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Gonna make this short and sweet...
  • After this experience all I wanted to do was to log on and tell everyone about it...

    I had the progasm running on estim.. concentrated on the focus like I usually do in my super-O preliminary stages.
     What happened after about 1hr - 1,5hr blew my ......... mind!

    I had an super-O WHILE I ecjaculated traditionally....... imagine the best traditional orgasm ever, only coupled with an E-stim orgasm you`re really not focused on having... and then having the super-O building and bulding and buliding until you really can`t contain it!!!!
    / theories coupled while doing it with E-stim ramp up... like taking the good feelings from the E-stim trode on my cockhead transferring it to my progasm dual-unipolar setup.....

    COMPLETLY insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • Sound wonderful Now you have to wire it all up (maybe your helix) so that you can sleep with it.
    Put it on a timer and take a sleeping pill. Time it for a few hours before you wake and then mega boom!
    Orgasm orbit!
    I have never used estim, i have the Ice and when it gets going it is mind blowing. Maybe the Progasm jr (estim) would be good too. The progasm just has this shape that works better than all the other models.
    It just always has this positive thumping, humping action that other models lack on a "everytime" without fail basis.
    Keep experimenting. I know others on this forum are very interested in estim aneros. Pictures and how to modify would be appreciated I think.
    I dont think I would ever try estim but then if aneros released a model then.... Maybe.
    Others I talk to are ready and raring to go but dont know where to start as the estim machine purchase is a problem. What to buy that is not too expensive but is a reliable good unit.
    Keep it up orgasm bro!
    bart small size.gif
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  • Hey man.. I see that my first post lost half its text. It was supposed to say that I did what I regularly do... with a superO focus. But had one electrode on my cockhead. And Im still in shock.. I had a 2min superO relase after the initial buildup, and a regular orgasm topped it all off.. at the same time!! And I didnt do anything besides trying not to squirm to much. Its the most insane thing IVE EVER felt!!!!!

    With that said.. I wouldnt be able to fall asleep with estim hooked up. At least not with the power on auto ramp up like I had.

    I want another one :) need to find some time when the gf is away :p

    ESTIM is expensive and maybe a bit out there.. but hey.. so am I :)
  • Alex_xxx said:

    ESTIM is expensive and maybe a bit out there.. but hey.. so am I :)

    @Alex_xxx What your a bit out there or your a bit expensive? LOL
  • Both :)
  • But not in the male hooker sense :)
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    @alex_xxx - I'm just getting started with estim and enjoy your posts!

  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575

    The only thing about estim that is pretty annoying is that more expensive equipment gives you ALOT better experiences. I wish it was free for all :)

    On a side-note, I had another round yesterday and it was AWSOME - but not as good as the last one :)
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @Xileh @Alexx_xxx using Alex's basic idea I purchased the copper tape and did a just did a  mod to my Maximus. I am using an Ultima 5 tens unit $49.95. I ran the copper tape up the front and back of the device.

    I get really intense sensations with it that. I have only been able to test it for a little while, but it starting building and it feels amazing. I Hope to have a bit more time to give it an extended session and see what happens. But in my short test, it had my eyes rolling in my head with delight.

    @braveneworld I hope to mod a Progasm Jr. Next. I might even try my Progasm, but it is really large.