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  • I just got my first Aneros the other day. I have tried it twice. I have gotten a little sensation and leaked a little pre cum but that's about it. I have not felt anything I would consider even close to an orgasm. Any suggestions or am I expecting too much too soon? 
  • PspotsquirterPspotsquirter
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    Search through previous forum threads, and glean some information; read some Rumel, and the No Penis thread by Cockadoodle.
  • rumelrumel
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    This is a copy of an early archived post (#10) from member 'Trojan' While these are not my words, his comments may be applicable to many new users learning about anal play in general and Aneros use specifically.
    "I've read many of the messages here. Many guys say they have trouble getting into a pleasure cycle while using the Aneros. "Nothing happens" and "very little happens" seem to be frequent comments here. My response to you is: You may be fighting the powerful male taboo against your ass being penetrated. This includes a fear of experiencing anal pleasure, also of being vulnerable and submissive, which may be connected to a little insecurity about your own masculinity. These taboos and fears are normal and you have to allow yourself to bypass them in order to experience the benefits of the Aneros. Stand naked in front of a mirror and look at yourself. You have a cock and balls, and with incredible pleasure you shoot cum. Feeling anal pleasure will not change those facts! You are male! You are a man! This is where insecurity about masculinity comes in. This is trash. Throw it out the window. You are a man! You have no need to question your masculinity, no matter what sexual thoughts, desires, or experiences you may have. And anyone else who questions your masculinity can go f*** himself! Experiencing anal pleasure will not change your gender or your sexual orientation. Anal pleasure is normal. You were born with lots of nerve endings in your anus, just like in your penis, scrotum, perineum, nipples, and other erogenous parts of your body. Go to any sex shop and you will see anal beads to be used by men or women, and many other sex toys specifically designed for people to use for anal stimulation. It doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, or bi, you have the same potential for anal pleasure, and it is normal to exploit it. If you, a man, want to insert a toy into your anus and get off on it, so what? If you are straight, playing with a toy up your ass while you imagine being f****d by a big dick does not make you gay. Feeling turned on by the sight of naked guys in a locker room does not make you gay. Jacking off with another guy does not make you gay. Guys freak out altogether too much over "I can't do or say anything that might make someone else think that I am gay or make someone else think that I have ever in my life had a thought that they might think indicates that I might possibly be gay!" Is that ridiculous, or what! You have no control over what others think. Your behavior will not control what they think. An action that seems perfectly straight to one person could seem perfectly gay to another person. You could be straight and be the "straightest-acting" man anyone ever saw, and someone could still think you were gay. And if you are gay, so what? Each man is an individual and none of us has to answer to anyone else regarding our sexual feelings or activities. So don't think of the Aneros or any other anal toy as a challenge to your masculinity! Remember the last time you dumped a big firm or hard turd? Didn't it feel fantastic coming out? Did you ever hear another guy say something like, "God, that felt good!" when he took a dump? The nerve endings are there, available to increase your sexual pleasure and arousal.
    USING THE ANEROS: Completely relax your anus (you won't have an accident, which can be another inhibiting fear). Using plenty of whatever lube you like (Albolene is great!), insert the Aneros into your anus as far as it will go. Put a small pad of folded tissue under the perineal portion of the Aneros. This will prevent slipping and uncomfortable skin-poking. Then lay back and relax your entire body as much as possible. Relax your anus completely. You will be tense if you are fighting anal penetration. Just lie still and do some relaxation breathing and/or brief meditation. If nothing else, at least slow your breathing way way down, taking deep, slow breaths. Keep your anus relaxed. I find it most relaxing to keep my knees bent, my legs open, and my feet flat on the bed. For me, the Aneros is most comfortable in this position. With your anus relaxed and the Aneros in place, soon you will notice some gentle involuntary contractions of the anus. Every contraction of the anus causes the Aneros to massage your prostate. So keep your anus relaxed and notice that with each involuntary contraction the narrow neck of the Aneros slides back and forth a little bit in your anus, which feels good. Remain relaxed and feel the pleasure of it in your anus. Maintain this relaxed state and before too long you may begin to feel kind of high from the relaxation and the gentle anal and prostate massage. Your pleasure may begin to build, and you may want to clamp down on the Aneros. Do so gently a few times, then completely relax your anus again for a few minutes. Practice with this. Try a few stronger contractions or clampdowns to see how they feel. Then relax your anus again. Soon you may start to feel pleasure in your penis, scrotum, and perineum. When you start to caress these areas, go slowly and gently. Lube everything up really well. You may find that to trace tiny circles on a spot with your fingertip, or to apply very short, gliding strokes with your fingertip to a sensitive spot can be extremely effective for giving yourself great pleasure. Explore and find your most sensitive spots. I discovered an incredibly pleasureable spot at the base of my scrotum where it joins the perineum, which gets me very excited and which I love to gently rub. The main thing is to remember that it is OK to have whatever pleasure your body will give you, that anal pleasure is normal, and to keep your anus relaxed. You will gradually (over several days or a couple of weeks) learn to pleasure yourself by applying firmer contractions to the Aneros, and perhaps to use it in a much more vigorous manner (read my previous message). Your anus may be a little sore at first from playing with the Aneros. This is normal. Lay off for a day or two, then resume activity. You will see that the Aneros will give you comfortable, pain-free, intense pleasure. I have extremely pleasurable prolonged masturbation sessions, huge mind-bending orgasms, and big powerful ejaculations using the Aneros. And remember: No one will ever know you have learned to appreciate anal and prostate stimulation unless you tell them yourself! It's none of their f****** business anyway! Sometimes I have a fantasy of laying down naked in a busy public square with my legs wide open and a toy up my ass and yelling, "Look, everybody! I'm a man! I'm a stud! And I get off on anal toys! So f****** what! Kiss my rosy ass!"
    Monday, August 26th 2002 - 05:54:01 PM
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  • Thanks guys. Looks like I have some reading to do. 
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
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    I just got my first Aneros the other day. I have tried it twice. I have gotten a little sensation and leaked a little pre cum but that's about it. I have not felt anything I would consider even close to an orgasm. Any suggestions or am I expecting too much too soon? 

    Welcome to a whole new world!