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Coconut oil as a lubricant
  • didymusdidymus
    Posts: 101
    After experiencing my previous lubricant of choice (Maxximus) as drying up on my Syn after an hour or so (it does not dry up on the regular Helix) and making the Syn hard to remove, last night I experimented with pure, organic coconut oil (sold at Costco) as both a pre lubricant and to coat the Syn.  I found it worked perfectly well and after leaving the Syn in half the night, when it came time to remove it, it came out far more easily and the Syn was still coated with a thin layer of the coconut oil. The cost of coconut oil makes it far more economical than any of the other commercial lubricants and has hundreds of other good uses.
    Because the oil is food grade and without additives I think it is far safer to use than lubricants with glycol and other additives.
    I would like to hear any other thoughts or experiences.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,162
    I havent tried it, but I agree its probably a very good choice!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,395
    didymus said:

    I would like to hear any other thoughts or experiences.

    There has been a continuing discussion on the Forum about lubrication types and issues. Next to discussions about the Super-O, lubrication is probably the next most discussed topic. I recommend you first read the Lubrication paragraph in the Getting Started chapter of the Aneros WIKI and then read through the Bestlube..., Need Help with lube choice, coconut oil, Coconut Oil and Unrefined shea butter..., threads for additional information and insight into this topic.

    Most commercially prepared personal lubricants contain glycerine which has laxative effects and depending on the sensitivity of the individual, may cause the dreaded "urge to purge" syndrome cutting short one's Anerosession. However, other individuals seem to be unaffected by the small amounts of glycerine in these lubricants. In any event, glycerine (whether naturally or synthetically derived) is but one of many chemical constituents in these lubes.

    As far as I know there have been no long term studies of the health effects of commercially prepared or natural personal lubricants. Because of the frequency and duration of Anerosessions the use of commercial personal lubricants has become a subject of concern for a number of Forum members due to the repeated exposure to the chemical constituents contained in these products and their long term health effects. Many members have chosen to seek out more natural lubricants in hopes of ameliorating any long term negative effects.

    There are many choices for natural lubrication, it is more a matter of personal preference which particular lube you choose to use. Olive, coconut, walnut and almond oils are all popular alternative natural lube choices, shea butter is another popular natural lubricant. These natural lubricants do not contain glycerin. The rectal wall is a highly permeable membrane, easily absorbing water and the chemicals therein. While natural oil lubes do get absorbed like water based lubes, the absorption rate is slower and as the viscosity of the oil increases, the absorption rate decreases. Hence lighter weight (low viscosity) oils like grape seed and olive oil will be more readily absorbed and disperse more rapidly than heavier oils (higher viscosity) like almond oil or canola oil.

    Personally, I am concerned about the uptake of the various chemicals in commercial 'personal lubricants'. Since I've developed a sensitivity to the glycerin found in many of the commercial lubricants, I've switched to using the 'Natural Jelly' formulation. This compound is safe for use with both the plastic and silicone Aneros models. I've also found a 50% almond oil - 50% shea butter lube effective as well.
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  • HeizenHeizen
    Posts: 50
    I use a combination of coconut oil and Swiss Navy Lube which is all natural, water based, glycerin and paraban free.  Works great for me.  When the coconut is in a solid state, I put some in with a finger, and use an injector for the lube. I coat whichever device I am using with coconut oil also.
  • HellyesHellyes
    Posts: 32
    I am a big fan of both shea butter and coconut oil. I have use shea butter for two years. Lately I have used coconut oil exclusively with very positive results.  Long lasting and easy to insert.  Just keep it in the fridge prior to insertion.

    Shea is a bit thicker and does not provide as much movement compared to the coconut oil.  Plus coconut oil smells great and it is easy to find.  The one drawback is that it tends to leak out while shea butter does not since it is so light weight.  It lasts for a long time so have to be careful when you are done and expel it or protect against leakage.  

  • AsoloAsolo
    Posts: 17
    I use coconut oil as well as lubricant. I have tried with just coconut oil as well as just lubricant and I have found that coconut oil really lasts, but does not have the easy glide that a good lube has. That glide makes it hard to pinpoint a spot, but it feels a lot better when you brush against it in my opinion. I pre-lube with coconut oil before insertion, then lube up the aneros itself.

    I also use coconut oil regularly on my penis and testicles. It moisturizes, makes it shine and is generally healthy. I have also been told it is kind of a nice taste.
  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    I use both sweet almond massage oil and coconut oil.  I lub my devices with sweet almond oil and lub my rectum with coconut oil.  I find it ieasy to insert as a pessary while it is solid but it soon melts to a very slippery lub
  • didymusdidymus
    Posts: 101
    I have found an easy way to make coconut oil suppositories (plugs) for prelubricating.   Using an emptied chapstick or similar container, fill it with barely melted coconut oil (I use a microwave on a low setting). 

    Then immediately put it in the freezer for a short while and when you need it simply take it out of the chapstick by turning the wheel on the bottom of the container.  I round the top edge by rubbing my fingers on and it makes it really easy to insert even if the rest of it is still frozen

    (Note: I found some containers leak slightly from the bottom which is why I use barely melted oil and then put it the freezer - if you put the empty chapstick container for a while before you fill it the melted coconut oil will immediately firm up)
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,162
    I used coconut oil for the first time yesterday and was thoroughly impressed!!!  I have only used it once but I dare say its better then shea butter and EVOO.  My eupho syn took off immediately giving me sensations I had never felt before.  Though I was surprised to find that there was little lube left when I was done, not sure where it went, leaked out or was absorbed?, but there wasnt hardly anything left when the session was over.  Usually when I'm done with a session after using shea butter there is alot of liquid that comes out.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 868
    I tried it last night. It does not seem to last all night like Shea Butter or Natural Jelly mix, I am not sure where it went. I will continue with it for a while. It is probably a good idea to rotate the lubes occasionally. A slow rotation of three is probably good.
    Edit: I think the problem was that on removing the Aneros the coconut oil does not adhere to the white plastic and so it does not lubricate and feels dry.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,162
    @isvara, yeah i noticed that the lube disappeared too!  I'm not sure where it went either lol.
  • devajonesdevajones
    Posts: 157
    @isvara @ineverknew Just a quick note from someone who has been using coconut oil for over a decade.  It does absorb readily into your body (internal or external) as its molecular structure is so very tiny in comparison to other oils such as shea butter (i've used that for over a decade as well). So when molecular chains are longer they take a while to "disappear" where as short small molecules are absorbed into the body a lot faster.  This also attests to why coconut oil is not as thick as shea butter.  So yes it works as a lube, however long term you will either have to apply more, or end the session which ever you choose.
  • didymusdidymus
    Posts: 101
    @devajones thanks for this useful information. I have found an easy way to make coconut oil suppositories and find I need two of them whereas I only need one of the Shea butter. I still prefer the coconut oil as I am sure of its purity
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 868
    @devajones, again thank you. I have just reread ockham's razor on coconut oil and although it is much criticized its it actually very beneficial. So I don't mind it being absorbed.