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First time user, need advice to learn to relax
  • Sorry this is a copy of my post from yesterday, i am new at this and did not realise i posted in the suggestions category, had a great response from that anyway, thanks guys. Wasn't sure if this was for real, but i am now convinced and appreciate your help and advise. My previous post is as follows:

    Hi guys, first time here for me, first time i have written in a forum.
    I am after some advise if there is anyone with the same issues i have. I am 44 and very happily married to the most wonderful woman i could ever ask for. My problem is that i have been in business since i was 18 yrs old and i have just received my first ever aneros ( toy ). I have read this forum extensively as i am so keen to explore what the human body has to offer, and the main thing that is constantly said is that you must relax. Unfortunately this is something I have never been able to do my entire life due to work and my lifestyle and if i have no sound, no tv etc to distract me and just shear silence my mind just runs off 100 miles an hour thinking of the day to day things i need to do, and i will start to toss and turn and just get frustrated. My way of relaxing at night before i go to bed is to put a good movie on or tv show that interests me and fall into that movie and forget all the daily stresses.
    Does anyone else out there have trouble to relax as i really want to experience this and do you use other methods that still have success. I have inserted the aneros twice with nothing but will never give up, i know its there and i want it...thanks
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Learning to relax is indeed an important aspect of the Aneros journey and learning to "Just Let Go !" of the mind noise (my #1 obstacle) is part of that relaxation. In the thread Identifying Facilitators to Progress reference is made to sound and music as relaxation aids, see The Aneros Audio Experiment for a list of suggestions. Ambient music and good breathing technique are what help me the most to get relaxed both physically and mentally.
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  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    Shutting down the noise is difficult and many men on the forum have expressed the same frustration that you have. The noise can be a barrier to success so it is worth working on.

    I have had a difficult year and it has been challenging to find that "Quiet Place". I can say that Aneros use has helped me turn down the noise and focus on the now which has helped me in other areas of my life. I have learned to achieve a quietness that has been very restorative. This has been quite unexpected as has most things Aneros.

    The technique that helped me, developed over time as the intensity of my sensations increased. I was able to identify the "center" of the energy developed by my prostate and mentally focus on it, rather than the noise. It took time.

    Good luck, there are several men here that have excellent expertise in this area such as @rumel.


  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    I recommend Damiana Tea for relaxation. It's a herbal tea, widely available and legal almost everywhere. It has strong relaxation and aphrodisiac properties (the latter confirmed by 2 clinical tests on rats).

    I brew damiana tea with 1-2 teaspoons of cut leaves, like these:image
    I pour hot water, wait until it's drinkable, drink, repeat x2. Use the SAME leaves - this stuff is strong enough. If my dose is 2 teaspoons, I can't care about anything complicated.

    In general, as far as anti-stress substances go, I trust herbal medicine MUCH more than synthetics. They're much more easily digested and hard to overdose. You've evolved eating meat and plants, not taking pills.

  • Thank Rumel, Xileh and Airbag for your help and advise. Most appreciated.

    Just an update, i used the Aneros for the 3rd time this week, my wife and kids went out for a couple of hours so i took the opportunity to do a 1 hr session. May sound strange but i am not sure what happened, i had no pleasurable feelings but i did get this feeling that the aneros just wanted to go deeper and deeper in on its own. I took the do nothing approach and i felt kind of strange all over, not anything pleasurable just a strange feeling and the aneros ( i have the maximus ) felt very comfortable this time. At times i could not even feel it was inserted. I also have the vice which i will use at a later date and i have just ordered the eupho syn which should arrive in about 5 days.

    Now this is where it became very strange for me and just wondering if i need to get off to the doctor or if someone else has had this experience......after about an hour or two that i had finished, i had the unusual feeling that there where worms Wriggling around inside my anus. This lasted for about half hour or so and started to freak me out. I was scared that i was going to go to the toilet and dump a load of worms, sorry to be grosse but thats how it felt. Has anyone else experienced this and is this part of the journey process?

