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Male Multiple Orgasms - analogous to female multiple orgasms?
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    In much of the literature I have read about orgasms, I see the regularly repeated claim that male orgasms are in every way inferior to those of women?  I presume we are talking about wet orgasms.

    There seems little appreciation of the existence of male multiple orgasms, and even where there is, there seems to be an assumption that they cannot be as good as those of women, or not in any way analogous.

    As a gay man, I am not in a position to even attempt to answer these questions from personal experience, but have noted in my aneros journey (4 years now), that not only are my aneros sessions apparently taking on more female characteristics, but so too is sex.  I am not upset about that.

    Any thoughts on this? :)
  • PspotsquirterPspotsquirter
    Posts: 467
    This my opinion (I'm heterosexual). The admission and frank conversation, regarding men being able to orgasm like women, is the ultimate societal no- no. Perhaps it is bad for business. I believe that some men can experience orgasms, analogous to those of highly orgasmic women. I have the male equivalent of female ejaculation (consistently with and without direct prostate stimulation). When a man is having a good session (during, pre, or post), is he not trembling, shaking, etc, like some highly orgasmic women?

    The male orgasm is being deemed inferior to the female orgasm, because of its false definition. That definition being, a male orgasm ONLY ORIGINATES IN THE TESTICLES. I beg to differ, as I'm sure a majority of people on this forum will, as well. I was multi-orgasmic before I started using Aneros, but not in the way I am since re-wiring. Re-wiring has changed the way I experience, define, and look at my orgasms. A man that is on the proper path, can experience orgasms like a highly orgasmic woman.
  • EhmEhm
    Posts: 245
    Why has anal been sinful in so many religions?
    I think if men realised they could cum like women nothing would make sense anymore.
    Like in Sex at Dawn, restrict the availabilty of sex and it becomes more valuable. This of course can only work if men only know one side of themselves. Having a male and a female side allows a certain selfreliance, something the puppetmasters don't like
  • devajonesdevajones
    Posts: 170
    Honestly I think the reason that most information focuses on a woman having better orgasms is not because we do, it more about society and its influences.  Women have for most of history have been looked at as highly sensual, erotic, and even sexual creatures.  Even now...when you look at anything (music videos, movies, tv etc) who is the first to be naked or near naked....the woman.  Her body is focused on more from artwork all the way to porn.  I think it is just one of the many misconceptions that are out there.

    However with that being said, are women able to have better orgasms than men...some are.  What I mean is...I feel that men who have no clue or no interest in prostate orgasm (most men dont have a clue or interest in prostate orgasms in my experience) are not experiencing the fullness of orgasm.  So yes in that case I (being a woman) am very capable of having better orgasms than him.  There is a catch 22 there though.  Most women DO NOT have great orgasms with men.  So many women have NEVER had a gspot orgasm, and there are times we dont even get to have a clitoral orgasm during sex.  Yes we fake them with men all the time (i'm guilty...i wanted him off me ASAP), sometimes men are too goal oriented, rush, not really tuning in on what that particular woman wants/needs to get off (we are all different....) etc...and we just never get there.  I read somewhere that often times by the time a man has had an ejaculatory orgasm, the woman is just getting warmed up...I know thats happened to me MORE than a few times.  So in those cases when women are not even experiencing all of their orgasm potential I feel that the man is getting the better end of the deal.

    Now the ideal situation would be a woman that is meeting if not exceeding her orgasm potential (having clitoral, gspot, and anal orgasms), and a man who is meeting or exceeding his having every kind of orgasm there is for him to have.  I think then the orgasm potential plus the energy created evens the two out and neither person is experiencing more than the other.  They are both in complete bliss....and on equal playing fields.
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    I have done a LOT of reading about orgasms lately (thanks Aneros), and my opinion is that the multiple-orgasms we get from Aneros are 100% analagous to female multiple orgasms and g-spot orgasms.

    When I read about g-spot orgasms, I read the descriptions "floating, light headed, stomach jumping, spreading out of warmth throughout body, building slower, radiating down legs, spreading through entire pelvic region, full bodied, lasting 30+ seconds, less focused but more general and spread out, emotional, eyes roll back" I can keep going on and on. And without a doubt, I have had EVERY SINGLE ONE of these with my Aneros orgasms. Every one. At some point, it becomes obvious that our bodies work more similar than different. 

