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Fantasy's While Riding
  • I know since I have left porn alone for a while my fantasy's have gotten a lot vividly. I can conjure up any person or scenario to heighten my prostate orgasm while I ride my aneros device. As a gay man I can think of a hot guy rubbing my nipples as another one tickles my balls or me kissing a girl while a guy is sucking my cock. I'm a bit of a freak. So my question is what are some of the horniest most sexy fantasy's that you have dreamed up while you are riding your aneros?
  • I dont know about fantasy as I find it hard to fantasise. BUT while sleeping with the aneros I dreamt that I was naked in the sand dunes with the aneros in and orgasming while walking around and I pulled the aneros out and then took a couple of bites out of it, like eating a Icecream! Strange dream not counting the yuck factor.
    This dream came about at a time when I would insert the aneros and nothing would happen for a for a bit and then my body would twitch it twice and then go silent again (take a bite so to speak) then the muscles would slowly lick its surface all over to work out which model it was and then if it was what it wanted  the fun would start.
    I know this sounds far fetched but this is really what it was like, I can not explain why, its just what was!
    My dreams is where the fantasy occurs.

    Two nights ago in my sleep I had a aneroless session. It was just like a wet dream but not wet.
    All I did in the dream was: I was a teenager and I was sitting on a bus next to this beautiful long blonde haired girl with blue eyes. All I did was hold her hand and the anerosless session got so intense it woke me up. My body has not recovered yet 2 days after! I am orgasming in chairs orgasming when I have a full bladder, it just has not stopped. I am going to have to have a true aneros session to satisfy my prostate. I think the girl was a policewoman..... but her eyes where as blue as the "start new discussion" button on this forum! 
    The worst part was waking up to find out I am not a teenager but 40 years old:(