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Chastity Experiment Started...
  • beegee6beegee6
    Posts: 28
    Hi all,
    The Aneros journey continues to be an amazing adventure.  The support of the community here is outstanding.  In the last couple months, a couple key posts and insights redirected my energy and opened some new experiences for me that I wanted to share.  
    1) "Relax, relax, relax" Posts:
    This is a central theme in many Aneros discussions.  For a long time, I thought that meant just deep breathing and meditating.  A couple folks posted recently the concept of bottoming out the pelvic floor muscles.  I started practicing this on top of the deep breathing and meditating and opened up doors I didn't realize were there.  It is very conscious relaxation.  For me, it is focusing on any tension in the pelvic area, rectum, or anus and just letting go of it.  I had no idea that I was still trying to "hold in" the Aneros device subconsciously.  Now I start every session with an enema and put down a towel to catch any lubricant leakage and no longer fear the Aneros popping out.  The only two devices that might pop out for me are the Progasm and the Junior.  When they do pop out it feels so amazingly wonderful I look forward to it.  For all the other devices (I don't own a Vice), the experience is incredible as the throbbing and buzzing starts so aggressively once the pelvic floor bottoms out.  
    2) Dildo/Prostate Stimulation Posts:
    Darwin recently posted about this and I have to agree.  After bottoming out my pelvic muscles, dildo stimulation has become wonderful adventure.  More to follow as this adventure continues.  
    3) "No Penis" Posts:
    So, my junk gets in the way.  No matter how much I focus on prostate or experiment with positions, my penis will steal the show when given the opportunity.
    4) Masturbating and Porn:
    Before Aneros, I was a "bored masturbater".   Often, I would masturbate not because I was aroused but because I was bored.  Aneros put my focus back on arousal, but recently I started getting back in the habit of bored masturbation.  
    One night a couple weeks ago, I had followed some porn categories down the rabbit hole of arousal and found some chastity sites.  I wasn't interesting in the popular applications of chastity (Femdom, cuckolding, etc.) but instead looked at it as a solution to a couple challenges I have with Aneros.  Arousal=great.  Penis=wrong focus.  Masturbation=changes chemicals/hormones and immediately decreases arousal and energy.  
    I know that I can make it three weeks without masturbating through self-discipline.  However, it is like playing Russian Roulette for me.  I read erotica or look at photos before a session and get aroused.  Then I have to be mentally strong enough to defeat the desire for release.
    A week ago, I made the investment in a chastity device.  I am my own key holder.  I wanted to give it a week before I posted so I could confirm that it was the right decision for me and so I could collect some initial impressions to share.  I'm not saying it is the right answer for anyone else.

    After a week, I can say this was the right decision for me.  It effectively took my penis out of the equation.  I can use the Aneros in any position without any penile stimulation or focus.  Additionally, it changes the arousal mechanics.  Completely.  I can look at porn, read erotica, and instead of the normal erection and twitching, the arousal and twitching is prostate-centered in a way it never has been before.  Basically, it helped me un-link my penis from my arousal.  I don't use any painful consequences like spike strips inside the device to create a negative feedback loop.  An caged erection is simply uncomfortable and unattainable.   

    I can release myself and masturbate any time I want.  However, I find that the lack of penile stimulation is incredibly helpful in maintaining discipline and increasing the pleasure and arousal my body is capable of demonstrating to me.  My energy levels are through the roof.  The Aneros and dildo sessions are fantastic.  I have no complaints.

    If anyone is interested or has experience with Chastity Devices please PM me.  This has been the biggest paradigm shift for me since I first started using Aneros.

    Good riding,


  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    PM'ed you i would love one of these...