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question about the need to pee scenario
  • lve no real clue how far along l am in my journey lol, tho l havent let that bother me however one thing that has bothered me is the "need to pee" scenario.

    every session l'll need to go once or twice, however last session l decided for some unknown reason to catch it in a container and it didnt exactly have a watery consistency, it was more precum consistency. l have found a few times when l get the need to pee that occasionally l'll feel somewhat close to what might be an orgasm or some sort of interesting feeling but l'll always eventually just go because even if it kinda feels good l dont want to make a huge mess since when it happens l do a good amount of it over the bed.

    lm just wondering if this could be considered a milestone? has anyone else experienced it and how did they overcome it because l do try to always vacate my bladder as well before any session but l always find l need to go, should l just bare with the need to pee to get past it despite this fact? especially considering it seems to be the consistency of precum? because l tend to loose the occasional good sensations that come with it that feel close to what l can only describe as something, as l have on occasion felt twitches that l believe to be somewhere in the general region l can only describe as involuntaries going by descriptions lve read here.
  • PommiePommie
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    Obviously if you don't catch whatever it is and as a result there is a mess, you must continue to do so unless you can avoid the interruption by using plenty of absorbent material like towelling.

    You seem to be yet another example of how individual we all are. My guess is that you are going through a phase when your body is adjusting to the new experiences down there. It is to be hoped that eventually this stage will pass but I really wouldn't know. Just hoping for your sake.

    Good Luck!
  • AneRico
    Posts: 218
    I'd like to make a suggestion:

    If you feel the need to pee, get up and go pee.  You can do it with the Aneros still in.

    I ascribe to a technique another member (gdunn) taught me called the "break session".  Essentially, that means you take breaks randomly during an Aneros session.  For me, intensity always seems to increase after the break.  So it's win/win, especially when I have to pee.

    I don't know about your 'milestone' question.  Apologies for that.  Presence of pre-cum may be an indicator of arousal state, or not…but arousal is good in regards to results from Aneros sessions.

    My feelings:  Forget about peeing in a cup.  That's kinda silly.  But keep a folded towel under you, that makes sense.

    Read more about the "Break Session" here:
  • I have an issue with having to pee as well.

    It seems most of my most pleasurable sessions correlate with having to pee.  In other words, the more I have to pee the better it feels.  Eventually I get up to pee and rarely can I resume the session where I left off.  I'm starting to think that having a full bladder enables the Aneros to put more/different pressure on the prostate somehow.  The problem is having to pee, a catch 22.

    Some have posted here that you just need to let go and you won't pee.  But I can't believe that since whenever I feel the urge I go to the bathroom and have a very long satisfying pee that proves my bladder was full.  I session on my stomach and don't want to pee the bed.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,257

    As 'hamptonbdsm' noted and as I found early on in my practice, there can be added pleasure when your bladder is full and you have your Aneros in situ. I think this occurs because your prostate is having pressure applied from two directions at once, from the bladder above and from the Aneros below. However, this also causes some conflicting control issues. If you relax your PC muscles, as is so frequently recommended on this Forum, there is a very good probability of draining some urine from your bladder. If you hold tension in your PC muscles (to keep the urine in) you are limiting your potential for a free orgasmic event. If you practice some controlled contraction/relaxation massage techniques (path to orgasmic buildup), you run the risk of intermittent dribbles or pumping of urine with perhaps some seminal/prostate fluid mixed in as well (this happened to me on one occasion).
    Rather than having to worry about accidental urine releases, I subsequently adopted the following regime. 1.) Avoid drinking any fluids in the hour prior to beginning an Anerosession. This allows time for any fluids you have taken in to be processed through your kidneys and drained into your bladder. 2.) Immediately prior to starting your Anerosession void your bladder. This will relieve all bladder pressure and iniate the PC muscle relaxation phase. The relief of not being concerned about accidental urination more than offsets the small additional pleasure a full bladder may have contributed. This regime has enabled me to have extended pleasurable Anerosessions without need for any "pee" breaks which can effectively terminate a session. OTOH, 'AneRico's 'Break Session' may prove effective for you as well.
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  • l must admit my sessions can be quite long, so l tend to take sips on a bottle of drink as l find myself getting dry between interesting sensations and what l consider to be rest periods (sometimes l have a smoke lol) annoyingly l also find l get hungry while having sessions lol.

    the most noticeable sensation of recent days is the feeling like someone running their fingertips around my groin, for a few moments, l cant say its massively pleasurable tho it feels interesting and on occasion l'll feel a tickle which can be annoying sometimes, but l guess l'll try not drinking for an hour or so before, and instead of fluids l'll suck on a mint or something while prepping just to keep my mouth wet as l do find when l start feeling interesting my mouth tends to feel dry.

    tho l guess if l still get the urination sensations after that then l'll have to assume its seminal/prostate as rumel mentioned.
  • Auroken, if your mouth is dry, keep a hard candy nearby or ice chips. Less likely to need to pee.
  • thats what l was contemplating. tho the only worry is if things do get interesting and progress wouldnt some sort of sweet/candy be a choking risk? thats the only thing thats worried me about the thought.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,257

    If you are really plagued by 'dry mouth' syndrome just have a small squeeze bottle of ReaLemon or ReaLime handy. A quick, short squeeze is all you need to get your natural saliva percolating again without having to consume hardly any fluids and you won't have to worry about choking on a hard candy in the throes of an orgasm.
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  • how did he die doctor?  Apparently he had a piece of plastic up his bum and choked on some hard candy! LMAO  Not the best situation guys  :P
  • l suppose if l managed a super-o while doing it, it would be a good way to go LOL.

    sadly dont have any budget is a little tight at the moment lol. tho l guess l could limit my fluid intake by only having enough to wet my mouth rather than a mouthful, easy to do with the type of bottles l use, they come in amazingly useful since they dont spill when l knock them over by my comp lol.. plus lm not a big tea/coffee drinker which isnt the best considering caffeine is a diuretic.
  • @auroken, yes not a bad way to go, super O'ing, for sure!  We can only dream.
  • Oops, I forgot about the possibility of choking. Sorry. I use a mouthwash called Biotene that promotes saliva production so my mouth isn't dry.
  • l tried abstaining from drinking liquids for a couple of hours prior to last nights session, and to be honest compared to others it wasnt exactly a good one. tho l did find myself feeling more tired as l went on which might have been a factor. might try a few more times to see if there are any differences.

    fyi lve been using the maximus model quite a bit recently as it seems to be the one lve had the most interesting feelings with, the helix does seem to cause copious amounts of precum tho but lve only found that while standing up.