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First successful experience
  • MaensithMaensith
    Posts: 2
    Hey guys, first time poster here. I just wanted to share my recent progress.
    I ordered a Helix Syn after finding this site, lurking threads and digging through the wiki. Its probably been two months now and around 16 sessions. Initially I had tiny slivers of pleasure that alluded to a much greater experience, but I knew that its probably going to take time for it to start feeling awesome.

    Last night I had a little weed and watched a couple of movies. When the movie finished I decided to have a shower, then have a go with my Helix. The session a few days before this one had been pretty unsatisfying, so I didn't expect much to happen. Boy was I wrong.

    I lay down on my bed, put on some porn and inserted my Helix. I was lying on my back, legs apart, knees pointing out with my feet touching.
    I was doing nothing, just letting my body become acclimatised to the Syn. Plus the lube was cold (I really need to find a warmer place to store it) so I was waiting for my body to warm it up a bit.

    Pretty quickly I felt a warmth spread throughout that region. Then I felt something starting to build and eventually my prostate started buzzing. Which hadn't happened before but I had read about it on here so that excited me.
    I was actually worried for a few moments, I hadn't even started a baseline contraction and this feeling was only getting stronger. I pretty much rode this feeling until it started to subside. It was replaced by the uncomfortable feeling of friction, that means its time for a new coat of lube.

    After re-application of lube (just standard water based) I had difficulty re-inserting the Helix, my muscles just didnt want to let it in. This time I started a baseline contraction and was carried off on waves of pleasure. I was in heaven, I could feel my prostate buzzing/vibrating which traveled up and down the Helix and into my dick. My nipples were super sensitive and small rubbing movements sent lines of pleasure straight down to my prostate. The Helix felt like it was maneuvering itself a couple of times. When I made tiny anal contractions it felt like the head of the Syn was rubbing the sweet spot on my prostate, making me go a bit cross-eyed.

    This continued for an hour and a half with various highs, lows and a myriad of new sensations. I had to re-apply lube a few times, my arse just seemed to drink it. Where as normally I only apply once or twice and I'm good for 2 hours. In the end I was getting a little sore from expelling and re-inserting the Helix. Even though I tried to relax my muscles didnt want the Helix to leave or enter. So once I finally removed the Syn, I jerked off and had, probably a top 5 orgasm.

    Later that night and now the next day. I notice that I am very aware of my prostate. I feel a constant tingling, small movements and even just thinking or focusing on it, gives me small pleasure waves. Even as im typing this. Does this mean that my prostate is now awoken?

    Man that was a great experience and quite a few things to tick off the milestones page. All I want to do today is have another session.

    I wanted to share this because why not, and also motivation for other Aneros newfriends. I know I love to read others experiences to keep me excited.

  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 800
    @Maensith --- Congrats man! You're off to a great start! You'll likely get lots of feedback of all types! Just keep reading and following the pleasure! Don't over-think it and...just have fun!

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Clap Congratulations on your first Super-O Super-O-Joy You've certainly awoken your prostate in a big way!
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    might I suggest that you seek out a lubricant that lasts longer than the bog-standard water-based variety? Water-based lubes are notorious for the fact that they see not to last the distance.

    From my experience of almost exactly five years of Aneros use, I have found that pure unrefined shea butter is the best. (You would need to ensure that it is unrefined so that it contains no chemicals).

    I'm sure you will receive many other suggestions, so Good Luck!
  • gregorgregor
    Posts: 29
    I'm interested to hear that your experiences after just a few short months are pretty much where mine are now (after 2.5 years of steady work). Congrats, and best of luck in your upward trajectory. I expect great things for you.

    Next time, even after all that great stuff happens, do absolutely everything you can to REFRAIN from jerking off. I think that ending half my sessions with Super-Ts has been the biggest detriment to my progress. 

    Don't expect some great release from a Super-O: if they're small ones (like the ones you described), you'll never get it.
  • MaensithMaensith
    Posts: 2
    Thanks guys.

    Thanks for the tip. Due to living with others, I will probably just stick with water based lube, because its quick and easy. Then try shae butter and other things when I have more privacy.

    I was surprised, I expected it happening after a lot more... training? re-wiring? time, most certainly. I'm guessing the weed probably helped. Or because i'm relatively young, 25.

    Ok I'll definitely avoid jerking off after. I found with my previous sessions that if I didnt touch my dick, I felt sexually satisfied for the next couple of days, which was interesting.

    Thank god they were only small Super-O's, mini-O's right? I am now hungry for the earth-shattering, mind-blowing Super-O.