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The Powerful Orgasm Movement
  • krissivekrissive
    Posts: 45
    A really interesting article in The Atlantic here:

    I think it may have applications here for men!
  • dmiketdmiket
    Posts: 33
    That's an interesting read.
    I certainly concur that what OM is doing and what we anerosers are doing is related.
    All searching for the greater consciousness, the sense of connectedness that orgasmic awareness brings out in us.
    Plus, it feels sooo good!
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 574
    I agree as well..
  • gregorgregor
    Posts: 28
    I encountered stories about this a while back and was very intrigued by the orgasmic experiences described. Wanted to share all the info with my wife, who has lots of body shame issues.

    I held off because ultimately I can't make heads or tails of the OneTaste business. There are many on the web who claim it's a cult. I myself am suspicious of monetizing sex to the degree that a "course" would cost $15,000! I've further heard that they hard sell the "man courses" to wealthy individuals and scale down costs for young, attractive women.