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My Evi is---Too Big?
  • Ria
    Posts: 1
    My boyfriend bought me an Evi since he loves (and is so successful with) his prostate massager. However, I'm having trouble with this little mama...! I've used plenty of lube, but no matter how hard I try, push, manuever---the handle isnt close enough to touch my clitoral area, much less nestle against it! It's fingers widths away--like the "neck" of the handle is too long. Or is my vaginal canal too short? I've had a hysterectomy, but that shouldn't shorten my canal.....Does the Evi come in sizes?       Is there anything I can do to fix this, other than smushing it down in place--which negates the whole "hands-free" concept? I tried to bend the neck slightly to ensure some contact, but it just goes back into it's preformed shape. So, what to do? Am I deformed? Have other women written with this problem? It's hard to imagine a one-size-fits-all for this product!       I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you can offer.....Ria
  • techpump
    Posts: 25
    Your canal should move it back and forth as your vagina contracts as it is getting pleasured, maybe as you feel the sensations it will pull the Evi in further and get your clit some contact?  Are you excited, like fully excited ready to go, before you put it in?  More excitement=lengthening of the canal
  • Have no idea but will see what the Aneros lady rep has to say, she maybe able to get some answers from someone there. 
    Attention @Anerosx2 Are you able to help with this question above? 
  • Heizen
    Posts: 25
    My wife said the same thing....its too big for her. She had a hysterectomy also and her only birth was done by c-section. She still has a tight fit and not streched out by child birth. My lady also has very strong kagels muscles so maybe there isn't enough room in there for the Evi. She hasn't used it at all since the first couple of tries. Perhaps they need a smaller model for the more petite vaginas. ,
  • isvara
    Posts: 572
    My wife also said the same thing, it's too big.
  • norm348
    Posts: 10
    Help them out.
  • norm348
    Posts: 10
    Sorry but the main part of my comment did not post. Come on our friends at Aneros help the ladies out. Instinctively it makes sense to me that one size wouldn't fit all ladies. Our prostate massages come in different sizes and shapes because we different and have different preferences.
  • Heizen
    Posts: 25
    Different sizes for the ladies...I'll drink to that. (Of course I will drink to most anything)
  • nurselady
    Posts: 77
    Hello. I too have felt the arm of Evi was a bit too small. Like in males with Aneros I'm sure one size doesn't fit all. Being aroused helps. You may change your position too. I found that was a help. In regard to vaginal size that has not been an issue for me. When I visit my physician he still uses a pediatric speculum-this after four children. Perhaps using more lube or a different type may help?