiting for the climax". I believe there isn't any sudden blinding change. The distinction between the orgasm and the ejaculation is most important. It has always been an unwanted thing, this ejaculation. It meant the pleasure was over till the next time., enjoying your edging and the sweetness. Us always playing on the edge of the cliff. Easy to fall off!
    Now the orgasm is that brief experience before the cuming. That is the bliss the joy the exquisite moment, over too soon. The Aneros experience of orgasm is just that beautiful moment prolonged..for a minute,.or five or even more. In my case, I now believe that this is the super O. My penis responds to the Aneros with squirming pleasure. It get hard with each wave and almost imperceptible contractions. The waves seem to come from lower down in my pelvic area. The get stronger and I have to moan. This moan enhances the pleasure as it slightly alters the contraction area. Then in a state of wonder and rapture, a kind of trance, I bathe in the warmth and luxury of the long incredible joyful scrounging, pleasure until it ebbing to fade and wander off. Then I stretch my legs, rub my abdomen with pressure, turn on my side again and raise my right leg to about 90 degrees, then it all begins to happen again. Oh yes, I began to moan my name repeatedly and this focus seemed to further enhance my sense of orgasm. I am contented to leave it at that and cease looking for the "mind blowing " one. This is it. My Super O. I love it.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 301
    "This is it. My Super O. I love it."

    Perfectly put, Tomasheen. It is YOUR orgasm, unique to you. I may evolve and change, but it is yours. Claim it, enjoy it!

  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 776
    @Tomasheen --- Well stated and so true!