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my first super o
  • jaytoljaytol
    Posts: 2
    i have been using my helix for a week or two haven't had a great deal of success, a few pleasant feelings but nothing much, it has been a few days since i have used it but last night i got high and my whole body engaged and i had super o's one after another over and over it was brilliant even though i didn't have my helix in i have never felt anything like it. it was amazing! 
  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    I have found the same exact experiences to be true. A little pot and it's off to the races. Without it, I guess I don't relax enough. I still get p-waves and an occasional dry-O, but nothing extraordinary.
    Pot works wonders for me although I know others feel just the opposite.

    Another reason for medical marijuana.
  • AkiraAkira
    Posts: 33
    I should try some to then...
    On the other hand, pot makes me so sleepy. I fall asleep during sessions some times, with pot it will probably make it even worse...

    But good for you jaytol!!!
  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    You might fall asleep, but hopefully after a few good o's.
  • tairytairy
    Posts: 51
    Have you guys noticed a difference between edible weed and smoking it as far as having sessions goes?

    I've smoked it before sessions several times and it definitely increases my sensations and heightens my ability to relax. I've yet to have a Super O, with or without weed, but I feel like I have more breakthroughs and get closer when under the influence.

    I have not had the pleasure of combining the Aneros with edibles yet but I hope to do so soon.

    Anyway, just curious to hear opinions here.
  • @tairy

    Weed smoking is cool and all, but what is the reasoning of being high during a session? Being high, during a session, is more than likely going to be a detriment, to your long term progress. JMO
  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    I am not advocating taking illegal substances. That is a personal decision. Marijuana causes one to relax and become very introspective. One's awareness of their internal body is definitely heightened.

    I find the I can focus easily on sensations of the aneros against my prostate and as a result orgasmic response is assured.

    I see no reason that edibles would not provide the same result. They do take a few hours to kick in as opposed to smoking. If one doesn't wish to smoke, there are alternatives such as vaporizing which deliver all the active ingredients without the accompanying tars or other possible carcinogens.

    I am no pot head by any means, in fact people would be surprised to know I even partake at my age. I just find it to be the way to guarantee a successful aneros experience. I never fail to have orgasms when I use pot, but mostly have dud sessions without. Sometimes, just smoking a tiny bit now will send me into aneroless pleasures.

    It works for me, and I would like to know how others feel about this subject.
  • devajonesdevajones
    Posts: 170

     @Gilman so are you saying you are not able to use your brain (which is quite powerful) to get there....or you are just taking the easy way out??? Or what?  I just wonder if you are training your mindset and body to react because of the weed...then when you dont have it on comes the dud sessions. 

  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    I am offering it merely as a suggestion to those who complain that they are unable to get results after repeated attempts. Depending on one's attitude towards marijuana, it could be considered a crutch. I personally feel it to be a natural way to induce a state of mind that is internally focused and more able to recognize internal bodily sensations. I can get there without using pot but do require more time and concentration.

    So often posters are focused on external things such as what position, which model, what lube, what type of contractions, etc. I don't believe much of that matters anywhere near as much as what is between your ears. Relaxing and turning inward are the key as far as I am concerned. Whatever one needs to do, deep breathing, meditation, soft music, to get in touch with what is going on inside is the critical factor. In our world we face so many distractions that the simple ability to tune into our own bodies is lost.

    For me a little pot puts me mentally in the right spot and super o's follow. Is it the easy way? yes. Is it wrong? Well, this certainly isn't the forum to be judgmental.