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Not getting results (so far) and not sure what even to expect
  • I hope this is "suggestions," in that I will get suggestions . . . I'm looking for suggestions and advice.  

    1. Why does all this seem so involved and complicated?
    2. I've had 2 or 3 "sessions" and so far not much as happened.
    3. Once in a while (infrequently) I've used an anal vibrator toy while masturbating, that's it.
    4. Does anyone insert and just walk around . . . and the walking around "does" something?
    5. What am I not doing?  (that I should be doing to get the kind of orgasm I've read about on the site?
    6. Can I have a session every night if I want?
    7. What is the max. time a beginner should do a session?  30 minutes?  1 hour?  
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    Others will laugh that I'm giving advice but seriously from one fellow frustrated human to another i believe i understand :

    1. at first it is, you need to relax and find that its actually very simple
    2. 2 or 3 sessions is nothing, I've had hundreds and only now am making progress (its been many years as well)
    3. i don't think this will help?
    4. I've tried this, didn't do much
    5. read the wiki
    6. yes of course
    7. up to you buts its reccomened around 90 mins for beginners 
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    Hi, Jusbeginning. Good questions. First have you read the wikis? ( It's not really complicated but there's as many paths to prostate pleasure as there are men. So you'll see lots of suggestions that work for individual men; your task is to find the path that works for you. I'm not sure what you're doing or not doing form what you say so have no comment on that. The wikis distill the essence of many men's experiences with prostate massage with aneros devices and as such are the best place to begin. The simple framework for approaching a session is to breathe relaxedly and regularly into your belly, ignore all expectations, eliminate distractions, notice everything you feel inside,especially good sensations, and above all relax and be patient.
  • Noob71Noob71
    Posts: 22
    I concur with eupheistic and Inhope. July will be the one year mark since i started with aneros and i feel that i am truly 'just beginning' to figure this out.  "...relax and be patient.", as euphemistic says, should be the aneros slogan, lol

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    I concur with everything @euphemistic said so concisely. The only thing I might add is allow your ego to take a vacation during your sessions.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 804
    @jusbeginning --- The path to success with Aneros takes many forms, including allowing even the slightest sense of pleasure to grow with time and patience!

    You've spent your teen and adult years learning how to have orgasms through stimulation of your's time to learn how to have orgasms through your prostate and anal musculature!

    It's a different, and unfamiliar, path, but it's 100% real! And, if make time for your sessions, 2-3 or more per week, you will start to sense feelings you've likely never felt before!

    When you sense something new or unique, celebrate it, follow it, and relax into it as much as possible!

    Read, and re-read the Wiki and Milestones list for clues as to how you are likely to see progress, with the belief that you may experience some or all of the items on the list!

    Most of all, enjoy every success and HAVE FUN!

    Awakening your prostate to being stimulated takes time, so be patient with yourself!

    It's a new way to orgasm, and you'll love the journey as you learn, and experience the amazing sensations of a prostate orgasm!

  • Not sure which model you have, but I would suggest trying a different one. I'm new as well, I experienced some mini-o's on my second session with the Helix Syn, the next session, I used the Progasm Jr and exploded with super-o's. The Tempo worked too, but it is VERY subtle...

    Another suggestion, lay on your back and try and put your lower back completely flat on the bed, now, thrust your buttocks deep into the bed raising your lower back off the bed, slowly repeat. This will move the head of the Aneros back and forth over your prostate. Picture in your mind the tip of the Aneros rubbing your prostate and try to feel it. Do this very slowly, do not rush, but try and stay relaxed relaxed relaxed while you do this. Lots of lube is also important for this feeling to manifest itself.

    After a session, I can still feel the lube on my prostate, which tends to cause some aftershocks, even with the Aneros removed...
  • Thanks for all the helpful advice! 

    Someone asked what I'm using and it is the Aneros Helix Syn Silicone Prostate Massager.
    I got that one b/c of all the good reviews on Amazon. 

    Would others endorse the recommendation
    to switch to Progasm Jr? 

     What's weird is "how long" it (may) take to get an "O" everybody's talking about. 

     I asked my M.D. about it (a female) and she told me NOT to try to massage my prostate. I wonder if that is the normal reply from the medical model community. Any M.D.s out there endorsing Aneros?

  • MattpMattp
    Posts: 127
    I would agree with everyone about taking your time. I started using my Helix Syn about 3 months ago. I haven't experienced a SuperO yet but I can tell I'm getting close. My "rewiring" is well underway and I experience small waves of pleasure throughout the day. When I ride my Helix, the bigger waves are incredible.

    Be patient and you will be takes some time.
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 250
    1. Mostly for people jumping boats between masturbation to anal play, it's a different kettle of fish. (Hence the phrase "re-wiring") This isn't a simple case of making orgasms through touching the dick - it's an inward mix of mind and body.
    2. Not much will. Certainly didn't for me starting off! The journey involves fine-tuning your senses to pick up on sensations. Initially it'll just feel like a thing up the ass, but with repeated use (the amount which varies between individuals) you'll start to be struck by brief waves of pleasure.
    3. That's fine starting off. Actually, for me, Super-T's (masturbation whilst using Aneros) partly helped to identify where the prostate was, and what it felt like. Just keep in mind that in the learning process, keeping the focus on the Aneros pushes you further — even if sessions are more likely to feel like nothing happens. Keep the roulette spinning.
    4. Sometimes, more because I have to do something mid-session. It perhaps works well for some because it takes some emphasis off of the session, that is, it feels more natural and a part of you.
    5. You're doing nothing wrong, other than potentially stressing that you aren't getting these amazing orgasms right off the bat. You will get dud sessions where nothing happens at all regardless of session length - but that's no big deal. Stick with the Aneros and maybe you'll get some amazing wave of pleasure next time — that's the big draw that kept me coming back.
    6. Sure. Addiction can be a problem, though. Great orgasms feel brilliant, but they aren't the only thing that'll bring you joy in life. Sometimes it can help to abstain from masturbation for a week or so, generally when(ever) your libido starts to build pressure.
    7. That's about right. Time it an hour when starting off on a stopwatch, because again, it can be easy to be distraught and upset that nothing happens. "Ten more minutes! Something HAS to happen with ten more minutes!" No. Forget that. Aneros is simply a side activity, not the key to Nirvana.
    Hope that helps!