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Looking for feedback, or suggestions
  • tshop
    Posts: 3
    I wanted some feedback on where along the continuum towards super-o I am, as it seems like it is nearing pretty darn close yet tantalizingly out of reach.  More importantly, I wanted some input on things that I might try to help coax things along.  I've experimented with aneros, off and on, starting with the mgx in 2003 but have not had the level of success I would like.  So, you could say I'm more of a frustrated old timer (than new comer), and I have read a lot of Mayfield et al advice.

    Lately I have utilized the helix syn.  On several occasions, in the positions of on all fours, or lying on my side with one leg straight and the other ankle nested on my knee.  By the way, a condom does wonders to minimize stimulation from rubbing on the bed from getting to the penis (and distracting away from the sensations that one is seeking to amplify).
    I did not seem to get to the point I am going to describe in a lying on my back/abducting my gluts position, but I have only managed it twice in total.

    The sensation I have achieved the last few times is a progressive sensation of the aneros (or at least it's direct effect's initial sensations) pressing further and further into/past my pelvis and up into my torso.  It'll edge up, then very briefly feel like it ebs back a tiny bit before further moving forward again [repeat].  As it progresses I also get a pleasant tingling and eventually throbbing along my genitals, groin, thighs, and abdomen.  My muscles start to progressively tense up, and some of the throbbing can then be felt in my arms.  Shortly thereafter I can feel my heart rate increase significantly.

    At the peak of what I have yet to experience I have all of the previously mentioned sensations going on.  It keeps feeling like things can't go further without some sort of summit and then release, but with each cycle of tension it ratchets up further... the catch is it never seems to make it over whatever hump there is there (no matter how zen, and solely focused on the sensations I am about it).
    Eventually (probably after 20-30 seconds at that peak) things subside, leaving me a bit frustrated. 

    The impression I have from the reading I have done over the years is that there is a "You'll know it when you feel it." sense to the super-O.  I don't think things are there quite yet.  Don't get me wrong, the journey is still worth the price of admission, but I would like to get the full experience if possible. 

    So... the reiterate: I am in need of feedback on how close that is to a breakthrough, and advice on how to move it further along.  Any input  I could get would be great.


  • How long are your typical sessions and how frequently?

    At 52, my most intense sensations start after about an hour of relaxing and mild contractions. I will be having p-waves during much of that hour, but if I want the best experience, I have to be patient!
  • @tshop, you didnt mention much about your arousal.  Maybe you need to amp up your arousal?
  • tshop
    Posts: 3
    Typical session is 45-60 minutes.  I can get to consistent P waves really rather quickly, and one with a real rhythm to it within 5-10 minutes.
    Frequency ~one time per week.  On these 2 occasions I put it in before bed and would make a concerted effort to actively cultivate the sensations every ten minutes or so.  In between would be more maintaining low level active participation.
    These two happened roughly around the 90 minute mark (Putting in before bed made it much easier to be in a, "I have nowhere else to go, and nothing else to do" state of mind.).

    I would say I was pretty aroused.  That would include in terms of mental state, and erection. There was a sizable amount of pre-ejaculate in the condom by the end. The two times were consecutive days, and after about a week without attempt.  I think it had been 4 or 5 days since last masturbating.  I've sworn off porn.  In my opinion once I had a almost photographic memory rolodex of scenes burned into my brain that automatically popped up every time I masturbated I had a porn issue.

    I'm open to suggestions on amping arousal.  Nipples don't do it for me, and you now know my current stance on my viewing porn as a means to do it.
  • Have you tried the method where after 45-mins to an hour you remove it and do something else for 30-min (watch TV, listen to a hypnosis/binaural beat recording,etc) then reinsert and have another session? This start/stop method always gives me a highly charged session 2.

    Also, it takes a while of consistent nipple stim to get your nipples to consistently be a source of intense prostate connection and pleasure. Don't give up on them. Maybe try lubing your nipples with an oil-based lube and teasing them for 20-mins with light caresses and circular movement BEFORE inserting the Aneros. This is like anal foreplay for me. It makes me crave something in me.

    I too avoid porn so my approach was developed in the absence of visual stimulants
  • AneRico
    Posts: 212
    As I understand it there is no summit…no roaring resolution.  I continue to go deeper and deeper into SuperO's and they just continue to intensify, or recede, or change character…but there's no explosion.

    You'll read of a lot of guys saying that SuperO's just leave them wanting more.  I can attest that this is the truth.  I can be in the SuperO/bliss state for long periods (20 to 40 minutes??), and sometimes just have to stop because it's so damn intense.  But there's no ka-boom moment….it just keeps on going until I quit.  Or maybe it quits on its own.  Every session is different.

