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Hands Free Ejaculation or Something Else Entirely?
  • So last night I continued my Aneros use with the Eupho/Progasm. I've been a fairly steady user for about a year now. I used to think I had been having Super O's all along, but last night was different. I had an orgasm concentrated in my penis and it felt out of this world. I literally felt like my whole body was cumming, but as I was having the best orgasm of my life my dick started cumming(hands free ejaculation). This was probably the only time I've been upset that I was cumming, hahaha. The orgasm subsided and I relaxed on bed. I didn't keep going and took the Aneros out, but after I removed the Aneros I was horny as hell and proceeded to jack off but I'm almost sure of it that I could have kept going with the Aneros. Now my question is this: did I have a full blown hands free ejaculatory orgasm during the Super O or was that simply a release of fluids due to the sensational pleasure of the Super O? 
  • It sounds like it was simply a release of fluids due to the Super O.  If it became a hands-free Super T, there would have been a refractory period where you wouldn't be horny as hell.