    And when I get dry orgasms, I get peaks that are sometimes too intense, just like my wife. They drop off and come back, sometimes going higher and higher, just like my wife. They (and ejaculatory orgasms) are focused more on the outside, rather than full bodied, just like my wife describes clitoral orgasms. The orgasms are the same. It's the EJACULATION that kills it; Remove the ejaculation, and the male penile orgasm can go on and on just like female clitoral orgasms. But note that most women describe their clitoral orgasm as 5-10 seconds, just like men. As @devajones said, there is a fantasy about how women experience orgasms, and it is fed by popular culture and porn. I've seen plenty of women have orgasms that were quiet, serene, quick, and not dramatic; culture has made women incredibly vocal, and with all the faking out there, I don't think men have any idea what a real female orgasm is like these days.

    Orgasmic potential is the same in both sexes. My only regret is that I can't have these amazing experiences during sex like my wife can, but so far can only have them alone with my Aneros. But that's a small price to pay. I understand my wife's orgasms far better now, and I feel closer to her for it.
  • devajonesdevajones
    Posts: 170
    @mdad You are completely right, for me clitoral orgasms are analogous to men's ejaculatory orgasms.  I feel like i'm wiped out afterwards. it doesnt last long, i want to go to sleep.  Where as the gspot orgasms are analogous to a man's prostate orgasm with the descriptors you provided above (I wont retype them you did a better job than I could have anyway lol).  Oh and I hate all the freaking SCREAMING women do. That is SO least for me.  If i'm having a gspot orgasm...really i'm not able to do all of breaks my focus from the actual orgasm.  This is why when I find men who watch a lot of porn I can you watch that???? Its fake...they always say what do you mean...I say you know that woman is NOT really having that good of a time right??? So yes...most men have NO clue when a woman is having a true orgasm...thats why it was so easy for me to fake them in the past.

    I'm sure you will get there as far as having prostate orgasms with your wife during sex.  There are guys here who after practicing a while are able to do it.  Think of how fun that will be for the two of you.  I know I cant WAIT for that to happen with me and my hubby!
  • ThrusterThruster
    Posts: 52
    @mdad - You're closer than you might think.  I agree with deva -- women do seem to prefer the extended gradual approach with more attention paid to the G-spot and general massage and kissing, not isolated clitoral stimulation.  Learn edging while having intercourse -- be gentle and sensitive, and just slow down when you feel yourself getting too close to the point of no return, and simply pull out and switch to fingers if you feel you're still too close, then resume penetration once you've calmed down a little.  Ride the plateau without getting too close to the edge.  Your Aneros sessions have already strengthened your PC musculature enough for this exercise to work predictably.  The longer you edge during intercourse, the easier it will be for you to venture closer to the edge without falling over it, which in turn brings you closer to prostatic orgasm without triggering ejaculation.  Such a session might go on for an hour or more, and don't worry, if you do this, rest assured that she's not bored even if she seems quiet on the outside.  Eventually, the energizing extended prostate orgasms will come and your body will prefer those over the depleting short-lived spasmodic ejaculatory orgasms, and you'll be able to keep the latter at bay with just a few easy contractions when needed.  Consider such sessions with your wife a success even if you don't super-o in them.  Again, focus on her, and don't worry about achieving anything yourself except the avoidance of spasmodic ejaculations.

    Obviously, such sessions with your wife would not make good porn.  This also explains why some of the more refined connoisseurs on this forum shun porn (or at least ignore it).

    By the way, although intercourse with an Aneros inserted might assist or just be fun sometimes, I don't think it's necessary, so I don't bother with it.  I just practice with Aneros when on my own, and I find it's a bit of a distraction when I'm with my wife, because then most of my focus is on her anyway (as I believe it should be).

    Just an afterthought -- I'm not being prescriptive here, just describing what has worked for me.  I'm all for variations, and I fully understand that everyone is different and will need to customize things accordingly.