    Re-read the wiki on the definitions of SuperO.  That might help your conceptualization of what is going on.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 212
    P.S.  What might help you progress is, if you are not doing so already, really work hard at "relaxing into" each sensation.  Observe all tendencies to tighten muscles here, there, everywhere.  Another "trick" I use is to imagine that you can take each sensation and "spread it" or "flow it" all through your entire body.  

    relax, relax, relax, relax
    let go, let go, let go, let go
    surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender

    Hope this helps.   
  • A couple of best sessions are after I'm rested, not before bed, because I fall asleep during the nice sensations, and my body's energy level is lower! I've had incredible orgasms anywhere after midnight, depending on when I started resting, through 6am, after getting a good rest, often without the aneros inserted while I rest! Duration of your sessions may not be an issue, from your description, since you seem to be getting great feelings! So, it might help if you time your sessions to after your rested a bit more! Enjoy the journey!
  • tshop
    Posts: 3
    I think I have a nipple hang up, which I should just get over. So you're saying getting in the practice of associating sensation in the nipple area which pelvic sensations would later be used by revisiting it in session. What specifically do you do later in the session to bring back up that sensation? The same motions is my guess.

    The sense I have right now is that it does not plateau. Something like that, where things just cruise along for a extended amount of time, would be preferred to a 20 second buildup with tachycardia. I don't know that 5 minutes at that heart rate would be healthy. Any suggestions to try to level things off (hopefully without the high heart rate) and extend it into more of a prolonged state? I suppose 120 bpm is sustainable, but it has me minutely concerned. Has anyone else gotten tachycardia with it?

    These two instances happened after a few cycles of lightly sleep about 20 min, then waking to sensation and focus on it/nudge it's spreading outward from the main tidal sensation that seems most directly tied to the device itself [rinse and repeat].

    Tried again last night, but I think two consecutive nights wore things out, and I'll have to let things recharge a bit. Last night seemed like it was pretty much limited to pressure on the prostate, and not motion despite everything in my rectum being empty except for the device. Recommendations on how long to wait?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 715
    You don't mention your age but, since you have been on this journey for ten years, I'm guessing your not exactly a kid!

    I'm with @newguy on the idea of taking a break, although I don't go to the extent of actually removing the tool. Provided it has sufficient and suitable lube, I can allow the session to wind down and, usually after perhaps an hour of sleep, go into a second session on waking up again. Actually , I think of these periods as making one session.

    I'll also go with @Theme-Gasm. The best sessions occur in the morning when fully relaxed and when the hormone levels are highest.

    I'd also like to re-iterate @AneRico's point about relaxation. I gather your typical session length is between 60 and 90 minutes. By almost willing myself to relax during the first half of a session, I can find myself with a sensation of almost floating into orgasm (almost like leaving my body). When this happens, I'm usually well into the second hour of the session.

    As @AneRico says:

    "relax, relax, relax, relax
    let go, let go, let go, let go
    surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender"

    I reckon he could almost copywrite that!
  • AneRico
    Posts: 212
    Heh, thank you Pommie!

    Also, I'll echo what others have said; mornings seem to be best.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 715

    Seriously, I reckon you are onto something here!

    It seems to have solved most of my problems, along with the use of Peridise models.
  • tshop
    Posts: 3
    I'll try the morning then.
  • ReWireReWire
    Posts: 13
    Just wanted to give you some hope on the nipple arousal. I am 51 and 4 months into this journey and never had any feelings what so ever with my nipples. It wasn't until I had the Anerous Helix in and I did what some of the pros were suggesting, did I start to feel something. The key is you have to be patient and LISTEN and LOOK for even the slightest of connection to your prostate. I know it sounds wacky. But when you start to feel it, it is an awesome find. It is really crazy to find such a connection or develop such a connection after all these years. Now I can get things going without the Aneros. When you have developed it, it is like multiplying the pleasure you feel. So, don't give up on it.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 212
    To expand on what ReWire said:

    I think the connection is there already, hardwired in.  You just have to see for yourself that its there.

    And I totally empathize (enthusiastically!) with ReWire: "It's an awesome find".  At 59 years of age (and straight) I'm very pleased to have discovered this.  And it didn't take very long at all for me to start getting the sensations in my prostate when I touch my nipples. 

    Added Benefit: Now when a sex partner touches my nipples I encourage her to do a lot more of it.