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  • hamptonbdsmhamptonbdsm
    Posts: 46
    I'm a hard gainer, had lots of good feelings but never a Super-O

    I was recently using my modified Helix.

    I was on my stomach which is my best position.  Lately I just relax and breathe deeply and steadily focusing on my stomach expanding and contracting.  As time goes by it seems like my stomach "drops" or "hangs" more as I relax.  As this happens I try to focus on letting my stomach or pelvis " hang" lower into the bed.  In this session I found that upon exhale, I would feel my stomach relax and slowly settle downwards.  If I REALLY tried to relax and tried real hard I would get another tenth of a percent relaxation at which point it felt like the Helix started to "flutter". That's the best word I can describe.  The fluttering was brief, maybe 2-3 seconds, very soft and mild, and would produce a mild form of pleasure but nothing crazy.  I continued trying to replicate this fluttering at the very bottom of each exhale.  Sometimes it was very hard as I wasn't able to relax that tiny last percent to allow for the fluttering to happen.  Eventually I got into a rhythm where I would exhale, the Helix would flutter for a few seconds, then I would repeat the process again.  Deep inhale, deep exhale, and maybe some fluttering.  I would say I was getting a flutter 50-70% of the time.  It almost feels like whatever muscle that causes the flutter is so weak that it can only cause the movement if everything is COMPLETELY relaxed.  

    The challenge is reaching that level of relaxation but moreso to be able to hold the exhale.  I almost feel that if I didn't have to breathe, I could just let my stomach settle and the fluttering would continue.  Eventually the fluttering was causing some pleasure to build.  It was building VERY VERY slowly.  It felt good and I could imagine it building into something unebelievably pleasurable.  But at the rate it was going I think it might have taken 4 hours or more to build to something really good.  I find that being in these extended states of pleasure that are increasing at almost imperceptible rates can be both hard to concentrate/relax through as well as a huge tease.


    1.  Is this fluttering involuntaries?

    2.  If so what can I do to prolong or enhance the exhale portion of my movement?

    3.  Would you consider the fluttering a strong sign of re-wiring?

    4.  How do you cope with the lingering pleasure pleasure and continue to relax?

  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 796
    1. IMHO yes, it's one type of involuntary muscle activity!

    2. As your prostate awakens, and your breathing and PC muscle activity become more rhythmic and relaxed, I've noticed increasing pleasure across my prostate.

    3. Yes, absolutely!

    4. The pleasure can build with PC muscle contractions. Gentle contractions or firmer contractions are what you want to experiment with to see what you feel!

    How long have you had your Aneros? You sound like you've been using one for quite a while!

    If you're sensing a buildup of pleasure, that's great! Yes, it may take time, but with frequent use, 3-4 times a week, and an average of about an hour at a time, the pleasure can build faster during your sessions!

    "Unbelievable pleasure" is a great way to describe what's waiting for you! It's truly something amazing the amount of sustained pleasure that can be had with time, patience and practice!

    My three hour session this morning was full of pleasure that would rise and fall, and rise again, over and over, and increase more and more!

    The buildup is part of the journey as you noticed, and appreciating each bit of pleasure is very productive for your journey! It all adds up, and your body and brain learn to enjoy it and the rewire process continues!

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,179
    I agree completely with TG.  
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    this fluttering of which you speak I've had for nigh on 2 years, i thought it was something good, i still have it to this day and get zero pleasure from it. Its all IMHO here, it could mean something it could mean nothing.

    Accept that it may just be nothing at all.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 796
    @hamptonbdsm --- Your body and mind are learning at their own pace! Your willingness to experiment and your open mind to being receptive to the sensations you get makes all the difference in the rewiring process! Keeping a positive focus and avoid chasing after anything can make a big difference in your success!

    There are a tremendous number of guys in the forums and in chat who can tell you their journey took time, a change of mindset and a willingness to allow something completely different than a traditional orgasm to arise from within themselves! The orgasms are real, and the ability to have prostate orgasms is unlike anything you've experienced, which is why it takes a different path that what you already know how to do!

    Enjoy what you experience and remember that even the smallest sensations can grow into much much bigger sensations!