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First time today. how do you keep your hands off
  • texx4u2texx4u2
    Posts: 1
    I finally bought the MGX i couldn't resist found it on clearance for $30. Used it today what a fantastic feeling but 40 minutes in I couldn't stop myself I started touching my cock just to the point of orgasm. Stopped twice even came a little. I actually ate it The first time I've ever done that. Then I couldn't resist at all I stroked to a wild writhing orgasm like none before. So how do you go hours without touching your cock?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    texx4u2 said:

    ...I couldn't resist at all I stroked to a wild writhing orgasm like none before. So how do you go hours without touching your cock?

    Self discipline, will power, the ability to say "NO" to yourself and mean it. When the penile stimulation method to ejaculatory orgasmic pleasure is the only pathway you've known it is difficult to resist following that path. Prostate massage provides an entirely new sensory pathway to orgasmic pleasures but you have to be willing to learn the techniques that will get you there. You've already taken the first major steps in that journey by purchasing an excellent model for learning, you've overcome the taboo of sticking something up your bum for pleasure purposes and you've come to the right place (this Forum) to learn the rest.
    Welcome to the Aneros Forums...please, first read through the introductory conversation I sent you to get you started here, it contains some additional hints, tips and links to valuable information resources available to you here.

    Second, Please read 'cockadoodle’s thread Penis, NOT, 'rook's thread Whole Body/Whole Mind - the mental side & "zoneros" for a little insight.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 805
    @texx4u2 --- The Aneros "journey" includes learning how to make the transition from penile stimulation to acceptance of prostate stimulation!

    It takes practice, but it is OHHH so worth it!

    That same energy that got you so excited that you had to pound one out...can be redirected into outrageous prostate stimulation that is amazing, and can last more than just a few seconds!

    After many of my prostate orgasms, I'll have aftershocks that last many hours afterwards! Now that's what I call an orgasm!

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Its going to take a lot of practice. But lucky you! You felt good feelings on your first go! Lots of blokes dont get that so well done. Everything they guys above has said above is true and dont skimp on the reading. You need it to learn what your doing. @rumel knows what he is on about, trust me. He guided me all the way throw my journey to super Os. Never give up.
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    When all ese fails tie your hands together. lol But seriously it does take time and patience. But when embarking on this Aneros journey there will be things and times that will be taking you out of your normal routine. You have to be up for it. Just let your peostate tal to you and listen to it. it won't stir you wrong. Good Luck.
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    Don't touch your penis! If you always end your sessions in ejaculation, you'll never be able to separate the two and you won't reach dry orgasms. Just do a session, and leave frustrated, if you have to. Your sessions will build over time and get better. It's hard, but it's a must. Once you get over the temptation, ignoring it will be easier. And the fact that your penis feels so good from your session that you can't leave it alone is a GOOD sign that you're going to have success with your Aneros. Just focus your pleasure onto your prostate as much as possible, and resist the urge to clench or ejaculate as much as possible. With luck, you'll reach dry orgasms and prostate orgasms quickly.