    Any input would be appreciated....
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    The Aneros Journey does indeed induce our bodies to produce some interesting and strange sensations. These new sensations only seem strange the first few times we experience them, we soon learn to accept them as a natural part of the rewiring process. As long as you are not experiencing real pain or actual discomfort you are probably just fine. Initially, strange sensations are just that, STRANGE because we don't yet have a frame of reference to relate them to. As your rewiring progresses, you will start to interpret these Aneros induced sensations as pleasurable and no longer strange, in fact you will soon learn to crave those sensations. Your perceptions of these sensations changes over time such that the same sensation six months from now will seem different yet completely normal. In the Rewiring paragraph of Understanding Your Body in the WIKI there is mention of “The feeling of worm like movements just up above the anal canal.” I believe this is a fairly common phenomenon as I too have felt these occasionally so don't worry too much about these new sensations, just take it all in as the adventure continues.
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  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    About the "worm" stuff - I don't remember any feelings like that, but then again I rarely have the same sensations in two aneros sessions in a row. I'd just make sure it's not actual parasites.

    I'm skeptical about bigger Aneros models. I own Helix and Progasm. The limitations of Progasm become apparent when compared to Helix in the same session. It is rare for me to get into "pleasure zone" with Progasm. I'm considering the purchase of Eupho, considered the wiggliest model.

    With Helix, I can use minor variations in the position to keeps things fresh. Perhaps this is a personal trait - I like variety very much in all aspects of life, and I'm a programmer (a competent programmer never does the same thing twice; programmers automate things). My favorite position by far is doggy. I'm an extremely tall guy (over 200cm), and fairly small Helix is enough for me. I do work on my Kegel muscles, but my most pleasant sessions are when I get the *rhytm* and *placement* right (massage the right spot). Harder contractions don't yield higher pleasure for me, except without Aneros. Good lube helps enormously, so if your model is not Syn (made of silicone), get silicone lube. It's totally worth it, you're pushing deeper with less effort. I've noticed my sessions stop being pleasant as lube dries up.

    There's no instant gratification with prostate, it really needs to be a massage. In my sessions, it is common that I don't feel pleasure right away. Rather, I feel something /strange/ when I hit certain spots for a while. That feeling typically evolves into pleasure several minutes later.

    The common theme in all my Aneros successes is exploration. Vary things, try new things. If you keep contracting or "doing nothing" in the same position always, you're unlikely to discover what really works for you. I'm a fan of contractions rather than "doing nothing", but during pre-session relaxation phase when I'm lying flat, certain positions make me feel a pleasant pulse and moan slightly. I think I know what proponents of "do nothing" are talking about, it's just not my style.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    the worm thing is totally normal.  No worries.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    I'll bet you had no idea what you were getting into or what your body is capable of.

    It appears your body is getting accustomed to Aneros use and is beginning to respond.  All-in-all, a good sign of progress.  You may find that you will experience all manner of sensations outside of a session.  They are signs of progress and a wonderful reminder of the joy of being male!


  • Hi. Had no results no matter what i tried. Then with a bit of weed and scotch, i had a 3hr orgasm-fest. So get high as shit. Its worth it believe me. if nothing, it showed me what muscles moved durin anal orgasm, cos i was thinkin all wrong.
  • I put on the smooth jazz channel on my TV to shut down the interior yadayada for a session.
  • Hi guys....

    Just an update on my progress. What a great resource this forum is, and fellow aneros users a big thank you to you for getting me to where I am today. If it was not for you guys I probably would never understand about prostate massage and the proper use of the great aneros. My aneros products would probably be in the bin and I would think this is all a load of fluff..for all you newbies please take note of any advise given by the experience users and have patience, keep reading this great wealth of information forum, it is the google of aneros...

    I am into about my 8 or 9th week now and today was a new and exciting experience for me. My problem was i could never relax and zone out from the day to day stresses. I finally found something that actually worked for me today and it gave me some great pleasure feelings for the very first time. I initially was doing sessions around 4-6 times per week which i was told was to frequent and now I do sessions every second or third day for around 60 - 90 mins per session. Up until today i have only experienced some very light tingles around the prostate area which i continue to zone in on and really concentrate on that tingle, this past week i have had what i believe to be very very light p waves pass through my body.

