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Non ejac.....?
  • Ok so yes I got boned a bit tonight during my session w/ all the shaking n what not. But I also felt hesitant to let stuff go as I've felt kinda for every session I've had up til now. I felt like I had to push or pee having peed right b4. Can someone expain what it feels like to not jizz while "cumming"? Does just precum come out a lot or has anyone had jizz actually come out? Wanna exp it all!!!!
  • I don't jizz during my super-O's unless I'm stroking for a super-T.  My belly hardens and I start pushing against the belly contractions.  I have my eyes closed, and things white out and my consciousness might go so far as to fill the room.   (With Super-T's, it blows out through the top of my skull, splatters on the ceiling, drips down the walls and returns to me.)  It takes at least four stroking super-Os, each bigger than the last to build a super-T for me these days.  I get good solid erections for them, but they deflate between p-waves.  I'm sure you can see the problems with intercourse.

    Normally with just super-O's in an MMO, I get a small amount of pre-cum being milked from my prostate if an Aneros is in.  I don't get the feeling of my gun getting loaded as fluids move to position during the phases of an MMO.  Also, I don't get the endorphin shot unless I have a wet one. (although, I have that wet kind of relaxation and endorphins now without the fluid feeling, but I find a few drops on my pecker.  It's evolving.  I can get an regular ejaculation with about a quarter-teaspoon maybe after three days without one.)   

    Today, after the super-T, I had a couple of following at-least minis with shakes.  Then I found my hands flapping involuntarily from the wrists against my chest for a while.  First Time that's happened.   Collapsed in an endorphin bliss-out under my Pendleton blanket for a couple of hours.


  • Dang....
  • You're likely to experience any number of different types of responses to your prostate being stimulated. These are but a few! Just let them happen and don't worry about if they should or not! It's a journey. I'm laying on my back right now totally blissed out on p-waves that keep flowing and flowing head to toe...just amazing feelings! Love it totally!
  • Yes like @theme_gasm said so many things will happen when you et go and let it all happen naturally. You will be surprised at what your body can do and sustain.
  • Its a workout tho, all the shaking n stuff... like i said above, dont know how some dudes in videos can go an hr or more doing so.
  • My first night with Aneros, I was racked with dry o's from about 10 or 11pm until 6am...countless full-body contractions and shaking of the was both amazing and my body and mind were on hyper-reaction mode and I had awoken a sleeper within me! I felt like a whole new world had just been unveiled to me. These incredible contractions would not stop, even after I removed the was amazing! I still have full-body contractions, but they are part of a group of sensations that I cycle through depending on how long my session lasts. Over the course of an hour, it starts with a gentle fullness on my prostate area, followed by a tickling sensation through my anal canal and prostate, followed by p-waves for a good while (a wonderful state to be in), followed by involuntary leg or shoulder or stomach or all three contractions, and eventually by often sudden full-body rigidity and p-waves, rapid breathing, and multiple orgasms that hit hard, cycle down briefly, then hit hard again. At this point I can go on for as long as possible, going in and out of these strong full-body orgasms, or try to relax and let the p-waves carry's my choice, but I'll take either if I have the time! Recently, the longest I will go is 3-4 hours...totally blissful and my body and mind feels so alive!! BigO seems to jump to some pretty amazing orgasms a lot faster than I do, based on his videos, which is what makes this such an amazing just go with it!
  • Themegasm....i hate you and am jealous.....just kidding....still jelaous though....
  • Be patient with yourself and keep working on those kegel exercises! It makes a difference! Once your prostate wakes up anything is possible!
  • Alex_xxx
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    Same for me as with @WarrenGWonka.. my belly hardens and I lightly push against the belly contractions - AND relaxing into it letting it take me over at the same time. Until it finally gets to a point where I super O... then the multiple contractions anally and belly go by themselves..... sweet release and heaven.

    no jizz or pee..
  • Sounds awesome.