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The Prostate Controls So Much
  • I have noticed that since I have been intuned with my prostate I am a sexually different person. I now know how to edge and for hours at a time. I can shot way harder and longer full of my delicious juices. Also I now have this crave to taste more of my own cum. I know a little dirty and nasty but I love it. I really feel like a new sexual being and I love it. Who knew that a prostate could do all these things its doing to me and to all of you as well. I have way more energy and stay horny which can be a bad thing when Im at work but I have gotten use to the random hard ons. Its just I can't believe that it feels this good. Like I want to tell every male I know. I mean my dad has been riding for a couple of months now and he is just on cloud nine. He took advantage of the cyber Monday sell. lol Like even when I don't ride my a-less rides be so magical as if I just fucked by a huge dick of a man that I have known for years. 

    Like last night I was pretty tired and was still  on my break from riding or cumming. So I went to a erotic reading site and was getting really turned on. I began to rub my nipples and instantly got a hard on through my long johns. I just rubbed it through my pants and with a few strokes on the head BOOM EXPLOSION!!!!!!!! I didn't even know I was that hard & to cum to just reading something was a first for me. So with a few contractions and rubbing of my dick head came a sticky treat just for me. So my question to all you men here is what cool things has happen to you sexually that could be the result of prostate play?
  • I've noticed all the things you mentioned except in a 66 yo body so not as intense. The main change I notice from prostate awakening and rewiring is a sense of wholeness in my body which is new to me. Everything is connected to everything else. I'm comfortable in my body. I like my body. Not just my body but my mind is more attuned to my body, I know what's going on and can direct energy to anywhere I want. I'm more confident. I can have aneros-less sessions now just by thinking of something sexy, just wanting one or sometimes just spontaneously. My breathing is improved, I've more stamina for running. I imagine that the rewired pathways are a junction in the center of my body which has been neglected but is now complete. Sex is becoming a more normal part of my life, not a dirty secret. I'm less penis centered in my sexuality, it's just another erogenous part of my body, not a special or separate part. I've discovered the other erogenous places and can access all of them. it's revolutionary.