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Almost there... or maybe I am already there.
  • Hello everyone,

    I'm a 33 year old male, I'm new to the forum, not new to prostate stimulation though. A year ago I started using Aneros and man, did it change my life once I got to understand the way it works. This forum has helped a ton in actually using in properly. Plus, I am gay amd versatile in sex, and there's definitely a before and after the re-wiring... now I know how to properly enjoy anal sex with a partner too, how to breathe in order to enhance it all and make it more and more pleasurable... and it makes a total difference.

    I wanted to write in the forum not only to thank you all for sharing your experiences, but to also express my delight in having become aware of my body at this level (luckily enough, there's a few friends I can talk about this in my life, it really is something you can't keep to yourself, we all know that ;))

    Also, as happy and excited I am still after a year, I think I'm still on the journey to the Super O. I'd like to share my experience briefly, and see if anyone can give me a tip or two, maybe just reading that I just have to keep going would be enough... it's hard, when you don't exactly know where your destination is or what it actually feels like... 

    My current sessions usually go like this: I first lay down on my back, legs bent, feet close to my butt, I start breathing and relaxing and playing some porn to start getting aroused. Every now and then I also like to have a joint, I definitely feel it enhances sensitivity down there too, plus helps in emptying the mind and concentrating on what I'm feeling and seeing). I have the Aneros close by, so I keep looking at it and even mentally talking to it (soon you'll be there my friend, I want to feel you inside... I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I like kind of humanizing the Aneros a bit) and shortly after, I insert it and start deeply breathing, holding contractio  and going a little bit stronger with every inspiration, letting the contraction go and releasing air slowly... it's especially in the release that I feel the involuntaries start kicking in. The more I keep going like this, the more I can hold the involuntaries and the "brighter/hotter/colder things get down in my perineum and rectum. I also introduce some body caressing, especially nipple stimulation, and yeah, I definitely feel "that connection" with them and my prostate.

    And here comes my doubt. Reading some tips in this forum, I came across the idea of stretching legs slowly and keep spreading that tension until my whole body is in tune with the Aneros. At the same time, I start a strong contraction, making sure the Aneros is well in touch with perineum and prostate... and this is where I think I'm not walking but running a bit clumsy on the road to the super O: My body starts shaking, sometimes very violently, and I often lose my anal buzz for some muscle shaking... the pleasure doesn't seem to be spreading along, the shaking is nice but it's so tiresome and i eventually stop because I'm too tired. Sometimes I've experienced that out of control feeling... but as I aid, the shaking is too violent and it kind of kills the buzz in a short while. Am I giving in too much? Am I forcing the shaking too much? :S I must add I try to never ever touch my penis while doing that... I've read somewhere that sometimes your brain needs some reminder... this is pleasure, that in your ass is also pleasure, and I try slight stimulation of the penis, but I'm afraid it will also kill the buzz...

    Lately, I started reading this forum again and found that I'm actually missing the point where the involuntaries, mild shakes and anal pleasure get really strong in a synchronic fashion to the point that takes you to the threshold of the orgasm... The Super O is right around the corner, i know, but am I doing it right to let it in?

    In my case, once I feel my whole area is properly stimulated, shaking etc, usually after 40 min or so, I feel the impulse of start stretching my legs and body fast and I think I am unconsciously doing what you're not supposed to do of all things with the super O: forcing it to happen. But what if I don't force it a bit? Will it ever happen? (my mind is still thinking that). The breathing is also a tricky thing for me: I start very slowly, but when things get heated up, it's so easy for me to lose focus on the breathing, I start thinking "should I be breathing faster?" "Should I breathe deeper?"... that very thought often kills the ride as well, although I'm starting to manage better... I guess when the involuntaries come, it's had to try and synchronize my breathing to that fast and often irregular pushing and pulling, and my mind often gets lost.

    I know I am going in the right direction, but I'm starting to think I should be able to make the previous state to the super O last longer... sometimes I can be a little impatient :P It would be so nice to read some thoughts on that :-)

    Again I'm glad to be able to share this experience here, and to read all the wonderful and enlightening experiences shared here. Hope my experience helps someone reading this as well... it's well worth it,, most of us here know that ;-)

    Thank you for all your help and happy orgasming! :-)

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,173
    @mitsu1980, welcome!  As far as the leg shaking, a couple of things......maybe try another position, laying on your side in a sorta fetal position, this may help, or try laying your legs flat on the bed but spread apart a little.  Some people also put a pillow under their butt to raise it up so the tail of the device isnt getting caught on the bedding.  I myself dont shake too much at all, but when I'm in the position your speaking of my legs shake like crazy and its not pleaureable for me, so I try not to lay like that too much.  Also as time goes on you may be able to relax enough that the shaking isnt soo bad, at least that happened to me.

    I've heard others speak to their aneros device, I'm sure there is nothing wrong with that and probably makes it kinda sexy, I just wouldnt take it out to dinner afterwards 

    As for the rest of your concerns, it sounds like your overthinking too much.  Relax and surrender to the device and let it take control, think to yourself this little piece of plastic knows what its doing and just let it happen.  I'm not saying you shouldnt help it along, but just dont worry too much about procedures, breathing, contractions and such soo much.  With time and patience things will click.

    Good luck! 
  • Taff1Taff1
    Posts: 8
    Rather than thinking the aneros knows what to do, I tell myself that my body knows what to do with it, and that nothing will happen that my body doesn't want. I also tell myself to accept everything and expect nothing, I even say this out loud over and over, this has really helped me enjoy every second of the here and now and I've found myself going into the most incredibly super Os this way
  • @ineverknew thank you for your tips. Yes, as I wrote this post and reread it, I noticed how much I am overthinking... it really was helpful to write it all down and read... I'll try that approach and of course I'll share any remarkable progress I make. T

    Thank you @Taff1 Loving your approach too. I can tell there's definitely good points there that would work for me too.