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Peridise is my next mission
  • Having spent on and off the last 6-7 years on my aneros journey I have taken the plunge and ordered a peridise set, hopefully be able to report good things in the near future.
    Has been pretty much an unproductive journey so far and have spent a considerable amount of time and money with my mgx, helix, Maximus and progasm and hopefully get somewhere with the peridise.
    Any advice on starting to use the peridise would be great.
    Here's hoping for productive times ahead, thanks
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    I am about to order one as well they're on sale for $21 at amazon. Also you may want to resort to the aneros wiki at the top of the page on the left for advice. Personally, i find that trying to push the aneros out using my abs as opposed to my sphincter goes a long way in activating the peristalsis mechanism.

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Just follow the instructions given by HIH for the use of these tools and you should be right as rain!

    FWIW, I had some quite long sessions with the two larger models before proceeding the the third one. Many of these sessions lasted pretty well through the night, (sleeping with the tool on board), and I'm convinced that it was this that kicked me along the road to rewiring. Mind you, I did suffer from Haemorrhoids so I was using the toll for relief of them, so that was my justification for long sessions.

    When to move on to the more advanced (smaller) models will be a matter of your judgment but I wouldn't rush it.

    Good Luck and have fun!
  • Seems we share the same mission :)

    I purchased my first MGX back in 2003.  Since then, I’ve acquired an SGX, a Eupho and a Helix.  Having yet to achieve any of the milestones listed in the wiki, I decided to try a new form factor…the Peridise.  I picked up the 2-pack from my local shop, yesterday.  Like all of my other purchases, they came with Aneros’ trademark “razorblade” casting seams…so I’ll have to wait until they are sanded safe, before using.  I plan on trying one out this weekend, so I’ll report back to you.  In the meantime, please keep us updated on your progress J

  • Peridise arrived, bath time for me
  • @Pommie - Hey, so you really think having an all nighter with your peredise helped in your rewiring? Thinking of that myself but was leaning toward doing so with the helix.
  • I have had many an all nighter with my helix and Maximus and all I get is awakening about 2hour intervals and am annoying numbness from the p tab. Had an all night session last night and nothing.
    Just had my first quick session with peridise and must say that inserted whilst bath running and sat on toilet, nice feelings resonating in my anus and a semi erection within seconds. Got in the bath and it all stopped.
    Right no more aneros in the bath as it clearly after 7 years of trying, doesn't work.
    Nice chill for an hour now and off to bed, might just try an all nighter with peridise.
    One observation was that the lack of p tab was IMO great and enhanced the feelings within the anus as no distracting p tab.
    Hopefully next session will be better.
  • @padbound - Yeah, I tried it in the tub twice and didn't really notice anything at all... Now have you tried a lot overnight or just those times you mentioned?
  • Overnight probably 20 ish times and nothing, just annoying to the point where I just remove and go back to sleep.
    Tried a sleepover with the peridise last night, same thing 3am annoying me so pulled out and got back to sleep. Might try a smaller size tomorrow night