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Testicle Sensitivity ?
  • View Poll Results: Have your genitals become more sensitive ? Voters: 9

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    Yes 6 66.67%

    No recent change 3 33.33%

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,775
    At some point in my early teens my genitals, particlarly my testicles, became ultra-sensititive to impact or even a 'gentle' touch.

    Once I reached my late '40s they became less sensitive to touch or impact. Now after four-plus years of Aneros play my perineum and genitals have regained much of their youthful sensitivity.

    Anyone else ?
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 157


    I am on your trail.  I am not rewired but at this point I am able to move the sexual energy around my body by concious thought and focusing. 

    Yes, I can already tell my genitals are much more sensitive.  Working with the aneros, I had ditched my time in edging that I did before I began aneros use since it is not about the penis.  Just this week I returned to try some edging after an aneros session.  My entire groin lit up like it did when I was a boy.  My penis, balls, everything was way more sensitive and had a glow of pleasure coming from the prostate as I stroked. Nipple action adds exponential pleasure to the mix. 

    I cant wait to be rewired.  Again, after searching for almost ten years as I try to hang on to my flagging sexuality as I aged, and now in my mid sixties, this is the closest thing possible in my search for the fountain of youth sexually.