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Testicle Sensitivity ?
  • View Poll Results: Have your genitals become more sensitive ? Voters: 19

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    Yes 13 68.42%

    No recent change 6 31.58%

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    At some point in my early teens my genitals, particlarly my testicles, became ultra-sensititive to impact or even a 'gentle' touch.

    Once I reached my late '40s they became less sensitive to touch or impact. Now after four-plus years of Aneros play my perineum and genitals have regained much of their youthful sensitivity.

    Anyone else ?
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176


    I am on your trail.  I am not rewired but at this point I am able to move the sexual energy around my body by concious thought and focusing. 

    Yes, I can already tell my genitals are much more sensitive.  Working with the aneros, I had ditched my time in edging that I did before I began aneros use since it is not about the penis.  Just this week I returned to try some edging after an aneros session.  My entire groin lit up like it did when I was a boy.  My penis, balls, everything was way more sensitive and had a glow of pleasure coming from the prostate as I stroked. Nipple action adds exponential pleasure to the mix. 

    I cant wait to be rewired.  Again, after searching for almost ten years as I try to hang on to my flagging sexuality as I aged, and now in my mid sixties, this is the closest thing possible in my search for the fountain of youth sexually. 

  • ltgltg
    Posts: 36
    Yeah, I've noticed that when my prostate is swollen and always buzzing, I can have intense dry-O's by playing with the backside and bottom of my scrotum in place of nipple stimulation.  But only is my prostate is sufficiently aroused.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    @Itg, what do you mean by "buzzing"? You you mean you feel it vibrating, that is buzzing? Mine is buzzing from time to time.

    Edit. The buzzing seem to have started buzzing since I have been stimulating only my glans and nothing else. You note this in anther of your multiple posts.
  • Yes mine are very sensitive now. i can feel sick just from the dog jumping on my lap. I have to be real careful.