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My experiance so far and a question...
  • thaithai
    Posts: 1
    Hello all.
     First i would like to thank everyone for all the info on this forum it has been very helpful. I am 53 years old married and have had some anal play with my wife it was very nice so after seeing a add for aernos i started reading up on them. And landed on these forums. So i ordered my helix syn. I was so excited the day it arrived  i had the house alone and started my adventures.
     i got everything ready lubed up and started to insert my helix. It felt very good slowly entering me. Then to my amazment when it was half way in my ass grabbed it and sucked it in to the hilt. I swear i let out a little moan. I experimented with different positions and ended on my back knees up feet on the bed. I started with the do nothing method. Worked on my breathing and started the ride. I swear my helix was moving on its own. No mater how hard i tried i kept getting little contractions without doing anything. So i started my contractions to my breathing.
     All i can say is wow every time id contract my pc muscles my hips would rise up and i started feeling a little well it seemed like a small wave
    id go up then when i released the contractions come slowly back down. I kept this up and to my surprise i started having small contractions in between mine.i started going higher and higher, Then i made the big mistake. I was so excited i reached down and started playing with my cock. Soon it led to a orgasm that curled my toes. But the anal pleasure sort of overpowered my orgasm hard to enplane. But i learned something " rewiring" I went back to my normal masturbation. It will take some relearning and practice to stop thinking of my cock as the center of my pleasure.

      I have had 3 more sessions. All have gotten better as i learn more about my body and mind. My last one i was riding a wave and it woundt stop. I stooped my contractions and started shaking moving my pelvic side to side. What a amazing feeling. But just as it started getting stronger i lost focus. I could not get back to that point so i stooped. I wet back to reading the forums for tips. I think i found out one of my problems. My wife has started menopause and i was masturbating twice a day it was getting old and had lost most of the excitement.
    So on Saturday i ordered a progasm ice. I made a promise not to masturbate or watch porn until it gets here. I can feel the difference already
    I was watching tv and my pc muscles just started clenching. I seem to be craving my helix.....

     I have been looking on the forums to find out what people are doing or thinking to keep there focus up. I seem to be on the right road but almost to the top i am losing my focus.any pointers or tips i should try?

     Thanks again for all the advice and great stories. I cant wait for Friday night and my new progasm ice.The journey continues.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    Sounds like your off to a good start.  Focus is hard but as things progress it will be easier as the pleasure will help keep your focus.  Couple of things: 1.  Stay away from playing with your penis.  You are trying to "rewire" your brain so including your penis in your aneros sessions will not help in your rewiring.  2.  if you are trying to stop using porn, which is a good idea, i would learn what you can at  Hope that helps.
  • I picture my prostate buzzing, which seems to work whether the Aneros is in play or not!
  • HeizenHeizen
    Posts: 50
    I play some soft instrumental music. I do a relaxation cycle and usually things start happening during the 5 min cycle. I love the comment about picturing the prostate buzzing as I often do that too.