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First excellent session, need some advices please ?
  • TaoTao
    Posts: 2
    Hello my name's Tao, I've been practicing aneros since quite a few year, but I haven't had a super O yet.
    Because I'm not someone who's giving up easily, I'm still practicing occasionally. I've got a ksmo practice as well
    Last night as I woke up in middle of the night partly because of the 2 coffees I had on the previous afternoon or maybe because
    I was thinking of the girl I just met last night I felt really good and quite aroused.
    So I decided to pick up my helix ( I also have a prograsm ice, a mgx and an eupho syn) put some lube and started to relax with the aneros
    inside of me. I choosed the "lying on my side" position, even if I usually prefer to be on my back!
    I knew I was very relax and my breathing was pretty deep so I started to focus and that breathing in tune with some little contractions
    My focus was all on my prostate sensation instead of the tab perineum ones
    Then I started to feel really really good, and my breathe became shallow as long as my heatbeat accelerated.
    I felt at that moment a feeling of bliss that was pretty new to me so I didn't know what to do at that point.
    I didn't do anything special but keep on going what I was doing except that I intensified a little bit the contractions
    But the feeling slowy dissapeared and after a moment I decided to call it a day. After the session I noticed that a large drop
    of precum was leaking along my penis. This was a pretty special session for me, I had some very good feelings that were pretty
    new to me, I really felt that I was on the edge of something! If you guys that had walked this track before could give me
    any advices of what I should do at that very special moment in my journey I would be very pleased ???
    Thank you for reading

  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    The feeling of bliss is a good sign your prostate is warming up. I love the more acute sensations, orgasms, contractions, all that. But I REALLY love the blissful feeling I get. It's like I just downed some narcotics... but it's legal. It's a way better high, to me. Plus, I can generate this feeling Aneros-less almost at will. It really helps me get to sleep sometimes.

    My best advice is to... do nothing. Relax, enjoy, and do nothing. Very rarely have I ever "made" my Aneros do something. Sometimes I can intensify sensations with the right contractions, but it usually doesn't push my sessions forward. I've found I just have to let it come to me.

    Good luck!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,403

    From your description of what you were doing and feeling, I'd say you were doing everything just about right (not that there is really a wrong way, just less efficient/expedient ways). My only specific advice for you would be for you to monitor your breathing a bit more. When you notice your breathing becoming shallow, which often happens as excitement rises and the abdominal muscles start to tense up, consciously suggest to yourself to relax those muscles and return to the easy relaxed breathing pattern you were in before. This won't interfere with the bliss state you've entered and is likely to intensify it. When your body has had enough for one session it lets you know by quieting its responses, you are wise to heed that response and end your session because trying to push it further is likely a fruitless endeavor only leading to frustration. As @mdad noted, pushing/chasing sensations just doesn't work, you have to allow the sensations being generated by your body to come to you.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • TaoTao
    Posts: 2
    Thank you for your comments @mdad and @rumel !!
    I'm pretty happy to hear that I'm doing everthing right, especially from people like you that I know have been practicing for a long time !
    I had a good sessions today, not as good as the previous one, but still good, and once again I stopped it when I had enough.
    So next time, I'll try to monitor my breath as you tell me and let you know about my future sessions...
    Thanks again to both of you