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Big Aneros : Big Love (Noobs take note too)
  • AneRico
    Posts: 215
    Background: 59 year old, straight, married.  5 months into Aneros experience, started getting SuperO's after first month.  Get SuperO's on almost daily basis.

    Comparison of Vice, Progasm Ice, Progasm Jr., Helix Syn, PS-New

    The other day, in chat, a member asked me about the Vice.  It's my newest acquisition, so I decided to do a session with it and tell him about it.  That got me to thinking, and led to this post.

    Please allow me to skip around the map here and just offer a number of impressions.  Also, please take EVERYTHING I SAY HERE as MY OPINION ONLY.  I could be wrong.  And every person's experience is going to differ.  We're all build differently, we're all wired differently.

    Big Love   

    The large models produce more widely felt, more profound feelings of being loved.  I mean that literally; I feel love and feel loved.  Call it 'bliss state' …whatever.  The smaller models produce "sharper" sensations while the larger models produce sensations that 'fan out' over more of my body/being.  

    The Vice I've nicknamed "Big Love".  Man oh man does she move me.  Attracts me like no other lover (apologies to Beatles fans).  I use her with the vibrator removed (same idea as the DeVice).  

    The Progasm Ice seems to be a nice blend of Vice and Helix Syn effects; I get the loving feeling, but also those glorious spikes of erotic pleasure.

    Insertion of larger models: and you noobs take note

    Insertion is easy.  BUT WITH A CAVEAT!!!  you must do it PROPERLY!  (and you must remove properly too).

    This is not a big deal if you do it right.  ESPECIALLY with the Progasm and it's uniquely angled head (the Progasm is the one I really take care on removal and insertion).

    In general I am not suggesting any noob start with a larger model.  However, should you so choose, they are easy to insert and remove.  I'm just saying this.  Also, they do not hurt when inside you.  To the contrary….they feel great, like you are getting a 'hug' from inside.  Now…they *can* make your anus feel stretched out some…perhaps irritating it…if you don't lube and relax.  don't go and hurt yourself forcing the damn thing, ok?

    I'm fairly new to sticking things in my ass on a daily basis.  I've moved (in order) to the Pro Jr, Ice, and then Vice pretty rapidly.  Its been comfortable.

    Insertion of the Progasm involves lube (inside and out), kneeling down very low, opening the anus as if pooping while inserting slowly with an arcing motion that mimics the 'curve' of the Progasm.  It's two steps: get the head in, then the rest.  It doesn't hurt and once the head is in (go slow!) the rest of it slides in handily.

    When removing, go slow, and follow that damn curved trajectory again or you may get some pain (I did it wrong exactly ONE TIME and learned my lesson).

    Degrees of Bigness

    When I got the Pro Jr. it felt big and immobile.  The Helix Syn felt small, almost invisible, and very mobile.

    When I got the Ice it felt big and immobile.  The Pro Jr. suddenly felt small and mobile.

    When I got the Vice it felt big and immobile.  It is big and immobile…for now.  The Ice suddenly felt a little bit mobile, and that was cool, and I started noticing how it resembles the Jr in some sensations, the Vice in others.

    It's a matter of degrees, amigos

    One 'informs' the other

    I do a lot of sessions where I switch devices.  In a seemingly contrary manner, I'm finding that going from bigger to smaller is a good way to go.  Each device performs differently and seems to "inform" the experience I get with the next smaller device.  Perhaps it has to do with the mindset I get as well as the physical behavior I've been doing from the previous one.  I experiment.  Going from the Vice to the Ice was lovely.  Got the 'big love' first (with SuperO's), then the more locally intense (for lack of better words) shades of feeling from the Ice.

    In other sessions I've gone from Vice all the way down to PS-New…then to the Peridise!  This got the best results (SuperO's included) I've had with PS *and* the Peridise.  go figure.

    Bottom Line

    The vice (vibrator removed) is a different creature.  Man does she ever get to me.  The Ice…well, she's ALL THAT.  And…after owning those two…the Pro Jr feels like a small thing and mobile little mover inside.  

    Did I try the Vice with vibrator in?  yes, didn't like it as much (not as flexible with vibe in), and the vibrator did nothing for me.  I'll try the vibrator again after I'm much more experienced with the Vice.

    Take heart, the big models are comfortable, cool, and produce some joyous feelings.  Don't let them intimidate you, but DO proceed with care and do not hurt yourself by forcing them in.  None of this should be painful, stop if it is.

    I invite comments and criticism.  If I've made errors please correct me ASAP.
  • Good information, AneRico. I'll try that downsizing technique. I recognize everything else you say, you're good at describing these inner things. Especially about inserting and removing the progasm type. Another way is on your side with the top knee bent and holding that knee so there's no tension on your ass.
  • @AneRico - Great post.  Maybe a little aggressive like the big boys, but great info on proper preparation and comparing models.  Definitely agree my Progasm gets my whole body involved.  Believe the K-tab touching on spine helps there, besides the curve and size.  Took a little while to tone my anal muscles, but now my Progasm moves mountains inside me!  Progasm insertion is two step process and I find myself getting week kneed just from the head!