    Well That took a flying leap today for me. After about 20 mins into my session i was watching some soft porn, well a 30 min video of a woman giving another woman a massage. Whilst i was not concentrating on her genitle area i was very focused on the womans breathing, her relaxing and her facial expressions, i began to mimic her and basically become her. I know it may sound weird, but hey whatever works...i was becoming aroused and this is where i got caught by surprise, that little aneros beauty ( maximus ) started to do a ballroom dance inside of me. Those tingles just went crazy around my anus, up my perinium, through my testicles, and my penis was pumping as if it was a heart beating. My penis felt so rock hard that i thought i would poke my eyes out. Each time my body would tense i would let it go, and then let it go again, and go as limp as possible and this feeling would just come back twice as hard. My description would be it felt exactly like an orgasm but not an orgasm happening around my penis, it was just like a boiling pot simmering all round my body. Very very nice, it lasted about 30-40 seconds, died off and came around a second time a minute later the same. Not as pleasurable as a traditional penile orgasm but very very nice because it was just so different. I then had to stop because the wife was on the way with the kids, this is where it gets really penis felt so rock hard, i look down and this was far from the truth....i dont think i have ever seen my penis as small and as shrivelled up like a little caterpiller. It was the most amazing illusion i have seen or ever felt. Amazing and creapy at the same time....

    I am now begining to understand the advise given to me by the experience users that we need to relax, clear the the mind, concentrate and do not chase the feeling, and importantly we need to be slightly aroused. Now it all makes sense to me. Boy did it get me by surprise. I feel that i have now been given a key and all i need to do now is open that door and enter into a new kingdom of unknown pleasures and to filled with new energy and happiness.

    Thank you to all whom have written on this great informative forum and for all the new comers please listen very carefully to all the experience users, take their advise very seriously and try to follow all the comments and use them to your advantage. I feel very fortunate to have arrived at the front door very early on, but it is because of all the great info that other users post. i have read and followed very carefully as to what they say and i believe because of this i have advanced on in this journey.

    One very important thing i now understand that is constantly been said is to have no expectations and do not chase the feelings, they will come to you and today that finally happened to me. Today was the first time i went in with a clear mind, was not expecting anything other than wanting to feel those little tingles i always get and BOOM it comes screaming up behind you and takes you by surprise. It is hard to understand at first but when it happens it now all makes sense me. Patience is a virtue...

    Thank you to everyone who has written on this forum, my new friends that have PM me and coached me, and also on feels like a new family on here....Thanks guys....
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    .my penis felt so rock hard, i look down and this was far from the truth....i dont think i have ever seen my penis as small and as shrivelled up like a little caterpiller. It was the most amazing illusion i have seen or ever felt. 

    This is how it is for me. My penis never gets hard. But it FEELS hard. It's pretty cool. I like to think of it as "stealth mode".
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    good stuff!!
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • I second @AneRico on his remarks about the larger Aneros models.

    I purchased Helix Classic and Progasm in late December 2011. But I hesitated to use the Progasm Classic because it looked to so big and formidable. Same with the Maximus which I purchased about the Helix Syn came out in late March 2012.

    Fortunately when I gathered enough courage to begin my Aneros sessions in early June 2012, Helix Syn gently introduced me to Anerosing. A couple months later, I continued with Maximus, and then in September 2012 with both Progasm Classic and Progasm ICE. Since I was still inexperienced with anal play then, it took me a good six-seven months to become comfortable and adroit in using these big models. The pleasure I derived from both Maximus and Progasm Classic gradually increased and magnified. And now that I have discovered recent for sure lying on my right side in the fetal position with the do-nothing technique, I revel in their sweet autof**k action.

    What I am saying is that Anerosing takes lots of patience and practice for many guys. But if you approach your Aneros sessions in the spirit of fun and pleasure, it get easier and easier, and better and better. ;) I know all this from my experience.