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Thong pt 2
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    So i wrote a blog a few weeks back about clothes and how things are my new obsession and how they help when i ride my beautiful toys. So right now I am riding my progasm ice with a new black thong on and it is making me feel so damn good. The string is forcing the progasm to go deeper inside my cunt and is bringing me so much pleasure. As I type I am reaching a mini o orgasm an i'm shaking and moaning so softly as each kegel thrust keeps the orgasm going. Oh i love this feeling. To have total contact with my prostate is the best feeling ever. I can fee it building up to a super right now and my soft dick is soaking my front thong with that clear love juice that flows effortlessly. ok I'm going to go enjoy more of this safe rides everyone and get your self a thong an see the different things it can do for you.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 876
    Now that sounds real hot, @BigOluver. Thank you for sharing all this with us. I can tell that you are in Aneros bliss right now.

    BTW, I had a great Aneros session earlier this morning. ;)

  • Noob71Noob71
    Posts: 22
    I believe BigOluver's onto something here...My helix syn is my least effective model (11months into my journey), up until today when i gave it a try with a tight thong - and a pair of black nylon stockings (makes me feel extra sexy).  As soon as i inserted the helix (standing position), i almost dropped to the floor with the pleasure waves that were washing over me.  Couple minutes later switched to lying face down on the bed to practice the breathing technique and off she went again, pulsing with pleasure making me moan softly as it worked me over, many mini dry o's for a few minutes then it subsides much to my dismay and relief (if that makes any sense..),  Not sure how much time passed, then it started again for a bit longer than the last time...i thought the big one was coming, but then it calmed once again and i could feel the wetness down there soaked thru the thong onto the sheet, simply amazing as the helix barely ever made me wet- i can hardly wait to try with my MGX and Progasm Ice.

    I do believe that expecting less from the experience does indeed enhance it and maybe being on day six of the 21 day challenge (not 'jacking the thread here- pun intended lol).  I'm still craving an ejac, but Canacan gave me some good advice on dealing with that, which seems to be making each session more intense day by day - big ups to Canacan - Thanks to all the veterans on the forum here for the advice and guidance on this ever-so-pleasurable journey (you know who you are)
    peace n pleasure to all and to all a good ride
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 732
    I guess the thong is doing the work some extra muscle tone would do in other cases.

    @Noob71 You are most welcome. I am happy this was of use to you.
    You are right, I think, in believing many "ingredients" contribute to your experience. I call it "preparation" (for a lack of a better word).

    @BigOluver No offense but, as I may have told you before, I myself find the use of the word "cunt" to refere to your anal hole to be both gross and offensive. I am also concerned this is the way most females might react. Could you please stop doing it publicly?
    I get it you love yours, so why not name it with respect instead of comparing it with what it's not? Might not be your intent, but this sounds as a shameful linguistic detour.
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    @Canacan i will try to refrain sorry if it offend you are any females that frequent this site.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 732
    It's okay... Just saying.
  • I have several thongs, feel sexy wearing one with my grey gym shorts, showing off my sexy butt. Great for holding progasm in when taking a  walk to
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    @muscleman65 yeah wearing them to the gym is fun. Love to find new hot places to buy from were do you buy your thongs from? Websites?
  • my best thongs are swim thongs from Pricey but had some to 10+ years