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Where to start?
  • frenchiefrenchie
    Posts: 7
    Hey guys this is my first post to forums been looking for a little while on the forums and goggling on anal play after reading a bit it on the fleshlight forums and from orlandot94's input on the forums brought me here out of curiosity on what the aneros was a few attempts at perineum massage and fingers up the butt with a condom as odd as it may be i never experienced any pleasure according to the wiki. I would like to see what anal pleasure is all about so any ideas of how i can experience this pleasure and im not keen about fingers up the ass the whole fecal matter thing has me grossed out and suggestions would be greatly appreciated 
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    @frenchie, first step buy an Aneros. Start with say an SGX it is one of the most basic shapes, get used to the idea, get used to a lubricant that works for you, see if you need to douch the rectum first, see how you react, don't thry to make anything happen, have not expectation, just watch with interest.
    This is my cents worth.
    There are many great and pleasing side effects. It is a small investment that may last for years.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Welcome to the Aneros Forum!

    Might I suggest, even before you buy your first Aneros tool, that you check out the Aneros Wiki? The Wiki can probably be accessed most easily, by clicking on the word "Wiki" under the "KNOWLEDGE" category listed in the information panel at the bottom of this page.

    Having found the main page of the Wiki, go to the sidebar at the left of it and click on "Getting Started". I suggest you read that page to get an understanding of what this is all about. It contains some great tips on how to proceed. FWIW, I actually printed out this section of the Wiki so that I could dip into it any time, even when away from my computer.

    You might then be in a position to select an Aneros tool to start your journey but don't forget that there is a heap of useful information to be found in the other sections of it too.

    Have fun and keep us posted on your progress!
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    It takes time to develop sensitivity and be able to zero-in on the right feelings. When I started out, it was nothing like it is now. As isvara said, buy an aneros. One of the reasons I bought my first one was that my wrist was getting too tired. :)) Plus the general grossness of it all. My aneros sessions are pretty clean, I grab the base with some folded toilet paper when I'm taking it out, then wrap it up in some more. It's convenient if nothing else.

  • frenchiefrenchie
    Posts: 7
    so i guess there is no other way to start my journey then the aneros now the fun thing is gonna be to pick one out btw  pommie i have looked at the forum quite extensively 
  • frenchiefrenchie
    Posts: 7
    also thanks guys for the input really helps me out. now which aneros should i get 
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    First off welcome to this new community that your are embarking on. We here are men and women who love to achieve a orgasm in a different type of way. There is no judgement and no stupid questions here. 

    Now since you would like to experience anal play the first thing you should buy is a enema bag or fleet bottles. Google fleet and a few things will pop up. A clean butt is a safe butt. It will clean you out so the mess won't be on your fingers or your toy if you end up buying one eventually. Once your clean you should look at diagrams to see actually were the prostate is located. The prostate is what is going to give you that anal pleasure that I think you are searching for. Once you learn that with enough time and practice you will be were you want to be then you will be able to please your self in another way.  
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author