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Using underwear to hold in device
  • ChiManChiMan
    Posts: 29
         I am fairly new to this I started with a Colt anal T but found that to be really hard to keep in. The Pulsations and vibrating seemed pretty intense.  

    But after reading that vibrators just may mask the real deal,I tried an aneros device it was much easier to keep in. During my experiments with the Anal T I had found that putting a tight fitting pair of underwear on during the session held it in and allowed much more freedom to explore. 

    I have carried the underwear holding method into my aneros sessions and there are also quite a few techniques I have developed in manipulating the device one of them is pulling up lightly on the back of the underwear just below the waist band this causes the handle to move up and down which causes the Aneros to move back and forth on the prostate you get the picture. I just may add  a vibrator back at some point but for now I find it better without

    I have a serious underwear fetish and have ever since I knew what sex was, so this may not work for everyone but it works great for me. Having a way of holding the aneros in place and not falling out at an inopportune time when you are moving into various positions in an erotic frenzy, and it causing frustration during a session, seems to be a win win as long as you are ok with wearing the underwear. I find Nylon material works the best for me.

    I am reaching new heights with the aneros device and found that vibrators can be more of a nuisance than helpful in finding the super O I have come close and have had many real mind bending wet Os with the non vibrating anal massaging device. It has also improved playtime later with my Wife which currently happens without the Aneros I only solo with it.

    I have also discovered the front door as Artform has described in his forum here is a link to another member of the forum describing his experience with this.

    I find it is a great ending to an aneros session for me. I do it a little while afterwords and it just keeps the wet MMOs cumming.

    My biggest problem is having private time to experiment with this stuff, I take it when I can get it.